Hair coloring or long live the color!

hair painting photo 1Each
woman has the desire to always look in a new way, to attract
views of fans with their charming appearance, and here
plays a significant role hairstyle. How to quickly and easily change your
form? Of course, dye your hair, today the benefit of funds for this
there is a huge amount.

Hair styling is available for modern ladies,
it can be used as natural dyes, known
since antiquity, and new paint, made by the most advanced

Желаете просто подновить прежний цвет волос”>цвет волос,
give it a richer color? Then it is better to choose
tinted shampoo, not containing active substances, which is very
gently acting on the hair. True, and keep the color will not be so
long time.

For a more lasting effect, it is better to use gentle
paints that help make hair a little darker or lighter. BUT
But for drastic changes you have to choose resistant dyes,
but do not forget about their hard effects on the hair. Further
after such coloring will require very careful hair care,
rinsing and rinsing them with special agents, otherwise soon
time with frequent changes in the image you risk being left without

Hair coloring with henna and basmo is very popular, while
only change hair color, but also contribute to their improvement.
It should be remembered that if henna can be used separately, while
its different concentration will allow to get shades from golden to
bright red, then Basma is used only with henna.
Be sure to practice on the individual strands, given
structure and natural hair color, as well as your preferences.

White hair dyeing remains popular and it can be
as a complete dyeing of all hair, and highlighting or dyeing
separate fragment.

hair coloring photo 2For example,
hair dyeing in two colors: black and white, dyeing only
bangs, creating a contrast edging – there may be many options.
In fashion can be as sharp borders of colors, and slightly noticeable
shades, strands, creating a kind of highlighting or contrast
stand out from the crowd.

A separate issue is hair dyeing during pregnancy. In that
period, if you really really want, it is better to use only
natural dyes, while carrying out procedures very carefully and

By following such simple rules, you can stay gorgeous in
any situation, driving you crazy and making you admire yourself.

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