Hair coloring with natural funds

Hair coloring today is quite a routine procedure for women
so for men. However, it can not be denied
obvious harm: most hair dyes contain
potent chemical compounds that, by acting on
hair flakes, not only dye them, but also dry and can
even burn out.

Today there are a lot of products that are being marketed.
as “carefully coloring”, “protecting” and “safe”, but on
in fact, this is often nothing more than a marketing ploy, and
most colors affect hair quite seriously. Exactly
therefore, those whose hair began to thin out from such procedures
recommend to refuse.

Hair Coloring Moreover, the widely used means
to maintain the desired hair color there is a wonderful
alternative – natural paints. They are safe and can even
have a therapeutic effect, however, different people can give
different shades – it depends on the structure and thickness of the hair.

Therefore, trying such a dye, you should first check
on a small strand on the most inconspicuous part of the head – on
nape or behind the ear. As a rule, all natural formulations are applied
under the warming cap – and after washing them it is recommended to carefully
to dry The degree of coloring is checked in bright sunshine, and if
the result is arranged, you can safely apply the composition throughout the hair
wholly. It should be noted that to obtain the desired
tint some paint has to be used several times –
such tools do not require verification.

With prolonged use, natural formulations allow
to achieve a lasting beautiful hair tone – and at the same time they are absolutely
safely. Different herbs work on hair differently:
rhubarb roots, chamomile or mullein flowers stain strands in
natural golden hue, hibiscus gives a noble head of hair
reddish tone, and if you want to paint over gray hair, help out leaves
tobacco, sage or tea.

Herbal Shade Rinse

The content of the article:

  • Herbal Shade Rinse
  • Painting gray hair
  • Hair lightening
  • Getting a reddish tint

Herbs for hair

To prepare the composition will require

After that, remove from heat, cool, strain and pour into
storage tank. The resulting product is applied immediately after
washing your hair with shampoo before applying the conditioner.

Painting gray hair

One of the oldest dyes for hair is henna. And today
it allows you to achieve remarkable results because
possesses special properties – coloring hair, seals
flakes, keeping all the natural substances in the rod. That is why
using henna, you can make your hair smooth and shiny.

Henna Obtained by staining with this agent
the shade may persist on the hair up to half a year – it is washed out
gradually, therefore, does not create a distinct border on the strands and
the hair looks natural. It should also be borne in mind that
getting the required color does not always work the first time – for
This may require several stains. But when strands
gain color, then keep it for long.

There are several varieties of henna that allow
a wide range of shades – from golden red to chestnut.
However, much depends on the natural structure and natural color.
hair, so before you apply the mixture on the hair,
check the intensity of staining on a small strand.

Henna paint

Natural dye is necessary

  1. about 100 grams of natural henna powder

  2. about 50 grams of boiling water

It is necessary to prepare structure only in ceramic or glass ware
– metal will give an oxidizing reaction with grass, and plastic can
to color. It is also advisable to use gloves
since the agent acts on the skin of the hands.

For effective staining it is necessary to apply diluted
hot water to a pasty henna for dry clean
hair and carefully distribute along the entire length from the roots to
tips. For the composition to be absorbed, heat is needed – therefore
the paint is applied under the warming cap, and everything is wrapped on top
a towel. Henna should be kept for 15 to 45 minutes – it depends
natural hair color and the desired result. If necessary
can be added to the composition of Basma, which allows you to get more
dark shades – from dark chestnut to raven color

Dye from basma and henna

This natural paint will require:

  1. 50 grams of henna;

  2. 2 tablespoons basma;

  3. about 50 grams of pure water (if necessary, the amount can be

  4. egg yolk;

  5. corn oil

Before applying the mixture to the hair and scalp
rub corn oil, then evenly distribute
coloring composition for each strand from the roots and wear a warming
cap Depending on the intensity of the desired shade,
maintain the mixture on the hair should be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. By
over time, rinse the head thoroughly with cool water
and apply conditioner.

Chamomile dye

For a nice golden hue, you can try
use the composition of chamomile flowers.

It will require the following ingredients:

  1. 50 grams of dried chamomile flowers;

  2. 8 tablespoons of white cosmetic clay;

  3. egg yolk;

  4. 400 milliliters of water

It is necessary to pour chamomile into boiling water, reduce heat and simmer.
under cover for half an hour. Then everything needs to be cooled,
drain and pour half the liquid (the remaining decoction can
store until next staining). The resulting composition is necessary
dilute white clay to a mushy state and drive an egg

The dye should be kept on the hair under a warming cap from
20 to 50 minutes. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.
cool water and apply conditioner. If desired, the procedure can be
repeat several times to obtain the desired shade.

Composition for painting gray hair

For the preparation of the necessary following

  1. 50 grams of dried sage leaves;

  2. C sticks of cinnamon (can be replaced by 50 grams of dried

  3. 400 milliliters of water

Rinse from gray sage

For the funds you will need:

  1. 50 grams of dried sage;

  2. 2 teaspoons of black tea;

  3. 2 teaspoons of rum;

  4. 400 milliliters of water

The composition should be abundantly wet hair and keep under
warming cap 20-50 minutes, then rinse with cool water.
To achieve a lasting effect, it is advisable to apply the agent.

Hair lightening


Rhubarb dye for hair

For the preparation of tools required:

  1. 100 grams of chopped fresh rhubarb stalks;

  2. 8 tablespoons of white clay;

  3. 1 teaspoon glycerin;

  4. egg yolk;

  5. ½ tsp apple cider vinegar.

  6. 400 milliliters of water

The resulting mixture is applied to the hair, keep under warming
cap from 20 minutes to an hour. At the expiration of time, wash it off with cool
water If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

Rhubarb rinse

To prepare the required 100 grams of chopped stalks
fresh rhubarb (you can use and root). Gruel should
add 400 milliliters of boiling water, stir, cover,
Keep on low heat for up to 30 minutes. The resulting composition is cool,
Thoroughly strain and pour into storage container. Means
enhances the brightening effect of rhubarb dye.

Getting a reddish tint


Tint rinse

To obtain funds, boil water and pour into
capacity of dried flowers of karkade – the more there will be, the
get more intense shade. Mixture should be kept slow.
fire until the water turns to the color of the desired intensity. Then
decoction must be removed from the heat, cool and pour into a container with
tight-fitting lid. You can use rinse
after each shampooing.

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