Hair carving – full review of the procedure

Is it possible to turn straight and inconspicuous strands into charming
curls, and even for a long time? Sure you may! Carving that also
known as “light chemistry” – makes hair bulky and wavy
for a few weeks, letting you forget about the tedious morning

What is carving?

The content of the article:

  • What is carving?
  • Indications and contraindications to the procedure
  • Carving depending on the type and condition of hair
  • Pros and cons of carving
  • Technology, how is carving done?
  • What makes carving?
  • The composition of hair carving
  • Curlers
  • Types of carving
  • Carving Tools
  • How long is the hair treatment procedure in the salons?
  • The result after the procedure, photos before and after how much
  • How to achieve the desired result?
  • Carving at home
  • What kind of wrap is suitable for different styles of haircuts?
  • Precautionary measures
  • Hair care after carving
  • Styling options
  • Carving prices in beauty salons
  • Reviews
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Conclusion

Carving is long-term hair styling with
sparing chemical compounds. Unlike classic
the “chemistry” which was used even by our grandmothers, carving does not contain
ammonia and acts on the hair very gently, making them not only
curly but also more docile and compliant to styling.

Carving, chemistry and biowave

In addition, when the roots grow, the boundary between the curled and not
Curly hair is very smooth and blurry, which gives styling more
more naturalness.

History of creation

Carving is the brainchild of the German company Schwarzkopfl. On his way
formation, he has undergone a lot of metamorphosis. Initially
Hairdressers used exclusively foam pads.
This tool was thought to be ideal for creating a lightweight effect.
and natural wave.

A little later, drugs of a similar action began to produce not
less well-known French company LOréal Paris, adding
tools curlers of different sizes.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Carving for hair

Carving will be a great solution if your hair:

  • lack of volume;
  • badly laying;
  • thin and rare;
  • fatty at the roots.

But there are situations when the idea of ​​a light perm is better
refuse, namely:

  • Hair is too thick and thick – there is a risk
    that curls quickly unwind under its own weight.
  • Dry scalp and hair rods
    –Carving will only aggravate their condition.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Procedure
    due to the presence of chemicals in the composition, which
    may harm the health of the future mother and child.
  • Menstruation – it is believed that during this period
    hair is less amenable to styling.
  • Coloring less than two weeks
    back – in this state the hair is particularly susceptible and
    carving much they dry up.
  • Individual chemical intolerance
    components – to avoid rash, itching and irritation,
    Always test for an allergic reaction.
  • Taking antibiotics and hormones.
    First finish the course of treatment, restore the balance of vitamins and
    nutrients in the body, and only then contact

Carving depending on the type and condition of hair

Consider procedures depending on the type and structure.

On thick hair

Carving on thick hair

Thick hair and heavy strands are the dream of many girls,
however, it is not suitable for carving at all. Curls fast
straighten up under their own weight and become stiffer
than before. In this case, it is better to choose a local carving and
see how the individual strands behave.

On thin hair

Carving on thin hair

If hair is thin and straight by nature, then carving is
just the perfect way to get beautiful styling for a long time. is he
give them pomp and turn straight strands into elastic

On curly and porous hair

Carving on curly hair

Often curly hair is very naughty and has uneven
the structure of the curls – some larger than others or have a more pronounced
curl. Carving will help fix this so that no one from the environment
won’t guess what exactly you did with your hair, but everyone will see that
hairstyle has become more spectacular and neat.

Regrown after a classic perm

Every girl who has done chemistry at least once knows that after
there are only two ways to it – either to restore hair, gradually
cutting off the dried part, or doing chemistry again and again. Carving
helps smooth the line between regrown and curled roots
the ends.

Pros and cons of carving

Pros and cons of carving

Like any other beauty practice, carving has its advantages and
minuses. The advantages of the procedure include:

  • Universality – fits almost any
    haircut, length and hair type. The difference is only in the severity and
    effect duration
  • Soft impact – unlike classic
    chemistry, carving does not destroy the structure of the hair and after the procedure is not
    there is a need to do a haircut.
  • Large selection of techniques – you can get
    soft waves throughout the length, elastic small curls, or highlight
    curls only the tips of the hair.

But despite the weighty advantages, carving has its drawbacks:

  • Harm to hair is still applied – because
    the composition contains a small amount of chemical components,
    that dry up hair, make it more fragile and susceptible to
    temperature exposure.
  • High price – of course, the price fluctuates in
    depending on the region, the pricing policy of a particular salon and
    master’s skills, but nevertheless it still beats quite hard
    afford it.

Technology, how is carving done?

Technology procedure carving

  1. Head wash with shampoo for deep cleansing
    – at this stage cuticular scales are revealed. After
    wash your hair with a towel to a light state
  2. Wrapping wet strands on curlers and processing
    special composition for waving. After as master
    convinced that the drug is evenly distributed along the length of the hair, he
    puts a plastic cap on the client’s head to create
    “greenhouse effect”.
  3. Monitor hair condition. 10 minutes later
    the master pulls the test strand from the back of the head and checks if
    how well she repeated the shape of the bobbin. If the effect
    almost invisible – the exposure time is increased by another 10
    minutes The maximum exposure time is 40 minutes.
  4. Head washing – without removing the hair curlers, hairdresser
    thoroughly washes the head of the client with plenty of warm water.
    After the entire composition is washed away, excessive moisture is removed from the hair.
    a towel.
  5. Application of the lock on – neutralizer
    is responsible for the long-term result, and also minimizes
    harmful effects of chemicals.
  6. Removing curlers and drying – master neatly
    removes bobbins and blow-drys hair on cold
    of air. For a more pronounced effect, he can use

What makes carving?

Curlers for carving

Specialists of beauty salons use during the procedure.
Carving following toolkit:

  • A set of carving tools – consisting of
    deep cleaning shampoo, activator, protection and fixative.
  • Curlers – their size varies, depending
    from the desired result.
  • Comb – for a better separation of hair on
  • Peignoir – to protect clothes from drops
  • Disposable gloves – to prevent
    chemical burns of the skin of the hands.

The composition of hair carving

Chemical carving agents may vary in level
active ingredients depending on what type of hair
It is intended – for normal, hard, or after staining.
It is important that the composition does not contain such components as ammonia and
thioglycolate – they are detrimental effect on the structure of the hair,
draining and making more brittle.


Types of curlers

The result of the wave depends primarily on what type
Curlers were used. For example:

  • Koklushki – thin and small curlers, with
    through which you can get a lot of small curls.
  • Spiral harnesses – used for
    vertical curling and creating neat symmetrical
  • Large cylindrical curlers – attached
    hairstyle the so-called Hollywood chic – hair is raised
    roots, and the length is smooth and soft wave.
  • Rollers are foam rubber cylinders which, in
    size dependent is used to create both small and
    large curls.

Types of carving

There are several types of carving for hair, consider them


Easy carving

“Light carving” is often called the perm
home conditions with a minimum exposure time of
hair. The effect of such a procedure is not as pronounced as
cabin and holding less.

Price depends on the value of the purchased

Classic Curling

For the classic curling curlers are used the same size
to create uniform curls. Looks great on hair
middle length.

Price: from 2000 rubles


Textured carving is the creation of natural hair
and a little careless texture with the help of curlers of different sizes.
Suitable for creative haircuts when you need to focus on
one of the areas – the crown, nape or tips.

Price: from 2500 rubles


Hair curling is carried out on vertical curlers and thanks to
this effect is suitable for both long and short curls.
As a result, you get small curls and crazy volume.

Price: from 1500 rubles


If you want to get soft curls on the tips or on
strand at the face – the local carving is what you need. He is great
Looks on long hair or complex structured

Price: from 1200 rubles.


One of the most common varieties of local
carving. It is used in cases when you need to create a volume in
root zone, or for the correction of regrown korea.

Price: from 1200 rubles.

Carving Tools

The following products are the most sought after
Hairdressing professionals and their clients:

  • ISO Neotexture is a tool for quality and
    uniformly curling the highlights, blond and dyed hair
    any type and texture. Excellent perm results are explained
    the presence of isoamine in the composition. ISOamin – analogue of natural
    cysteine, so that the active components of the drug penetrate
    deep under the hair scales without damaging their structure.
    Price – from 1400 rubles.
  • Goldline Trendline – Innovative Formula
    provides the hair with a strong fixation and natural mobility up to
    two months. Active ingredients gently fill hair
    the rod and in less than an hour turn even strands into naughty
    curls. Price – from 1300 rubles.
  • Londastyle Permanent Form – product for
    professional salon use. Helps to achieve
    amazing volume and shine curls lasts up to two months.
    Price: from 1300 rubles.

How long is the hair treatment procedure in the salons?

Consider the procedure depending on the length of the hair:

On short hair

On short hair, experts use texture, local
or a vertical perm. Briefly shorn line of the head and temples
for accuracy remains intact. Classic Curling
excluded because it gives the square an unnatural shape
triangle. The price of perm in this case will start from
1500 rubles.

On medium hair

Medium length and thick hair is ideal for carving. Here you can
choose any type of curling you like – any of them will be
look spectacular. Carving at an average length will cost you from 2000
rubles and above.

Long hair

For long hair it is preferable to use a root or
local carving. The fact is that if you curl the hair from the roots
to the tips, the sebum is simply not enough to protect
full length from drying out. The cost of perm long hair from
2000 rubles and more depending on the type of installation.

The result after the procedure, photos before and after how much

Natural, elastic, shiny curls and waves – that’s the main thing
dignity carving. No more need to spend in the morning
watch in front of a mirror trying to add a little more to thin hair

If you are the owner of a naughty and curly by nature
shag, then carving will help you structure your curls and make them
more uniform. Keeps the result on average from 6 to 8

Reference! Carving has a light drying
action – this quality will help you improve the condition of oily hair
at the roots.

How to achieve the desired result?

Consider options for how to get the desired result:

Carving hair with bangs

The answer to the question “curl bang or not?” depends on the length itself
bangs, haircuts and facial features. If you are straight or super-short
Bang – leave it untouched. If the bang is elongated and
asymmetrical – curl along with the rest of the hair mass. Ask
Barber’s opinions on how the curl will look like
your haircut.

Large curls

Large curls look great on medium length hair and
the ends of the long curls. To create them are used large
cylindrical curlers.

Small curlicues

Small elastic curls – a win-win for thin and
sparse hair. They give volume to a haircut and soften blue features.
faces. For their implementation, the smallest papillo are used.

Carving at home

Carving can be done at home, guided
salon execution technology (see above). To result
was no worse than after the beauty salon, stick to the following

  • Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and not
    deviate from it – otherwise you risk
    get a chemical burn.
  • A month before the procedure, begin to actively moisturize and
    nourish the hair. It is advisable if you drink the course
    of vitamins. This will help the hair to recover quickly.
  • Do not allow drafts in the apartment during
    procedures. This is probably the most common mistake.
    among girls who prefer home perm salon. It is quite
    explainable – carving tools are unpleasant and sharp
    chemical smell that you want to get rid of as soon as possible
    airing the room. You cannot do this until the end of the procedure, otherwise
    due to drafts the composition is absorbed into the strands unevenly and some
    of them simply will not twist.

What kind of wrap is suitable for different styles of haircuts?

  • For short haircuts, bob and asymmetry
    fits textured and vertical carving.
  • For hair of medium length (square, cascade) –
    Any kind of cheating will do. When choosing push off the hell
    faces. For example, girls with skinny and long faces can not be
    better fit vertical carving. Owners of an oval face
    – classic.
  • For long hair (below the shoulder blades) – choose
    radical and local carving to get volume at the roots, or
    light, romantic wave.

Precautionary measures

If you still decide to carve at home,
Take the following precautions:

  • Do not buy funds from unknown brands or from
    unreliable sources – so you can’t be sure
    safety and authenticity of the drug, and accordingly –
    put your health at risk.
  • Always test for an allergic reaction.
    – apply a small amount of the drug on the elbow bend. If you
    you will feel a burning sensation and pain – give up the curling.
  • Make sure that the tool does not fall into
    eyes, and if it happened, immediately
    rinse with water.

Hair care after carving

Try to wash your hair only when necessary, when
Feel that the hair roots have become greasy and unkempt.
Use sulfate-free shampoos specifically designed for
curly and curly hair. As for the masks and air conditioners –
use moisturizing products marked “for dry and
brittle. ”

They will return the hair lost moisture and give shine. But
be careful – apply nutrients only for length,
retreating from the roots by 3-5 cm, otherwise you risk getting the effect

For drying hair, use the nozzle-diffuser on the hair dryer and cold
air mode, or let them dry naturally, not
wrapped in a towel.

You need to comb your hair with a comb with rare teeth, starting from
tips and moving slowly to the roots.

Important! Brush your hair only after
dry completely – otherwise they will look like down
and cut along the length.

Styling options

If there is a need to give curled hair shape, then
Use one of the following styling techniques:

  • Hands – rub a little gel in your palms or
    wax and gently remember the bottom-up hair. As a result, you will get
    lush and structural styling.
  • Brashing – this method is used to
    maintaining the volume at the roots or the shape of the curls at the tips. With
    so you can straighten your hair before the first wash
    heads. Just twist the strand on the brushing, lightly pull and
    dry thoroughly from root to tip.
  • Curling or ironing – curling you can
    tighten up the curls that have already begun to unwind, and ironing
    achieve perfect smoothness. Note that the effect will last until
    first shampooing Simply apply heat protection to your hair afterwards.
    What make the desired styling.
  • Using hair curlers – spray hair with water and
    wind it up on curlers, the maximum repeating size of your curls.
    Allow to dry naturally or blow dry.

Carving prices in beauty salons

To your attention the prices in beauty salons in Moscow and Moscow
areas, information taken from a popular resource


A few reviews from popular sources like |
and |

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How often can you do carving for hair?
    – | Repeat the procedure every 2-3 months, as
    the effect of the previous curling will fade. but
    experts advise periodically to do a restoring break
    to squeeze the hair with moisture, as well as trim the dried ends,
    so that the cross section does not spread over the length.
  2. What is the difference between carving and hair biowave?
    – Biowave, this is a relatively new procedure. In her
    basis is the use of natural ingredients that
    minimal damage to hair. Unlike carving, biowave can be
    combine with therapeutic procedures and in some cases
    can be carried out during pregnancy and lactation. but
    the effect of such a perm is kept less, and the procedure costs
  3. What makes carving different from perm?
    hair? – Classic formulations
    for perms contain alkali and ammonia, which, penetrating
    in the hair structure, make them stiff and lifeless. Of course,
    the effect of such styling persists for quite a long time – up to six months.
    But this sustainability is too expensive. Carving affects
    on the hair more gently and gently, but the effect lasts up to two
  4. Is it possible to do carving on the streaked
    hair? – Carving can be done not earlier than after 2
    weeks after highlighting and only on condition that it is not
    affected their health.
  5. When can I dye my hair after
    carving? – Refrain from staining
    at least 3 days after curling. Give your hair some rest from
    chemical exposure.


Carving is gaining more and more popularity among the representatives
beautiful sex and it is quite justified! Light Perm
– a great way to give your hair a steady amount of
minimal risk to their health. If you have long dreamed of trying on
naughty curls to your image, now is the time!

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