Hair care at home, as an alternative to salon procedures

Many women periodically face deterioration
hair. These include:

  • Dandruff and itching;
  • Intense fallout;
  • Dullness;
  • Fragility;
  • Excessive greasy.

The reasons causing unpleasant problems are many. It –
various diseases, vitamin deficiency, pregnancy and breastfeeding,

Of course, a specialist will help to overcome some problems.

problem hair

But, hair treatment at home in affordable ways,
balanced nutrition and taking vitamins will surely help
to return to hair former strength and beauty.

Hair treatment with burdock oil

The content of the article:

  • Hair treatment with burdock oil
  • Hair treatment with castor oil
  • Hair treatment onions
  • Nicotinic Acid Hair Treatment
  • Hair treatment with beer
  • Hair treatment with pepper tincture
  • Lemon Dandruff Treatment

Due to the unique composition (vitamins C, B, E, P, A),
miraculous product effectively heals the skin
scalp that promotes hair restoration and growth

Burr oil

First of all, hair treatment with burdock oil is recommended for
eliminate dandruff, strengthen the roots and increase the density
hair structure.

Useful recipes:


Mix two yolks with burdock oil (40 g) and regular
shampoo Wash your hair every few days.


Do not be surprised. Peeling is necessary not only the skin of the face and body, but
and scalp.

scalp peeling

The procedure aims to remove dead skin layers,
making hair growth more intense. So:

  • Kefir – 4-5 Art. l .;
  • Burdock oil – no more than three tablespoons;
  • Starch – 1 tbsp. l;
  • Rock salt or ground coffee (possible after brewing).

Mask – rubbing:

Mix warmed burdock oil (4 tablespoons) with the same
the amount of broth celandine, add a few drops of oil
tea tree or eucalyptus. Rub into the scalp on
over a quarter of an hour. Several treatments will save you from

Hair treatment with castor oil

Castor or ricin oil is a simple and inexpensive means.
Perfectly improves the condition of hair and skin. The structure includes such
acids like stearic, palmitic, ricinoleic, oleic,

hair treatment with castor oil

Thanks to these ingredients, castor oil nourishes and moisturizes
the skin of the head contributes to the intensive recovery and
hair growth. If castor oil is applied to the tips of the curls, then they
cease to split and break.

The mask restoring, for any types

  1. 2 tbsp. l castor +1 tbsp. l burdock or embryo

  2. Heat up in a water bath.

  3. Rub into the scalp and hair ends.

  4. Cover your head with a bathing cap and wrap a towel.

  5. Leave on for 2 – 3 hours.

  6. Thoroughly wash off with oily hair shampoo.

Helpful advice. When choosing oils for cosmetic
procedures, preference should be given to the product produced
by cold pressing!

Hair treatment onions


The bactericidal and medicinal properties of onions are known since ancient times.
times. At home, it is successfully used to
hair restoration and treatment of seborrhea and alopecia.

Mask for baldness:

For the preparation of therapeutic composition is mixed in equal
proportions onion juice and brandy. Rubbed into the scalp, warmed
wrap and towel. Leave for about an hour. Remedy enhances
blood flow that promotes hair growth.

Mask from gray hair:

Broth onion peel (50 g) and a few tablespoons of honey, mix and
put under the cap for half an hour. Onion peel, boiled
a few minutes in boiling water not only strengthens gray hair, but also
gives them a nice golden color.

Important! If hair has a tendency to dryness, then
apply masks with brandy or alcohol. Instead, you can add
egg yolk, butter or honey.

Table tip, which oils can be used
for problem hair
The condition of the skin of the head and hair Healing herbs Oils
Seborrhea, dermatitis, inflammatory processes. Aloe juice, camomile, calendula, nettle, decoction
Cedar, tea tree, eucalyptus, burdock, germ
wheat olive;
Thinning – beginning baldness. Burdock, onion juice, pepper tincture, parsley root,
Burdock, castor, carrot seed oil, cypress oil,

Nicotinic Acid Hair Treatment

Ingredient used in the form of rubbing and in the composition of numerous
masks for strengthening and growth of hair. For
The treatment course will need nicotinic acid in ampoules.
The contents of the ampoule are transferred to a small glass container and
mix in equal proportions with aloe juice or water.

a nicotinic acid

It is recommended to apply the composition to freshly washed hair.
with silicone-free shampoo. Dipping fingers
In the prepared composition, distribute it along the hairline.
After application, you can feel a slight burning sensation – this is normal
process! This is the end of the procedure, as the composition is not washed off.
need, it does not leave any visible pollution. Treatment should
repeat for a month. During this period, an intense
3 to 4 cm tall!

It is important to know! Nicotinic acid quickly collapses on
air, so after opening, the contents of the ampoule are used

Hair treatment with beer

Beer is truly a folk remedy for hair restoration. In beer
contains natural ingredients that improve metabolism and
contributing to rapid transformation: hair becomes shiny,
stop pushing.

hair and nature

To beer mask met your expectations, it must be applied
on previously washed and dried curls.

Best recipes:

Egg and beer:

Beat yolk and beer (50-60 ml) until foaming. Put on
hair, soak for half an hour, then wash off using

Honey and beer:

100 ml of beer mixed with yolk and liquid honey (2 tbsp. L). Mask
nourishes well. Soak in hair for half an hour, rinse.

Beer and banana:

150 ml of beer mixed with three tablespoons of banana puree,
add yolk, and liquid honey (1 tbsp. l.). All whip to foam.
Soak in hair for half an hour and rinse.

Hair treatment with pepper tincture

Pepper tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy and used to
preparation of therapeutic masks.


Some recommendations for use:

  • The composition is held for at least 30 minutes;
  • The course of treatment is several months, with regularity not
    less than three times a week;
  • Sure to! The mask must contain natural oils.
    (olive, castor, flaxseed);
  • Masks are not suitable for dry
  • The procedure is performed with gloves;
  • Protect your eyes.

Castor mask:

Mix in equal proportions of castor oil, pepper tincture and
apply on scalp. Keep warm and hold until light
burning sensation.

Burdock honey mask:

Prepare a mixture of burdock oil, pepper tincture and juice
bulbs. All ingredients are added in equal proportions (one by one
tablespoon). Apply a healing cocktail to your hair, warm up,
leave to impact for an hour. At the expiration of time carefully
rinse with shampoo.

Lemon Dandruff Treatment

Recipes for hair restoration great variety –
Everyone will be able to choose for themselves the most effective, inexpensive and
pleasurable in the process of application.

The main thing! Do not wait for a momentary miracle of healing! To
“cheer up” hair will need at least 8 – 10 procedures. Only
regular recreational activities will remove hair from
stressful condition.

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