Hair care methods after dyeing

hair care after dyeing

Coloring is a way to make hair attractive,
radiant, radiating health. It often happens that health is
only visibility. If proper hair care is not performed
after staining, there may be a number of problems, the main of
which is excessive dryness.

Depending on the nature of the damage, the method is chosen.
recovery. Conditionally, they can be divided into medical,
natural and “chemical”. In the first case, apply
cosmetics based on pharmaceutical development. To
the second group can be attributed masks and oils, restoring dry
hair after dyeing. And the third is modern hairdressing.
manipulations that make the hairstyle flawless.

Medical and cosmetic products

The task of this group of drugs is to cure the hair after
staining. Paint contains chemical elements that violate
their structure. The principle of operation of the color-changing components is
the discovery of scales and the maximum penetration of the pigment into the cortex.
In this case, the cuticle burns and can not perform a protective
function. Useful substances, including life-giving moisture
evaporate, hair after coloring becomes dry and brittle. This, in
turn leads to their loss. Root is in
follicle, which is blocked by the secretion of the sebaceous glands, and
Lubrication of the surface is not enough. Break this circle will help
ampoules against hair loss, they also deeply moisturize dry hair.

The most effective substance today is
“Amenixil”. It is part of the products manufactured by two
eminent manufacturers: Vichy, L`Oreal. For colored hair, these
drugs are a source of strength. Part of the practically
a full group of vitamins B and a special element “Amenixil” nourish
their health.

You can often find a warning that these ampoules
have the effect of cancellation due to the fact that they contain a substance similar to
composition with Minoxidil. Trichologists claim that it is not, care
for hair using ampoules will not cause negative effects.
It is clinically proven that this substance helps in combating
alopecia. Most respondents who used
treatment-and-prophylactic ampoules for colored hair, marked them
health efficacy and color fastness.

Masks for great hair

masks for colored hairThe traditional way to care for
a hairstyle is the use of professional or folk
recipes. It is known that hair after dyeing becomes dry.
This property causes the pigment to quickly leave the inner
layer. The main task of the masks is to close the scales, seal them inside.
moisture and give hair shine and elasticity. In this condition, they
will not lose color for a long time.

What masks can I use?

  • All formulations based on oils. Especially effective sesame,
    argan and sea buckthorn oil. Choosing the right one for you
    carefully study the composition and properties of poppies. For example, sea buckthorn
    not suitable for bleached curls, it can dye them yellow
  • Egg masks. This protein is the building foundation that
    will help to make the hair more bulky and give a healthy shine.

What masks are strictly prohibited?

  • Containing acids are kefiric, sour cream, citrus
    ingredients as well as honey. Already dry hair does not need
    “burning out”. In addition, the acid dissolves the artificial color.
  • Having hot elements: pepper, mustard, onion, garlic. These
    substances irritate the skin, increase blood circulation, but wash out

Thermoregeneration curls

Hairdressers often resort to the restoration of dyed hair
using procedures involving heat treatment. TO
This may include keratin recovery, “Vita Termale” and
“hot haircuts” (hot scissors or fire).

Keratin regeneration should not be confused with the procedure
straightening. It uses a sparing solution that does not contain
aldehyde. For dyed hair is just a godsend! In the process
the treatment of cortex is filled with natural, vital to him
protein that is fixed by folding under high
temperature Because of this, he will hold enough inside
a long time. In addition, the closure of the cuticle for colored hair
– this is a way to increase the duration of the paint, it will last until
until they grow back.

“Vita Termal” is the same procedure, where instead of
Protein used vitamin cocktail. Deep saturation
You can achieve both color enhancement and extension of its durability, and
accelerate the process of restoring colored hair.

“Hot haircuts” are used to combat whittled
tips. Zapayka cutoff eliminates this problem for long
term that is so necessary for painted curls, because
hair restoration after this procedure occurs much

Damage prevention and color retention measures

Before you think about how to cure your hair, you should
take care of the safety of their health. Logical – not
use damaging substances. But if this is impossible by
for some reason, for example, gray hair, then you should consider
following factors:

  • if you have dry hair, use only non-ammonia
    dyes. It is better to give preference to natural paints or
    tinted balms;
  • do not use in the process of drying and styling devices with high
    by temperature, they dry the curl and burn out the color;
  • do regular hair care with masks and
  • Do not forget about “protectors” – the means protecting from
    UV radiation and heat exposure;
  • if problems arise, do not postpone the visit to the trichologist,
    only timely hair treatment will help to avoid further

When thinking about how to cure hair, ask not only
advice to girlfriends, visit stylists and hairdressers. Only
a professional will be able to choose the right composition for you
and a way to eliminate problems that may arise in his
the result.

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