Hair conditioner based on vinegar, tea, grass or beer – an easy way to make your hair shine

rinsing hair with vinegarTo have a hair
healthy, radiant, must be properly followed
look after. Thorough and abundant rinsing with cold water
should be after every shampooing. If the water is hard, its better
slightly acidify. Rinsing hair with vinegar or lemon juice
(grapefruit) with water is one of the best options.

It doesn’t matter what type of curls you have to acidify the water, more often
just apply table vinegar, grapefruit or lemon juice.
This should be done in the following proportions:

  • fresh juice of 1 grapefruit or lemon and a half liters
  • a couple tablespoons of vinegar (nine percent) per liter

Rinse a couple of times with acidic water, then
cool With this method, you can restore the brilliance
curls and sour natural environment of healthy skin. Rinsing
Hair (light) beer is also very useful for hair.

Acidification of water in order to give normal curls

Formulations that can be rinsed with normal hair
to make it shine:

  • per liter of water half a teaspoon of citric acid;
  • per liter of water one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Rinsing hair with tea. Some recipes for the dark

  1. Add green and black tea or coffee to the water, as well as lemon
    the juice. Boil tea leaves that have already been brewed in two liters of water.
    black tea with a teaspoon of green tea. Wait bye
    the broth cools down, then add freshly squeezed lemon juice
    (one lemon) and mix well. Washed wet curls
    rinse with the resulting solution (no need to wash it off). Via
    This vitamin cocktail can bring back the shine of its former brilliance
    especially in winter, when the hair becomes lifeless and
  2. You can add shine to dark curls with just one black
    freshly brewed tea according to the following recipe: pour two liters of water
    tablespoons of tea, then boil for a few minutes.
  3. Very good help strong tea with mint, which is necessary
    use as a last rinse. The cooler the tea is,
    the more shiny hair will become.

Rinsing hair with herbs

Herbs are an excellent natural medicine that allows
getting rid of many diseases, and problems with hair – not
an exception. We present to your attention two common
recipe, returning curls former beauty.

  1. Broth mix tartarnik and hops in the same proportions: one
    liter of boiling water pour three tablespoons of the mixture, then 20 minutes
    keep on low heat, cool and strain through cheesecloth.
  2. An infusion of oak bark, field horsetail and nettle is suitable for everyone
    types of hair. For its preparation you need to take each herb for 2
    tablespoons and pour a liter of water.

Ready-made hair rinsing products

rinsing hair with vinegarUse
it is possible and ready-made compositions, such as hair rinse,
conditioner, balm. They will be equally effective to influence
on curls, give them elasticity and incredible shine, will remove
static electricity will improve the structure of strands will contribute
easy combing.

Massage your head with your fingertips beforehand.
on thoroughly washed hair a little rinse. Later
Rinse your hair with warm water for several minutes. And one more
important moment: the completion of a shower with cool douche too
will add shine to your curls. Cold water affects scales
strands, pressing them to the head. They will be smoother than
using hot water.

Now and you know some wonderful recipes that will make your
Curls shiny, beautiful and strong. Need to say that
most recipes are pretty cheap, so each of you can
allow yourself to do them. Take care of your hair and be

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