Hair coloring methods

Every woman, sooner or later, decides to radically change her
image to give even more beauty and attractiveness. BUT
modern methods of hair coloring will be able to help with the upcoming
update: well chosen shade and technique directly affect
so that the result exceeded all expectations. What to bet on –
the classic version or creativity – in creating style, to decide
only the lady herself. A combination of different techniques and professional
performance will achieve the maximum effect when

Types of hair coloring

The content of the article:

  • Types of hair coloring
  • Modern types of hair coloring
  • TOP-5 professional hair colors
  • How to apply paint
  • How to choose a paint based on color and structure
  • Conclusion
  • Video: TOP 10 methods of hair coloring in 2018

Types of hair coloring

Now in hairdressing, there are lots of ways
staining that are in special demand. Experienced stylists and
colorists offer very practical techniques, due to which
hairstyle gets the most organic look or gives
opportunity to emphasize the peculiar appearance. Modern
hair color changing technologies allow you to beat the palette so
way to curls of any length, structure and thickness look
at the same time neat and stylish.


HighlightingAs one of the most famous procedures in the cabin,
this technique will never go out of fashion, but will only
to improve, to acquire new species. Every season given
the principle of coloring is at the peak of popularity. Highlighting
can be easily performed on dark and blond hair. Total
depends entirely on the base color of the hair, the selected tone for
strands and the technology itself. Its essence lies in the fact that strands of hair
lighten evenly along the entire length. Curl width allowed
change, but the thinner it is, the more natural it looks
hairstyle. Usually highlighting is done in two stages, first strands
prepared using a special dye, and then – tinted,
achieving the desired shade.



This concept hides unusual coloring of not the whole mass.
hair, and individual strand in bright colors. It may assume no
just a single tone, and different colors on the strands – it all depends
from the courage of the experiment. Coloring hair lasts for two types:
full and partial. In the second case, paint some of the
curls, where the basic tones will be exclusively natural.
The color set must be negotiated in advance so that the final
the picture looked harmonious.


MazhimeshAnother way of coloring hair that occurs
ammonia-free cream-like paint with the addition of wax and other
soft hair substances. When it is very dangerous
low what is considered a central competitive advantage
technology. But dyeing mazhimish not suitable for dark hair. because of
paint will not be able to completely replace its sparing composition
shade of dark hair without damaging them. Therefore, this approach
used only for experiments on light-brown and light


OmbreRecreation smooth, and sometimes even a sharp transition
between flashy tones and is an ombre. Such effect
perceived as burnt tips or slightly regrown roots,
neatly moving in a different tone. But on the long straight
hair is especially fashionable option with a strictly marked
line between flowers. Usually this technique is used for
harmonious supply of dark roots with bleached strands and decoration
blond hair with redheads. It is important to understand that this is not
just highlighting, and a full color change, therefore, requires


SombreA new subtype of the sombre method is different
natural and natural because it includes
use multiple shades and allows you to create a style of light
sun flare. Attempt to give volume and does not provide
detailed study of the strands of paint and the use of foil, but he
a compound with a brightening effect is worth putting
fast and withstand a long time. Sombre is perfect
brunettes and fair-haired girls of any age, having the effect
sun-bleached curls.


ShatushThe main feature of the new subspecies is reduced to the desire
give the hair a natural look and soften the transition against the background of the effect
burnt strands. The resulting smooth and beautiful shades are not
it is required subsequently to periodically tint. And additional
plus the technique is that any flaws remain almost invisible,
because frequent hair coloring changes their structure for the worse.
Use the technique of shatush advised blondes, brunettes and blond,
although the result will be more noticeable on long hair. \

Important! It differs from the classical shatush method
the fact that there is an emphasis on the technique of “stretching” color. By
the final result of this option is similar to the ultrafashionable ombre
and california highlighting.


The considered staining technique includes in its process
brightening the selected strands. With it, you can recreate in life
Unsurpassed image or diluted with annoying color occurrences
bright curls. When coloring balayazh 2-3 tones allocate tips
hair and strands, starting from the middle. The general composition is applied in
the shape of the Latin letter V: the sides are painted over first, and
then the edges. Transitions make out sharp or smooth, without clear

What is the difference between balagay and shatush?

What is the difference between balayazh and shatusha?In the world of beauty there is immediately
several ways to dye hair with similar foreign
names. The principle of shatush touches individual strands at the ends like
smooth gradient. Transformation from dark to light
performed by lightening some parts at the ends
hair. When dyeing balayazh too the ends of the hair are adjusted to
the bright side.

However, in contrast to the technique of shatush, the composition is applied to the entire area,
and thus the lower part stands out more clearly. It could be considered,
that balayazh is the middle variant between shatush and ombra. Performing
dyeing in format balayazh, paint covers the edges of curls
superficially. The approach seems fairly easy, but requires
maximum accuracy, so professionals do not recommend
to paint independently.

Modern types of hair coloring

To change the image of the ladies often chooses hair painting.
Moreover, it is not necessary to change drastically, sometimes
it is worth only partially correcting the old image, making it
freshness. If a girl wants fundamental changes, then you can
repaint completely, and when you just want some zest,
it is better to pay attention to modern painting methods with
using multiple colors. Existing options are large
quantity, so there are no special problems with the choice

Classic coloring

Classic coloringUnder standard painting technique
hair is meant to paint on curls that
previously divided into zones. There are several types of substance for
this procedure: for lightening and for toning the hair,
plant and chemical composition. Classic coloring
includes a uniform layer of dye over the entire length of the hair, not
resorting to special professional techniques (individual strands,
stencils and other). Therefore, the result is quite predictable –
hair get a single shade.

Single tone staining

One tone coloringThe most natural and natural
The hair dye option is a general tone that is sometimes
creates the illusion that the hair did not change color at all. More often
all women resort to this method to quietly eliminate
gray hair Therefore, among men, this method also enjoys
popular and seems like a simple procedure that even special
experience does not require: buy paint, mix the contents of the box and
apply dye on curls. But its difficulties also have a place
be: the tone-to-tone hair dyeing technology requires consideration
natural shade strands, eye and skin color. Neglect by these
criteria often leads to disappointment from received

Platinum coloring

Platinum ColoringCool platinum color required
It should be chosen based on the color type, otherwise the image will come out as awkward and
ridiculous. Regarding the original color of the hair, the best models
come out of fair-haired ladies – a new image makes them brighter, more mysterious
and sexier. The main problem is that this option
very difficult to repeat at home. Only an experienced master
will be able to choose the right dye and not get in the end
blond with a yellow tint.

Important! An important role is played by the age of the ladies.
Platinum shades will fit young girls who prefer
cascading or torn haircuts. But older women are better
look at the natural tones of the blond, and leave the platinum in the form
narrow pryadok.

Ash hair

Ash hairNo less fashionable hair color – ashen,
having many shades and subtones. Achieve an ashen color on
colored hair is quite problematic, especially if nature
You are gifted with a rich red or golden base. Worth understanding
what to achieve exactly the same shade as on a tube of paint is not
always work out. For the procedure to be successful, it is necessary
lighten hair and buy paint in a professional shop.
Owners of warm tsvetotipa cool ash colors fit

Brondirovanie and Blondirovanie

Brondirovanie and BlondirovanieAt first glance it seems that
blonding and brondirovanie – consonant terms that many
women are confused. Creation of curled hair effect on curls
called brondirovaniem. This technique refers to
recently common multistage staining.
It means dyeing the hair several times.
(up to 5 or more different tones). Thanks to this
barber tricks color looks very natural even on
dark-haired young ladies.

And unlike this method, the blonding is
a whole lightening strands and the achievement of various shades
blond (ranging from dark and ending with pure white or ashen
option). This procedure is also very simple, as it involves
drawing the painting composition for a certain time. But here is the accent
done on another nuance: it is important to evenly distribute the mixture and
check the correct exposure time.


Marble coloringSo unusual marble coloring
is a whole algorithm in which the stylist takes on
the armament is one color tone and additionally brightens the individual
strands. Each curl is modified in varying degrees, which gives
brilliance, specific pattern and overflow to the final result. Usually when
the choice is repelled from the special features of the client’s appearance: length
hair, natural color, eyes and skin.

Based on the versatility of the method, more beautiful like
dyeing looks on owners of medium or long hair.
On a short haircut, the marble risks looking untidy if
choose the wrong colors and do not do the styling. Also tones should not
very different from each other: the main may be darker, and
the other is a little bit lighter.

Important! To get the perfect result
marble staining recommended to visit a professional high


Pixel stainingSimilar coloring sectors can
Fairly considered an innovation in the beauty industry. Picture,
applied to the hair in such a technique, allows you to get the effect
hue transition with texture mobility. Now even let out
a separate series of paints specifically designed for
multi-layer execution of 3D-drawings.

The main feature of this technique comes down to the fact that
after completion of the procedure, the strands overlapped should
create a clear geometric image similar to rainbow
figures from the game “Tetris”. It necessarily implies
bright acid colors and a required gradient. Perfect option
hairstyles for pixelation – haircut with asymmetry and perfect
straight hair. Such a variation always turns out to be creative and

Block and stencil

Block and stencil“Craft” or screen coloring –
peculiar technique in which specially prepared
patterns for creating patterns, patterns and hair accents.
Therefore, such a creative version of the image implies
the use of block coloring and requires a special approach. For
achieve a complex shade, original picture or exact
proportions is better to turn to an experienced master.

A similar method of painting curls appeared relatively recently:
For the first time in such a way they prepared models at a fashion show, where
bright staining gave the effect that was visible from the far
distances. In everyday life, bold colors will be a little different.
effect and it is worth considering.

3D staining

3D stainingAchieve holographic surround effect for
by alternating different shades and professional dyes
will help the 3D method. The difference from coloring is that
the tones used in the process are in the same color and
as a result, the transition is as smooth as possible.

Additionally, this combination gives a distinctive effect.
pomp and depth of color. Key technology feature
consists in the adjacent shades and the principle of the scheme of the coloring pigment:
it implies the presence of the main color on the roots and
extra tones.

TOP-5 professional hair colors

Combination of durability and careful care with frequent staining is not so
simply. In the composition of paints are often a lot of oxidizing agents
which with prolonged use have a destructive
impact on the hair. Famous manufacturers have managed to achieve
this balance sheet and earned a positive opinion from many

  1. Estel Only – means very carefully changes
    hair color, without changing their structure, and a variety of shades are not
    burn out under prolonged exposure to the sun.
  2. C: EHKO Color Explosion – in whose composition
    contains extract of jojoba and almond, which softens the effect
    oxidants, so the hair is always filled with vitality and
  3. Palette Deluxe – guarantees light
    combing after dyeing, has about 24 shades and pearl
    extracts that will give extra smoothness
  4. SYOSS Professional Performance – German
    a company that makes home dye products
    use, taking into account all the comments of experienced colorists.
  5. L’Oréal Recital Preference – offers
    unusual colors, does not tarnish and is slowly washed off (over 8
    weeks), supplemented with restorative balm in the set to
    return the lost moisture to the curls.

Important! With periodic staining is always
monitor the condition of the hair. Nutritious masks will help to return
the hair to the former state, will prevent the occurrence of dandruff or
split ends.

How to apply paint

How to apply paint on your hair

It has long been known that to achieve the most similar shade
really only when you follow all the rules of staining. According to
advice professional colorists, you must adhere to
following recommendations:

  1. 1-3 days before the procedure is to stop applying to
    hair mask – the remnants of a special composition may have
    impact on penetration rate.
  2. Before the start do not recommend washing your hair –
    secreted fat will provide additional protection for the scalp against
    oxidant action.
  3. When applying the paint, the hairline often gets dirty to
    it was not, you need to apply fat cream in advance,
    which at the end of the procedure is removed with a cotton swab.
  4. In order to achieve a good distribution of hair,
    need to separate the hair into strands and then
    apply the composition as accurately and quickly as possible.
  5. After this step, you should carefully comb your hair.
    comb with small teeth, eliminating paint chunks on
    individual plots.
  6. In case of staining of regrown roots, paint first
    put on the roots and only after 20 continue to work throughout
  7. When washing off the paint, it is better to moisten the hair gradually,
    churning out the paint and without haste, washing it away, and then well
    wash your hair with shampoo and apply a balm.

The rest is enough to follow the standard instructions, which
available on any package, do not forget to use protective
gloves and be sure to check the acquired paint breakdown on
allergy before use.

Important! No need to wrap hair and exceed
the indicated time is a high risk to burn the strands, making them more brittle and

The levels of resistance of hair dyes

Resistance levels of hair dyes

Orient in the composition of the paint without the ideal knowledge of chemistry
difficult. But this can be judged by the data specified
manufacturer on the packaging. One of the indicators – levels of resistance,
which are expressed as a scale:

  • 0 – temporary (easily applied to light
    hair, but completely washed off after 1-3 shower receptions);
  • 1 – tint (unstable dyes,
    designed for bright strands that hold up to 6-8 water
  • 2 – semi-resistant (guarantee long color and
    can last from 3 weeks to 2 months with proper
  • 3 – resistant (resistant options differ
    higher price, but also retain shade up to 3 months and

The abundance of main colors, tones and midtones, as well as the possibility
The fundamental change in hair color makes these dyes very
popular. Therefore, it is important to understand their classification and
choose the most suitable copy for yourself.

How to choose a hair dye to fit your eyes and skin color

By nature, each girl is given a certain color of hair and eyes.
Stylists believe that this particular attribute should be taken into account
when it is planned to paint the hair. Understand which option
the exact color type will allow you to:

  • spring (soft beige, tanned skin, blush,
    freckles, light brown or light brown hair with a touch
    gold, green or blue eyes);
  • summer (light, with a cool shade skin, short hair,
    faded freckles, gray-green, blue or light brown eyes);
  • autumn (peach color, red or brown hair,
    freckles in tones of curls, hazel or gray eyes);
  • winter (cold pale skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, black
    hair, brown or blue eyes).

Having decided what time of year you belong to, you can
proceed to the approval of the paint color. Usually classic
recommendations that are based on the above characteristics,
are 100% hit the target.

How to choose a hair dye on the scale of shades

As for the choice of a particular shade, it is not necessary
focus exclusively on the photo on the cover or title.
It is better to focus on 2-3 small numbers that are printed
near the beautiful name. After all, it is these data that provide
full picture about shade:

  • The 1st digit is the depth of the base color (usually
    from 1 to 10);
  • 2nd digit – the main tone (follows the dot
    or fractions);
  • 3rd digit – additional shade (30-50% of
    main shade).

In the case of marking with only 1 or 2 digits, it is assumed
which is in clean tone. Also decoding hair dye includes
self shade – from the first value additional marking
separated by a dot or slash. In total there are 9
options, and in one designation sometimes include simultaneously two

How to choose a paint based on color and structure

How to choose a hair dye

If you have saved the natural color and have not previously used
paint, it remains only to decide what tone you want
repaint. It is perfectly acceptable to take non-ammonia paints or
Tint versions that quickly wash out. For cardinal
Experiments must be clarified beforehand.
professional composition with the addition of an oxidizing agent required
concentration. But you shouldn’t lighten at the same time more than 4-5 tones.
try – hair will be seriously damaged, so this stage
worth doing gradually.

With already dyed hair, it is not enough just to define a shade
it is also important to take into account the color of the regrown roots and the fact that
curls were painted. A good result can be obtained if
use professional paint. Specialists offer only
avoid the shades of ash because you can buy
frankly gray color. And if the hair was relatively recently
painted, then you need to apply the product in the direction of the roots,
leaving for a minimum amount of time. Remember that too
a quick and abrupt change in shade can have a negative effect on
hair health.

Despite the deceptive simplicity of the “bright” base, only 50%
cases of gray hair may be beautifully dyed. Here follows
use ammonia dyes above level 7, combined with
oxidizing or highlighting. Avoid the effect of regrown
roots help monophonic dye. But too bright and dark
tones are also best avoided – it’s easier to pay attention to bright ones
shades, up to level 8.


Each hair coloring method has its advantages:
the complexity of the technique and the principle of color change allows you to achieve
original results. With such a range of ways you can
reincarnate when you want. The main thing in this case – to follow
the state of their hair and choose exceptionally high quality
facilities. Then the final image does not exactly disappoint.

Video: TOP 10 methods of hair coloring in 2018

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