Hair Bun: Hair Options

bun of hairAt present
time in fashion naturalness and accuracy. Thanks to this you can
do not spend a huge amount of time visiting salons
beauty to make any complicated styling. Known
many simple hairstyles that are easy to do in
home conditions.

One of them is the gulka hairstyle, which is now at the height of fashion.
You can choose any bun: high or low, smooth or
disheveled, located on the side or in the center.

Any of them, despite its simplicity, will allow a woman
looking flirty and sexy.

How to make a smooth bun

In the photo of glossy magazines can often be seen
famous movie actresses or models with this kind of installation. To make
smooth bun of hair is quite simple, you need only a little
dexterity. To make the styling subsequently look smoother,
strands of hair cause smoothing serum. First of all hair
should be collected in a neat horse tail. Next, take a round
hair roller and put it on the tail.

Strands distribute over the entire circumference of the roller, the ends of the hair
turn inside. Thus it turns smooth and beautiful.
styling that is perfect for an elegant business woman.
There are two options for this hairstyle – with or without parting.
How to choose a woman decides on her own, depending on
own mood.

How to make a bun and a disheveled bun

A disheveled bun will help create a playful and flirty image.
At first glance, it may seem slightly negligent, but it is
this is her charm. You can literally do this.
in ten minutes. To do this, you first need to wash your hair, after
a little dry hair and, without combing, tie a tail. Then
hanging strands wrapped around the gum.

The protruding tips can be hidden under the resulting bundle and
secure with studs. First, the hairstyle will not look very
presentable, all its charm is revealed after drying the hair.
A woman with such a hairstyle seems sweet and homely, namely these
quality is always appreciated by a man. This installation will be relevant for
going to a cafe or cinema, and also for a party with friends.

Gul-zhgut – hairstyle, the implementation of which resembles
disheveled bundle. However, there are some features. So for
perform styling hair carefully combed and collected in the tail.
You can use a mousse, gel or hair foam,
as required to achieve maximum smoothness. Further
collected strands start to scroll clockwise until those
until a zigzag harness is obtained and the hair is not reached
the desired level of tension. After the harness begin to spin in the bun,
from time to time strengthening her studs. Completing execution
hairstyles, hair tips are hidden under a bunch and fixed with a hairpin or

How to make a bun-cone, decorated with harnesses

bun with bundlesThis kind of bun will require
A little more time, but it looks more festive. For
performing a bundle of hair is required to be washed, dried and applied to
them a little foam. In front, horizontally, separate the strand and divide
her on symmetrical or asymmetrical parting. After the hair is collected
in the tail and fix it with a tight elastic band. Then the strands are twisted into
tight harness, locking it for strength studs. Hair tips
hiding inside and stabbing stealth.

Next, take one of the left front strands. Combing it
and twist into a loose harness, retract and fasten on top of
A bunch of decorative accessories. The same procedures are carried out with
second left strand, fastening it crosswise over the previous one.
Completing the styling, combing the hair and tips of the strands, creating
smoothness. The resulting hairstyle is fixed with hairspray.

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