Hair Care – Healthy tips

hair extension photo 1Thanks to modern technology, each
a girl who dreams of long and magnificent hair can without
special work get what you want at any time. Enough for that
contact the nearest beauty center where you can offer
various ways to build. Here you just need to be ready for
the fact that the “new” hair will need careful care.

Artificial curls are much more demanding
natural. It is advisable to get acquainted in advance with how
how to comb and how to wash hair extensions. They always
must be in excellent condition, in time you will need
make a correction, and then another one and more. Gap in between
depends on the growth rate of natural hair. Usually this period
ranges from 3 to 6 months.

How to comb hair extensions

Do not forget that hair styling will take
a lot of time. To comb the strands, you should choose a comb with
rare long teeth, they should be smooth and without round
tips Extensive hair is confused more natural,
Despite this, combing them is not recommended more than three times more often.
day, otherwise you can damage them. If you do not want to face
in the morning with naughty and tangled strands, do not go to bed
sleep with undressed hair.

Do not leave them loose at night, it is better to collect in not tight

At that moment, when the hair is wet, they are more vulnerable, they are easy
break down To avoid this, comb them, starting with the tips,
and then move gradually to the roots.

Why split hair split

Spiked hair needs nutrients that
natural curls are obtained from the human body. For them
mandatory daily care and nourishing masks. If a
there are no necessary elements, splits hair extension at least
natural. At least a couple of times a month, it is advisable to visit
hairdresser for special procedures to strengthen hair.

At home, you can also take care of them, for this
you must adhere to the basic rules and know what kind of shampoo
wash hair extensions. The procedure is not much different from
familiar, but, nevertheless, it is important to consider some points.
Use a shampoo that has a neutral pH, will not work
dry hair care products. It is important to avoid
hitting the shampoo or balm on the capsules of hair extensions.

Apply nourishing masks in the direction of the growth of strands so as not
hurt them. Remember that everything is good in moderation, should not
abuse cosmetics. Leave the conditioner
or a mask on the hair no longer than 5 minutes, it will be quite

Extensive hair must be protected from heat,
Try not to use a hairdryer, iron or curling iron.

If you can not do without them – do not hurt the capsules, hot
items can melt them.

Can I curl hair extensions

You may be interested in curling hair extensions. For this
procedures, please contact a specialist, there is no need to carry out
experiments at home. Run to the salon as often as possible.
beauty. After all, no matter how hard you try to take care of dredging
hair, sometimes they need a master’s hand. In the barbershop always in
There is everything you need for the care of artificial curls. Right away
after building consult a specialist, find out
what means you will need. Purchase them and do not forget
apply, then your hair will remain beautiful and shiny. Have
you will never have a question – why do increments come up
hair, if you remember the basic rules of care.

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