Hair Carving: Become a beauty for a couple o’clock

carvingEvery woman is beautiful, but her
the desire to become even better is irresistible and limitless. Sleepless nights
on curlers, plastic surgeries, painful tattooing procedure –
that just do not go ladies, wanting to make their appearance
irresistible and stunning. The most interesting is that the standard
each beauty has a completely opposite type.
Blondes strive to “turn black”, women with straight hair
dream of curls, blue-eyed use lenses brown.
The paradox is that one has only to achieve the desired
effect, as on the horizon begins to persistently loom a new idea
fix Well, if the consequences of transformation are reversible …

A gift from the company “Schwarzkopf”

Knowing everything about women’s weaknesses, the company’s specialists
Schwarzkopf is intensively developing new gentle techniques for
hair care. One of the newest inventions is the procedure.
carving, gentle curling. Carving is positioned as harmless
and quite effective hair styling, calculated for up to
two months. Hairdressers in their professional environment
call the procedure not only as “easy chemistry”.

The carving differs from the usual chemical wave of a special composition.
solution, as well as execution technology. Naturally, the result
this kind of styling looks a little different than after chemical

Natural curls in two hours

Especially chic is carving for short hair. Technology
allows you to use curlers of different sizes for cheating. Hair,
without burning out, as after usual chemistry, they look absolutely
naturally. If desired, whorls can be easily straightened by drying
wet hair dryer. After a month or another curls yourself
lose their shape. And regrown roots are no different from
hair, survived the procedure of perm. Such a perm is good for
any type of hair. You can perform it without significant harm to
hair once a quarter.

Recommended carving and medium hair. Skillful master of
medium length hair with a light curling can build
brilliant hairstyle. Moreover, when properly applied
solution even greasy hair becomes bulky and moderately dry.
Carving for long hair will not give the desired effect. Under his
weight curls quickly lose volume and shape.

Light chemistry technology

Creating a beautiful hairstyle depends a lot on taste and skill.
masters Technology performance cheat different from the standard
Chemistry only the size and shape of the curler. You can use small
bobbins, volumetric curlers, boomerangs, spirals, rollers. On
different areas of hair master selects “your” size
bobbins, focusing on the length of the hair and the shape of the head. Eventually
competent creation of different size curls can be given to a woman
romantic image, vamp style, create beautiful asymmetrical
angle Carving makes it easy to hide the flaws in the skull structure,
“liquid” hair, bald patches.

Hair styled hair curlers are treated with a special solution. is he
does not contain frankly caustic substances. According to experts,
the liquid has a biological basis with a small admixture
“chemical”. This is due to the gentle effect of curling. Hair,
as in the case of standard perm, stand under the solution
time recommended by the manufacturer. Then the solution is washed off, and
hair gently dried.

How to save the effect of carving

The trouble of easy chemistry is a short effect. With every wash
head curls will increasingly lose shape. Good exit –
drawing various gels for the textured hair. In this case
the shape of the hairstyle will be maintained and have a beautiful look much

The presence of carving simplifies styling. By various means
You can create absolutely any hairstyle. For example, the gel will give the effect
“wet” curls. Varnish will keep large curls. Mousse is suitable for
“stylish mess”.

How to tell reviews, carving hair makes life easier
women with liquid and thin hair. After the procedure of easy chemistry
they look fluffy and voluminous, even without styling. Leaves extra
fat, which allows less headwash.

Hair carving before and after

carving for long hairMerit carving
consists in the fact that it does not burn hair tight, it is permissible
acting on the structure. But to call this procedure medical will
wrong. Like any effect on the hair, it also affects
them destructive. The composition, albeit in small quantities, but still
contains chemical elements. It is they who injure the defensive
scales of hair shafts. As after any intrusion into the structure,
hair will have to be treated using all possible means: medicinal
gels, masks, massage. Hair tips must be constantly
to align, then the hairstyle will have a well-groomed look.

Useless light chemistry for heavy and thick hair. After
the first wash the entire effect will go into oblivion. Harmful she for
hair with artificially modified structure: colored,
от г г выж выж выж выж выж выж выж
perm. In order to get a good effect, hair
It is necessary to treat, using various masks, and the dead ends
cut off By the way, after three days you can dye your hair using
paint without hydroperit.

How much is beauty

Many masters believe that the price of carving hair should not be
low because the procedure is elite and takes a lot
of time. Currently, it ranges from 100 to 200
dollars. Is it worth it to give that kind of money for a result lasting
per month? Sometimes, when the soul urgently requires a change, probably
worth it. The cost of carving depends on how
obedient hair, as well as on their length, complexity desired

If you really, really want

If there is no money, but I really want a new hairstyle, then, as an option,
You can try carving your hair at home.
The costs will be small: the cost of the solution and curlers, and the result
With a skillful approach and a great desire, it will not differ from
“salon”. Waving technology is quite simple:

  • Before you buy the composition is to look at your hair and
    carefully evaluate their structure. The best effect will be achieved on
    soft hair having a length above shoulder level.
  • Next, you need to determine the porosity of the hairs. If they
    poorly absorb moisture, will have to buy an additional tool
    to mitigate. If you do not process the hard hair before curling,
    the effect will be weak.
  • An important point – a thorough study of the instructions. Any
    violation will entail undesirable consequences.
  • The wave is made on washed hair. Can be used
    curlers of any size, specifically designed for curling with
    using “chemistry”. Strands must be tight and
    evenly wound. With the help of a sponge, future curls are processed
    solution. Then the hair must be “hidden” under the cap and wrap
    warm scarf.
  • After the time specified by the manufacturer, the hair needs
    rinse with hot water without shampoo, without removing the curlers. Then
    it is required to apply a fixative and, having sustained it at the right time, wash off
    again without shampoo. After removing the bobbin hair desirable
    process a good balm.
  • Hair can be dried and styled, but the head is recommended to wash
    not earlier than in three days.

That’s all. The procedure, as in any barber shop, takes no
more than two hours and brings a lot of positive emotions and opportunities
for further experiments. Good luck!

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