Hair dryer: step by step instructions and review popular models

Few can afford to let loose hair
without pre-styling them to look like a hairstyle

Hair styled hair dryer

Hair dryer styling will be indispensable when creating
impeccable everyday image, if you understand the nuances
procedures and select the appropriate model of the device.

  • 1 Basic rules
  • 2 Types of nozzles
  • 3 How to dry hair
  • 4 Basic technologies of hairdryer styling
    • 4.1 Bottom Volume
    • 4.2 Brashing
    • 4.3 How to straighten
    • 4.4 Blow-dry curly hair
  • 5 Hair dryer
    • 5.1 For short hair
    • 5.2 For average length
    • 5.3 For long hair
  • 6 Power selection
  • 7 Hair dryer with a rotating brush for curly hair
  • 8 Budget Models
  • 9 Medium and high price categories

Fundamental rules

To put your hair home with a hair dryer quickly and
beautiful, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Immediately after shampooing, you need a little dry hair
    in a natural way. To do this, curl curls in terry
    towel for 5–10 minutes, and then walk with blotting movements
    them along the entire length. If you have spare time, you need
    let your hair dry 20-30 more
    minutes The main part of the moisture will evaporate from the surface.
    strands, and the time of thermal effects on them will be reduced
  2. Before the procedure it is recommended to use thermal protection
    a means that covers each hair with a thin film and
    reduces damage from hot air. Also due to
    power curls decreases electrification after laying. The use of thermal protection
  3. Laying itself is carried out in stages. Need to split
    all shovel for 2 or 3 tiers. To do this, you need to make a horizontal
    a parting above ears through a nape to collect the top part
    clip or rubber band. Lower tier lay, separating by
    a small strand equal to half the width of the comb.
  4. During the installation, the hairdryer is held with the left hand and the working brush
    controls the comb. The air jet should be directed from the top down
    which has a beneficial effect on the state of curls,
    closing scales on the surface of the hair shaft.
  5. Styling requires a round comb.

It is important to choose a natural bristle that does not damage the curls.
friction during drying.

Know! Iron combs help break off
hair and their matting.

Types of nozzles

Concentrator and Diffuser

Modern hair dryers are equipped with nozzles to facilitate installation:

  • Hub. Irreplaceable detail of the hair dryer, universal for
    creating any hairstyle. Allows you to compactly guide
    air stream in the right direction. Output width
    holes should not exceed 1 cm with a length of 7–9 cm;
  • Diffuser. Often found nozzle in popular models
    hair dryer. It is designed to dry a large area of ​​hair or
    creating small curls in a chaotic manner. Nozzle has
    small holes in the base and several speakers
    “fingers” around which curls spin.

Hair dryer with a nozzle

A hair dryer with such a nozzle is placed, on the contrary, at the ends of the hair and
collect them to the roots. After that include the average mode
power, and dry the strand in slow circular

  • With brush nozzles or rotating parts, hair dryers are needed
    to facilitate the styling process if you cannot achieve
    desired result with a separate hair dryer and comb.

How to dry hair

How to dry hair

The whole drying process can be divided into several stages,
correctly performing which can reduce damage strands to
the minimum.

  • Preparatory stage.

Includes shampooing and pre-drying of hair.

It is important in the preparation process to fill the curls with useful
components, making a moisturizing or nourishing mask,
making hair easier to bear stress. The remains of the composition
wash off with plenty of warm water.

Tip! If you have to often use a hair dryer,
then wash your hair better with water up to 37 degrees, and at the end
rinse under cool shower. Thanks to this mode, the hair
will stay clean longer and will not receive additional
thermal damage.

After washing, the remaining moisture is absorbed using a terry cloth.
towels, and curls are left to dry naturally
by 20–30 minutes.

Drying hair with a towel

Immediately before installation, a thermal protection agent is applied,
and the whole head of hair is combed with a comb with sparse teeth.

  • Staging stage.

To injure less curls, you need to try to dry
them at an average air flow rate and with a minimum

If you need to meet in the shortest possible time, it is better
put more air velocity than raise the temperature.
The effect will be the same, but the harm to the strands
will be less. If the tips are prone to cross-section, then they should be left.
slightly undrained.

Important! Hair dryer is always kept at a distance of 10 cm from
brushes. Only when using a diffuser have to bring
the attachment directly to the hair, and from the scalp should also
keep at a distance.

The sequence of actions depends on the desired result.

This video shows how to make volumetric
hair dryer.

  • Stage fixation.

At the end of drying, be sure to go through the hair with cold air,
observing the direction from the roots to the tips. This will cool
heated strands and slightly lower the opened scales.

To keep the styling for a long time and protect it from
weather, hair fixed with lacquer. The main thing is not to put it on
hot hair so that the strands do not stick together.

The basic technology of styling a hair dryer

To get the right hairstyle, it is important to figure out how to properly
do basic styling.

Radical volume

Radical volume

The volume after special shampoos or balms has
short-term property, especially on thin or heavy hair.
Therefore, to strengthen it will help blow-dryer.

Step by Step:

  1. For styling, you need to lower your head, throwing all your hair
  2. Starting at the back of the head, dry the round comb from the roots to
    the ends.
  3. Fully dried hair will be blown cold
    throw back your head, once again walk cold
    air, giving the necessary shape of a rare crest.
  4. If necessary, fix the varnish.

Tip! Keep the effect will allow
indelible spray for the volume that is applied to the roots in front
means for thermoprotection.


Hairstyle with brushing

With the help of a cylindrical comb and a hairdryer you can straighten
twist or lift any hair from the roots
length – this is brushing.

What is the best hairbrush for styling hair dryer to choose depends on
type of bristle and base material. Preference is better to give
ceramic or iron brushes with natural or nylon

For brashing all strands should be divided into
segments, collecting the upper part of the elastic band. Put a brush
curl, and on top of the hair dryer. Movements must be synchronous.
with both hands: from root to tip.

If you need to curl the ends, the comb rotates in one place
a few seconds that will form swirling in or out

This video shows how to blow your hair on brushing.

How to straighten

For straightening and mirror shine hair will also be required
high-quality round hairbrush and hair dryer with a nozzle-concentrator.

Straightening after the preparatory stage begins with the release
lower tier horizontal parting. The upper part to collect in

Hair straightening hair dryer

The outermost strand from the face put on a comb at the roots, and on top
arrange the dryer so that the wide part of the nozzle opening is
parallel to the width of the comb. The angle must be sharp.
relation to the roots, that is, the air stream is directed
way down.

Important! Turn on the hair dryer and move the device synchronously
and comb down, repeating the steps to straighten the strands.

Thus dry all hair, completing the styling with cold
by air.

Hair dryer curly hair

For curly curls an excellent styling option will be drying
the hair dryer with a nozzle diffuser.

Hair dryer curly hair

Prepared hair is divided into tiers or small
segments. Hair dryer with a nozzle brought to the ends and
lift strands upward, trying to collect all the curls inside. After
This hairdryer is turned on and dried in circular motions.

Caution! No need to hold the diffuser
directly to the scalp: hot air from the holes can
cause burns or provoke excessive dryness and dandruff.

Hair dryer

Depending on the length of the strands, blow-drying can

On short hair

Hair styling for short hair

For short hair often requires bulk styling. For
This requires a flat comb with double-sided
bristles, which is also suitable for male styling

It is easy for her to lift a separate strand and dry it with a hairdryer,
directing the air flow upwards. At the same time, the comb also pulls out
Curl up, creating basal volume.

Short hairstyles can be curled with a hair dryer, but for this
need a round comb. Thin curls
alternately wound on the brush along the entire length and dried, after
with a few more movements, the comb itself scrolls.

The size of curls directly depends on the diameter of the brush: the larger it is,
the larger the curls.

Medium length

Hair dryer for medium hairFor medium hair fits
any way to blow-dry. It is more convenient to start drying with
occipital zone, gradually moving to the vertex and lateral
to the parties.

Long hair

For long hair styling is suitable with basal volume or
straightening the entire length. Lay the diffuser or screw
such hair will not work.

An interesting way to create light waves on long curls with
help flagella. To do this, the wet strands are twisted alternately in
thin flagella that are dried with a hairdryer. After drying all
shag hair combing fingers and fix

Hair styling with hair dryer

Power selection

The power of the dryer is responsible for the air flow rate and speed
styling. If a hair dryer is needed for drying short haircuts several times a
a week or less, power is enough from 200 to 800
W. While styling a hairdryer for medium or
long hair is possible only with power from 1000 to 2000 watts.

It should be borne in mind that choosing a professional hairdryer with a power
above 2000 watts, they will have to use as a professional.
The speed of laying at the same time increases, but
incorrect movements of the comb can immediately ruin the hairstyle without
opportunities to fix the shape of dried strands.

Hair dryer with a rotating brush for curly hair

Hairstyle hair dryer with a rotating brush

If there is no experience straightening curls hair dryer and comb, it is worth
pay attention to hair dryer for hair styling with rotating
brushing. The convenience of such a device is the absence
the need to coordinate movements with both hands. Only need
put a strand on the brush and lead it from the roots to the ends.

Most popular models have a power of 1000 watts,
which is enough for domestic use.

This video shows how to do bulk styling.
hair dryer

Budget models

Low-cost models are small and scant
a complete set. Best suited as hair dryer for
styling short hair. Which is the best of the popular models
– considered in the table.

Model Options Equipment Specifications disadvantages
remington cb65 2 temperature modes.

Rotation in 2 sides.

Indication of power on and readiness for operation.

Automatic shutdown after 1 hour.

Use on dry hair.

1 keratin coated brush 1.8 m cord Lack of additional nozzles, cover for a brush.

More refers not to the hair dryer, but to the hair dryer styler.

braun as 400 2 speed settings.

2 temperature modes.

Autoshutdown when overheating.

2 round nozzles, diffuser. Power 400 watts.

Hanging loop.

2.1 m cord

No ionization, low power.
braun as 530 3 speed settings.

3 temperature modes.

Steam humidification

Autoshutdown when overheating.

2 round brushes, diffuser. Power 1000 watts.

Hanging loop.

2 m cord

Rubber grip.

No ionization, protective coating nozzles.
bosch pha5363 3 temperature modes.

2 speeds.


Autoshutdown when overheating.

Round brush and nozzle with teeth. Power 700 watts.

Hanging loop.

Rubber body anti-slip.

1.8 m cord

Medium and high price categories

Model Options Equipment Specifications disadvantages
philips hp8665 3 modes of speed and temperature.

Thermal protection.


Rotation of nozzles in 2 sides.

2 nozzles with 50 and 30 mm bristles from natural
material with a ceramic base.

Covers for brushes.

Power 1000 watts.

1.8 m cord

No steam humidification, cold mode, extra
babyliss 2736e 2 temperature modes.


Cold air.

Rotation of nozzles in 2 sides.

Ceramic brush with natural bristles 50 and 20 mm, iron for
straightening hub.
Power 1000 watts.

Low engine noise.

High impact plastic case.

Removable filter.

2 m cord

No steam humidification, loops for
rowenta cf 9320 2 speed settings.

3 temperature modes.

2 ionizers.

Rotation of nozzles in 2 sides.

2 brushes with teeth 50 and 30 mm long. Power 1000 watts. No steam humidification, nozzles, ceramic
philips hp8666 2 speed settings.

3 temperature modes.


Rotation of nozzles in 2 sides.

2 round nozzles, 1 nozzle with retractable bristles.

Covers for attachments.

Power 1000 watts.

Loop for hanging the device.

2 m cord

No steam humidification, other attachments.
babyliss bab2770e 3 temperature conditions.

Rotation of nozzles in 2 sides.


Automatic shutdown when overheating.

2 round nozzles with 50 and 40 mm bristles with ceramic
base and natural material cloves.

Covers for attachments.

Power 800 watts.

Cord 2.7 m.

Foldable filter.

No steam humidification, no extra tips.

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