Hair bow – modern and original

hair bow photo 1Bow on
head out of hair? Yes, today it is considered one of the most fashionable and
stylish hairstyles that allow you to declare your originality and
good taste. And do not think that all the fault of shocking Lady
Gaga, although she really gave a new impetus to the development
hairdressing, bows of hair appeared long before
extravagant american pop divas.

In various situations, a hair bow can look out of a hair.
stylish and strict, romantic and feminine, defiant and original.
And only at first glance it seems that it is complex and intricate in
styling, you really just need a little bit of practical experience
fantasy and – you can amaze and conquer!

Of course, it is easier to make such a hair style for owners of long
hair, when especially and do not need to model. But at the same time
the hair should be smooth (it is good to use irons for
straightening) and be sure to clean.

To simulate such a bow, we need studs, rubber bands,
invisibles, as well as styling products (mousses, sprays, foams).
Thin hair can be slightly combed at the base, then your bow
will be more magnificent.

Take the hair in the tail, separate the small top strand,
we remove it to the side, and we intercept the tail itself with a rubber band
base, then also intercept the hair at the end of the tail.
Raising our design above the head, we put a palm under it
and begin to slowly lower, forming a kind on the palm
“fan”. With the help of the studs we carefully fix the “fan”, and then
we divide it into two parts.

hair bow photo 2Remaining
a separate strand of hair is laid in the middle, it will be our bundle
bow, and then all the stabbing and fix varnish. That’s actually
the whole process, and then your fantasy should work. For
business hairstyle can smoothly comb all hair to make it pomp
only the bow itself was different, and all the studs and barrettes should
be inconspicuous or in tone to hair.

photo tutorialFor parties and discos you can
release playful strands, decorate the bow with bright hairpins and
ribbons, pay special attention to the bangs.

Such bows on melirovanny hair look very interesting, and
also painted in different contrasting colors. By the way, change the color
hair only for the evening is possible with the help of modern colored lacquers and

photo 2photo 2And how to make a bow of the hair so
Who does not have a long hair? A great option –
use chignon, and then everything is familiar to you

As you can see, bows for hair with your own hands is not so difficult,
but how spectacular!

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