Hair Cauterization – Pros and Cons procedures

The modern market of care procedures is so diverse that sometimes
making a choice becomes unbearably difficult. And even harder –
figure out which product really helps the hair, and which
is a “dummy” effect from which will disappear after the first

The ideal procedure for a head of hair should be two
requirements – to restore even the most hopeless hair and have
the most natural composition.

Cauterization meets these expectations by 100%!

What is cauterization?

The content of the article:

  • What is cauterization?
  • Types of cautery
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How, what and how much time is cauterization done?
  • Price for cabin cauterization
  • How many sessions are needed, how often to resort to the procedure?
  • How to make cauterization of hair at home?
  • What tools are used?
  • Result – before and after.
  • Hair Care after Cautery
  • Cauterization or lamination?
  • Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?
  • Analogs of the procedure
  • Reviews
  • Conclusion

Cauterization is a therapeutic procedure aimed at
deep restructuring of damaged hair, restoration
hydrobalance and natural protective layer.

Drugs that are used for cauterization,
made on the basis of an extract from the core of a bamboo stem.
This part of the plant is famous for its high silicon content,
which is the source of youth and strength for hair

In addition, cauterization enhances the natural immunity of the hair.
and resistance to temperature extremes, ultraviolet radiation,
chemical and thermal effects.

Types of cautery

There are 2 types of procedure:


Hot cautery is called so because for her
carrying out it is used influence of high temperatures, namely:
pulling hair curling. The procedure is carried out in several

  1. Shampooing – with special
    shampoo enriched with protein and lipids.
  2. Application of serum – applied to the hair
    bamboo extract serum. Then curls are dried
    a hairdryer and processed by the curling iron. This step is necessary for
    alignment of the structure by sealing the hair
  3. Rinsing with water without shampoo – need a step
    in order to get rid of excess funds. If his
    skip, you can get the effect of greasy hair.
  4. Application of protein concentrate – means
    makes hair softer, more docile and removes static.
    The concentrate is evenly distributed along the length of the hair, kept
    15-20 minutes, then washed off with water.
  5. Finish spray application – product
    fixes the result of the procedure and acts as a protective layer.
    Gives hair extra shine and enhances the natural


Cold cautery is carried out in the same way as hot, for
the exception of the stage of hot processing. That’s why cold
cautery is considered the most benign.

Reference! Hot cautery is used to strongly
damaged hair. Cold – for moderately damaged and

The procedure is the same for both salon and home.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cauterization has a huge number of advantages, but the main
The advantages of the procedure are:

  • Fast result – the difference is noticeable after
    first session, and then the effect only accumulates.
  • Durability – the effect obtained on the total
    The course of procedures lasts up to 4 months.
  • Beauty and health – hair is not only
    become more attractive, but also heals, which is beneficial
    distinguishes cauterization from other procedures.
  • Easy combing and styling – this effect
    especially appreciated by girls who try to pacify every morning
    unruly and electrified curls.
  • Resistance to temperature changes –
    sun, snow, high humidity, frequent laying – after
    The cauterization of the hair can withstand all this without searing and

There are almost no significant drawbacks to cautery, however, to
conditional deficiencies include:

  • High price – for a sustainable effect.
    repeat the procedure 3-4 times, which will eventually result in
    round sum.
  • During the course of treatment, it is not possible to paint and
    lighten hair – and this can be a serious obstacle
    for girls who are used to regularly tint the roots and refresh the color
    by lenght.

Indications and contraindications

Cauterization is what you need if your hair:

  • dried out:
  • have multiple creases in length;
  • are listed:
  • regularly exposed to heat;
  • have an unkempt and untidy appearance as a result of improper

Abandon the idea to go to the salon for the procedure of cautery
will have to if you:

  • Recently painted, brightened, chemically curled or straightened.
  • Suffering from inflammatory diseases and rashes on
  • You have microcracks on your head, abrasions, bruises, scratches.

How, what and how much time is cauterization done?

On average, one cautery session takes from 30 to 40 minutes, in
depending on the type of cautery (cold is done faster),
health of hair, their length and thickness.

Despite the safety of the technique, the very first session is better.
hold in the cabin. This will allow you to visually see how the master
allocates funds, which step is followed by, and how much
product need on your hair length.

Most cauterization kits consist of the following 4

  • regenerating shampoo;
  • whey or cauterization oil;
  • protein mask;
  • spray fixer.

This list may vary by brand.
manufacturer. The composition of drugs for cauterization meets all
safety requirements. It is natural and does not make hair heavy,
so that the procedure can be used up to 16 years and after 60,
that is, on loose or weak hair follicles. (as
exception – baldness)

Cabotage price in the cabin

Price varies depending on the city, the reputation of the salon
beauty, master classification, and of course, condition and length
customer’s hair.

Price spread – from 1000 to 5000 rubles.

How many sessions are needed, how often to resort to the procedure?

Full course of hair restoration with cautery
makes from 3 to 4 procedures with periodicity one session time in 2
of the week.

After its completion, you can visit the salon once a month for
maintain the result. If the hair condition was originally
normal, it will be enough once every 2 to 3 months.

How to make cauterization of hair at home?

Despite the fact that cautery has not yet received such a wide
distribution in the CIS countries, sets of tools for this procedure
can be found in specialized offline or online stores.
Accordingly – you can try to restore the hair
self at home.

Note! The result of cauterization does not depend
not only on the quality of the product, but also on the skills of the master conducting
procedure. If you are not confident in your own abilities – refer to
a professional

If you have firmly decided to cauterize yourself –
follow these guidelines:

  • Strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer –
    do not swap steps, take more or less money than
    indicated. This can negate all efforts. (Approximate algorithm
    action was outlined above).
  • Do not use before the procedure difficult to wash.
    styling products like soft protein shampoo
    may not wash them until the end, with the result that the composition will fall
  • Indent from the root zone 5-7 cm
    in the distribution of serum to avoid the effect of “unwashed”
  • Use a cellophane cap to
    enhance the effect of the protein mask.
  • Get the iron with the switching function
    temperature control if you plan to do hot

Results kauterizatsii at home, photos before and

What tools are used?

As an example, will be given the funds from the very
famous brand hair cauterization brand

Revitalizing Midollo de Bamboo Shampoo2 shampoo

The shampoo is enriched with extract from the center of the bamboo stem and
mineral salts that restore and enrich curls on
molecular level.

Mode of application:

Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage in the basal
zone and gently fool along the length. Wash off with a lot of

Biphasic spray “Midollo de Bamboo Daily Repair”

Just like in shampoo – the main active component of the spray –
extract of bamboo stem. Smoothes hair scales and
fills structural voids. Protects rods from aggressive
environmental exposure and reduces trauma during hot

Mode of application:

Spray the hair strand by strand and distribute the composition.
by using a comb.

Nutritional extract “Midollo de Bamboo Reneval Lotion”

The composition includes all the same bamboo extract, but, besides
others – cottonseed oil. Restores Natural Protective
layer, gives the hair an amazing smoothness, makes them soft and

Mode of application:

Spread the product evenly over slightly moist, clean

Intense Protein Mask “Midollo de Bamboo Pro
Concentrate ”

Contains in its composition protein complex, vegetable
oils and extracts of herbs and plants. Renders powerful
regenerating effect on the hair cortex, smoothing the scales to
rod and sealing section.

Mode of application:

Apply the mask to wet hair and cover the head with cellophane
hat You can enhance the effect if you wrap turban from the top
towels or a heated hair dryer. Soak 5-10 minutes after
Rinse off with water.

Nourishing mask “Midollo de Bamboo Recharging Mask”

Lipid complex, proteins and unchanged bamboo extract
promote rapid regeneration of the hair shaft, filling
structural voids and enhance natural protection.

Mode of application:

Apply to wet hair, wait 5 minutes, after which
wash off with plenty of water.

Serum in ampoules “Midollo de Bamboo Cauterization Serum”

Serum contains liquid proteins, cottonseed oil and
bamboo extractor hood Recovers lost as a result
regular staining and heat exposure natural
fat layer, relieves dryness and stiffness.

Mode of application:

Spread the contents of the ampoule over slightly damp hair and
leave as a serum does not require rinsing.

Thermal filler “Midollo de Bamboo Termal Filler Form”

The main active ingredient of the product is lavender extract.
Acts as a fixer and an amplifier of the result of the procedure.

Mode of application:

Mix with serum and distribute through the hair. Pull strands
using a flat iron, and then wash it with shampoo from the same series.

Result – before and after.

The result of cautery is noticeable after the first procedure, and
especially pronounced if your curls are porous, curly and
naughty by nature. Hairstyle looks more neat,
the curls are silky, shiny, lively and springy. Disappears
section along the length, and also solve the problem of excessive

Hair Care after Cautery

Most often, all that is needed for post.
means for the procedure, namely – shampoo and mask. From sulphate
shampoos, deep cleaners and oil masks will have to
time to refuse, as they simply wash off the composition of the hair.

Cauterization or lamination?

Due to the fact that the execution algorithm for these procedures is similar, their
often confused. However, between cautery and lamination there is no
nothing to do and compare them is not worth it.

Lamination – cosmetic procedure, for
aesthetic restoration of curls. On the rods is created
pretty thick glossy film that is gradually washed away and
collapses, taking with itself the natural protective layer of the hair.

Cauterization is not only doing the hair
more attractive, but also heals, sipping from the inside and protecting

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period are not
contraindications to cauterization. This is great news.
for future and young mummies who do their best
restore hair without harm to the health of the baby.

However, there are some nuances, as some perfumery
odorants can provoke an attack of toxicosis.

Important! If you are pregnant – necessarily
consult with your doctor before heading to the salon for

Analogs of the procedure

Among the procedures with a similar effect can be identified

  • “Happiness for hair” or Happy Hair;
  • biolamination;
  • cuticular luster;
  • shielding;
  • illumination;
  • glazing;
  • botox


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If your hair is withered and exhausted
you for help – do not rush to do a haircut. Try the procedure
cautery – the effect of a noticeable transformation is guaranteed. But
you should not rely only on beauty salon procedures – take care
that you have enough nutrients in your diet and
reduce the amount of hot stacking to the minimum possible.

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