Hair extensions – the pros and cons, whether harmful this is for your hair, how to do it and how to choose a master

Building up is a great solution when you need to fix it.
consequences of unsuccessful haircuts, “grow” hair in a short time
and give your hair extra volume.

Now, when beauty canons are determined by Instagram, the procedure
is at the peak of popularity and demand.

What is hair extensions – description of the procedure

The content of the article:

  • What is hair extensions – description of the procedure
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Myths about building
  • Hair after extension, result, Photo BEFORE and AFTER, possible
    consequences after the procedure
  • Indications and contraindications
  • The main methods of building
  • Preparing for hair extensions
  • How do building – the process in stages
  • Materials, tools and equipment for building
  • How to make hair extensions at home itself
    to myself
  • Hair care after building
  • How to choose a master of hair extensions?
  • Prices
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Reviews

Capacity is the fixation of artificial or donor
strands on this. Beams are fixed in the root zone
in different ways, some of them are so simple that they fit
even for home self use. As
root regrowth is needed to be corrected and repackaged
strands closer to the head.

Note! Donor strands can be used
repeatedly if the material has not lost its original

History of creation

The author of the extension is considered to be Simon Forbes – a hairdresser,
who lived in the 60s of the XX century. It was he who first guessed
that the volume and length can be obtained not only with a wig, but also
gluing artificial curls to relatives.

Of course, at first such elongation was not the most practical –
strands were too wide and they were made from low-grade
plastic curls. This hairstyle looked spectacular, but pretty
quickly fell into disrepair – artificial strands quickly
peel off under their own weight or get confused
uncollectible mats

Gradually improved the formula, and soon to replace
synthetic came natural human strands by type
descent, suitable client (Asian, Slavic,
European). The strands themselves became much thinner and fastened
pointwise, which significantly reduced the load on the follicles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the positive and negative sides of the procedure:


  • Long shag for a couple of hours – no
    the need to wait several years until it grows to the desired
    lengths Luxurious curls can be obtained in just 1 session.
  • Looks more natural than a wig – |
    provided the master is highly qualified.
  • Painless – the process does not cause
  • Rescues with sparse hair and baldness.
  • Bundles can be used several times –
    high-quality natural material serves up to six months or more.


  • For hair extensions need to get used to – first
    time capsules and tape strongly interfere during sleep.
  • The build-up becomes noticeable in high
    hairstyles – think in advance that all your styling
    meant curled hair on the back of the head.
  • As the roots grow, you will have to do
    correction – and this is an additional item of expenditure and waste
    of time.
  • High price – quality consumables and
    competent work of the master can not be cheap.

What is harmful build?

  • Increases the risk of loss if the follicles
    were weakened by illness, improper care, or
    are such because of the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • There is a chance of getting burned – if
    The procedure is performed by an inexperienced or unskilled master.
  • At the attachment point strands may form.
    creases that cause a loss of length and thickness after

Bad build

Consider cases where the build-up may not be too

  • Barber used too large capsules
    – which bristle and visible even when curls
  • Too few strands have been built up – in
    As a result, the hairstyle looks curly and sloppy.
  • Beams of different lengths and unevenly distributed
    – which also makes the hair far from an aesthetic ideal.
  • The specialist picked up the wrong type or color
    because of what you get straight strands that stand out on
    total curly mass or vice versa.
  • Color stackable pryadok different from
    natural that sometimes strongly gives the fact that the length
    you have an artificial one.

Horror build-up

These situations are familiar to many girls who have made
poor build-up and in the end strongly regretted their

  • Torn beams during combing – such
    often occurs when the capsule clings to the teeth of the ridge. it
    very unpleasant and painful.
  • Curls develop in the wind, showing everyone
    mounts and capsules behind the walking people.
  • Features donor strands that are not disclosed
    right away – you may think that you have increased perfectly smooth and
    heavy curls, exactly as long as you do not wet them and they do not
    Scroll from moisture.
  • Capsules glowing in the light of ultraviolet.
    Some glue capsules are highlighted in blue in the rays
    ultraviolet. This fact is worth considering if you do not mind
    relax in the club.
  • The hand of the guy running into your hair – men
    often admires long hair and show tenderness to her
    sweetheart tender strokes on the head. If your partner
    I do not know about your little secret chic hair – you risk
    run into a puzzled look or awkward questions when that
    fingering the capsules at the roots.


A hair that is confused into chaotic mats is another problem with
which often encounter girls while wearing socks
pryadok To prevent their formation, you need to disassemble the main
reasons for their origin:

  • Your hair is dried out by multiple
    lightening and staining in blond. Scales raised
    and, clinging to each other, they create hard-to-unravel knots. AT
    In this case, before lengthening the curls, you need to thoroughly sate and
    to heal.
  • You are porous and tangled.
    shag With natural feature quite difficult
    cope without silicone care products.
  • You often go to the pool or wash your hair
    chlorinated water. To care for the hair give
    preference to pure filtered water.
  • You have increased poor-quality material – strands
    from low-grade or artificial hairs tangle quickly and
    become useless.

The most harmless build

Of course, choosing a technique, I want to choose the most harmless and
safe for the hair type of procedure. Currently wizard
call the two most harmless ways – nanorrowing and
ultrasound modeling.

Nanoscaling – | at the expense of
microscopic capsules and the finest beams on them. It is perfect
imperceptibly, even if you collect a high tail and safely, so
as it does not load the bulbs at all. This method has one minus –
high price.

Ultrasound simulation | – nullifies
any possibility of scalp burn or overdrying
root zone, as the curling iron solders the capsule to the hair not
heat, and with the help of ultrasound. This method is not yet
common in Russia, but is rapidly gaining its popularity
in the world.

Myths about building

Trying to find relevant and accurate information on the Internet, you
probably faced with various “horror stories” on
building up. Let’s look at the most common ones:

  • The procedure will have to spend the whole
    day. – This is not true – the average session takes
    from 1 hour to 2.
  • This is a very painful process.
    – Build-up can cause discomfort in the event that
    if the hairdresser makes mistakes – cauterizes the skin with a curling iron or
    dripping keratin on the head. The rest of the procedure is
    as comfortable as possible.
  • After building hair fall out.
    – The risk of a small loss of density exists, but again
    It’s either due to the client’s state of health or low
    master qualifications.

Important! Always pay attention to the portfolio.
specialist and read reviews about him – depends on how it will be
look your shag the coming months.

  • Looks too unnatural. –
    If the master uses substandard consumables or ineptly
    ramping up – the result may look unnatural. But it is rather
    exception to the rule that threatens all those who save on
    the cabin.

Hair after extension, result, Photo BEFORE and AFTER, possible
consequences after the procedure

The result of the build-up also depends on how long your
native hair

Short length

Short haircuts are considered to be the length of which does not exceed 10
centimeters, however, with the development of techniques of building a minimum
length is reduced to 5 cm. Without harm to the hair bulbs can
build up:

  • Shoulder length – if the length of natural strands from 5
    up to 7 cm
  • To the waist – if the industry curls at 10-15
  • To the belt and below – if the hair from the roots to
    tips from 20 cm and more.

Note! Building is very difficult to implement
on short asymmetrical haircuts.

Most often for this task specialists use
microcapsule method, Diamond Hair or Extend Magic.

Medium length

Medium hair length is ideal for various techniques.
extensions – strands are already long enough to hide capsules and
quite durable to withstand their weight. The difficulty lies in
choosing the right type of material and structure, especially for
porous and curly strands.

On long curls

Building on long curls is carried out in the case when
she believes that natural length or thickness is not enough.
Preference is given to a local technique when strands are added.
on the temples or the back of the head.

Indications and contraindications

Let’s see for whom the procedure is intended and to whom it is
Extremely discouraged:

Who is recommended?

  • Young ladies with slow-growing hair.
  • Owners of hair, devoid of volume.
  • Those who wish to hide small flaws, such as bald patches,
    bald spots, wide parting, etc.
  • Lovers to surprise and create new images.

For whom is contraindicated

  • Girls under 18 and women over 55 –
    at this age, the follicle is not able to cope with the extra
  • Suffering from alopecia (alopecia). Weak and
    brittle strands should not be further loaded. Sure to
    seem to trichologist – the problem should be solved with medication, and not
  • Pregnant and lactating women – due to
    hormonal adjustment of the body hair can greatly weaken and
    thin. Under strict prohibition are all technology
    implying the use of glue and capsules.
    Conventionally allowed interweaving pigtail or through the braid.
  • Owners of liquid and sparse hair.
    Increased strands look too noticeable and unattractive,
    in addition – strands of this type are prone to cross-section and loss.
  • Curls are not a direct contraindication.
    However, choosing a suitable material for building up is quite
    difficult, because to achieve full emanation of natural curls,
    especially if they are chaotic – almost impossible.

Is it possible to increase hair for volume?

Spiked locks undoubtedly add extra hair
volume For this purpose, you can use the extension at the temples or
back of the head.

What to do with thin hair?

An unambiguous answer, is it possible to build up strands on thin hair
– not. It all depends on whether they are subtle by nature or
as a result of multiple stains (or ailments). Sure to
check with the master and ask what he has to offer in
your particular case. Do not abuse too long and
heavy strands.

What is the minimum length of curls for
building up?

Most hairdressers prefer to work with hair length
which not less than 10 cm. With due wizard skill, they can be
ramp up even with 5, 3 and 1 cm length! However, there are
restrictions on the length and number of stackable beams.

The main methods of building

For a start, it is worth considering ways to attach donor strands.
for real:

  • Hot build-up is hair fastening
    adhesive compositions that are pre-melted with
    hot curling. This technology is most common in Russian
    beauty salons.
  • Cold build – different from
    the previous method in that the attachment of the order occurs without
    temperature exposure.

Note! If you have thin and dyed hair
– give preference to cold buildup. It is considered
the most benign.

All of the following methods apply to either cold or
hot build method. Keep this in mind when choosing!


Type: hot.

Strands are attached to natural hair using capsules with
keratin gum. They are almost impossible to notice.
with the naked eye, if the curls are dissolved. Capsules withstand
temperature drops, numerous styling and painting.

The service life of the capsular capacity varies from 3 to 6
months, after which they must be removed with a special gel and


Type: cold.

Stackable straps are attached using special sticky
tapes, which are the type of double-sided tape fasten hair in
“Castle”. Tapes are very soft to the touch and, accordingly, you
take less time getting used to compared to others
techniques. Moreover, it is quite simple to remove such an extension –
it is enough to process the tapes with a special spray remover.
The material can be used several times – just enough
replace tape.

The main disadvantage of tape building in its fragility – from
1 to 2 months.

Which build is better – capsular or tape?

If you want to increase hair length and add volume to it
important event time – use tape extension, it
quickly implemented and easily removed.

If you like consistency, and you want to keep
Achieved results for a long time, then capsules are your choice.


Type: cold.

Hollywood, also known as “African” – is
extension using tress (hair sewn onto a special
tape). The master braids the client’s braids, after which
Sews on them tressy. Most often carried out only on
back of the head.

Correction is carried out as natural hair grows and
weakening of weaving – in 1-2 months.


Type: hot.

Keratin buildup or “Italian system” – another
Artificial type rather common in beauty salons
lengthening the hair. The essence of the technique is to form
place of attachment of invisible keratin microspheres.


Type: cold

It is a build-up with 8-10 tapes.
cm, each of which is treated with special medical glue,
which does not harm the hair cortex. The procedure itself takes a record
low amount of time – from 20 to 40 minutes.


Type: hot / cold

Ultrasound extension was invented by a hairdresser,
working with Hollywood celebrities who needed to
quickly and accurately gloss over before going to the carpet
track. Because of this, he is mistakenly called “Hollywood.”

Differs in the method of melting keratin capsules using
ultrasound, which eliminates the possibility of thermal burn.
The procedure takes from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the density
shag It is performed only when the length of the natural
hair at least 6 centimeters.


Type: cold.

Tress are both synthetic material and
natural. In the first case, they are used as temporary
addition length, for example, for a photo shoot or a solemn

Note! Artificial curls give
plastic glare if you take a photo with flash.

Natural tressy made from human hair. They
sewed to the head of hair that makes the method as comfortable as possible and

On hairpins

Type: cold (conditionally).

Elongation on hairpins is only conventionally called a build-up, so
how strands are attached to the hair as an ornament – on special
clamps. Hairpins are placed in rows – from one temple to another,
along the back of the head.

To build this type is not necessarily refer to
a master in a beauty salon – just a little practice at home
in front of the mirror.


Type: cold.

The extension is attached to the hair with the help of small rings of
silicone, which are tightened in the root zone. As
regrowth length (every 2-4 months), rings can be unclenched,
tighten the strand closer to the root and hold it again. For the third time
Mounts will need to fasten to the new ring.


Type: hot.

This method of elongation is considered to be classic, as there is
He is over 15 years old. Pryadki prizhivlyayutsya with special
heat sensitive sleeves made of oxygen permeable
material. At the same time, native strands remain mobile and flexible.
Sleeves are of two types – classic and small. Little ones
Used to build on thin hair.


Type: hot.

This technique also originated more than 10 years ago to please
Hollywood celebrities who were unhappy with their natural
head of hair. Fastening is carried out using miniature
keratin capsules that are not felt when worn or thrown into


Type: cold.

Strands are attached to the hair with glue. Technique at this
the moment is somewhat outdated and suits only blondes so
as the glue has a white color and is not painted in shades, it makes
its very noticeable.


Type: hot.

Hair for Italian extensions are covered in advance
keratin composition, which melt from the heat of the curling, heated
up to 180 degrees. Under the influence of high temperatures, donor and
native strands are held together by a transparent capsule, which is practically
invisible to the naked eye, despite its small size,
the capsule holds the material quite firmly.


Type: hot.

This type of extension is also somewhat outdated, but despite
this, it is still found in salons. Fixing blanks
carried out due to the hot resin, which the master squeezes out on
a strand of glue gun. This is quite a laborious job.
which requires a master of great care and attention. Capsules
get large and without proper care, they stick together among themselves and
form mats.


Type: cold.

Overhead strands are simply woven “pigtail” in the natural –
the hairdresser takes one piece of natural hair and two – artificial
or donor and weaves from them a classic braid.

Correction is held every 2-4 months, depending on the pace

Reference! If you can freely stick your finger under
a pigtail – it means it’s time to sign up for the master.


Type: cold.

Curls are attached with clips, beads or clips, color
which is matched to the roots. Mounting diameter does not exceed
2-3 mm, which makes it completely invisible to the eye.

The service life of this extension varies from 1.5 to 2


Type: cold.

This method is interesting for its simplicity and security. For
African builder master braids on the head of the client
perpendicular or spiral braids (pigtails) and then
Sews on them tressy. Despite the dubious description, look
hair extensions in this way is very natural and lively.


Type: cold.

For the French extension uses a special
curing adhesive “Rueber”. Initially, the composition is available in two
shades – white and black, however, to obtain a shade
as close as possible to the color of hair extensions, master
mix them in different proportions.

Term socks – from 3 to 4 months.


Type: hot.

The idea of ​​development belongs to an American company.
“CinderellaHair” which means “hair of Cinderella.” Exactly
The quality of human hair and distinguishes it from others.

The material passes a multistage selection, after which the strands
treated with a protein-containing compound that prevents cross-section
on the tips. Curls are not heavier with silicones, so that they
retain their natural look even after repeated bathing
heads. Otherwise, this is a standard capsular hotter.
build up.

The term of the socks – up to 6 months without correction.


Type: cold.

Fastening is carried out using a self-hardening gel.
“Le Cristal de Paris” – it is harmless and

Note! The composition of the gel is identical to that
Surgeons are used to splice a bone fracture. Therefore not worth it
fear allergic reactions and trauma


Type: hot / cold.

Appearing on the market about 10 years ago, laser buildup
Quickly fell in love with the masters for safety and comfort. Keratin
the capsule does not melt curling, and sighting laser.

Building in the temporal area

Type: hot.

This type of extension is designed more to increase the volume,
rather than length. Thin locks of hair are attached to the hair on the temples at
using a special transparent wax. For dosage accuracy
substances, the master uses the apparatus “Extend Magic”. Due to
point fixing and transparency of the wax can not only give
hair volume, but also to increase bangs.


Type: hot.

The method got its name due to the special composition of the adhesive with
the addition of diamond microparticles. According to the manufacturer, he
Not only harmless to hair, but also useful! Sleeping follicles
awaken and strands begin to grow faster. Capsules
do not exceed 2 mm in volume, so that they are completely invisible
for others.


Type: cold.

The technique was originally developed at the Trichological Institute.
in Spain. Masters managed to come up with such a glue base, which
will not cause allergies, even in people with sensitive skin

To activate the glue used a special emulsion with healing
vegetable oils.

Nano scaling

Type: cold.

The size of the fixing gel capsules is approximately equal to rice
a kernel that does it very convenient and practical in a sock. Hair
can be stained, stacked, drenched in the pool and
steam bath in the bath – it does not affect the quality.
Due to the microscopicity of the capsules, build-up is possible even on
3 cm long.

Building colored strands

Type: cold, less often – hot.

Color locks are most often built up on hairpins. This is great
an idea for a bright photo shoot and a way to try on a new color without
harm to the health of the hair. It can be done even at home.
conditions, if you pre-purchase colored strands of kanekalon or
natural, pre-dyed hair.


Type: hot.

Implies local lengthening with classic
Italian technology. You can add locks on whiskey, lengthen
bangs or the back of the head, and thus change the image without resorting to


Type: hot / cold.

The cascade is a haircut, implying shorter strands
face, and gradual lengthening to the back of the head. If you wish to receive
such a result, first of all pay attention to the portfolio and
master’s qualifications; such work requires high concentration and
care from a specialist.


Type: cold.

This relatively new technology has many advantages:
hairs are attached to the roots by microscopic capsules that
It is difficult to recognize by touch, even if you run your hand into the hair.
With it, you can easily hide bald spots, so that they
often used by men.


Type: cold / hot.

You can get the effect of extravagant staining with
extensions, often girls ask masters to create an effect on their hair
Ombre or highlighting. Again – pay special attention.
portfolio specialist. If the result is unsuccessful, you will have to
walk with him for a few more months.


Type: cold.

Prishivnoe, it is Hollywood or African – this is the name
the same method implying sewing tress to
braided pigtails on the head. This is a good way to get another one.
the structure of the hair, with curly hair – straight, with straight
– curly, etc.

Preparing for hair extensions

How to prepare hair for building? What should be paid
Attention? How to care for your hair before visiting the salon
beauty? Read about it below in our review article.

Care before the procedure

There is a widespread belief that before building it is necessary
Be sure to cut your hair and dye it, but there are

  • Haircut before building only makes sense
    in the case when you have noticeable asymmetry in your hair. AT
    In other cases, the master himself will hold the filing after
    procedures, leveling native hair with donor.
  • Coloring – carry out coloring with
    building in one day is prohibited, since both one and the second
    The procedure is stressful for the hair. If you are used to regularly
    update color – do it a week before building up.

Do I need to wash my hair before building up?

So that the stacked locks are reliably kept on the natural,
hair must be cleaned of all skin dressing products
fat, dandruff and dust. Wash your hair right before going to the salon not
makes sense – the master himself will wash your curls with the use of all
necessary professional tools.

What need shampoo?

If you plan to build hair at home, you will need to advance
buy a suitable shampoo, as usual will not work.
Talk to a consultant, tell us about your task and
Ask for the right product for you.
cleaning up.

How do building – the process in stages

Consider the extension procedure in two versions – tape and


  1. Separation of hair into sections – master separates
    curls at the crown and fixes them with a clip.
  2. Office strands for fixing tress – while
    strand should be equal to the width of the tape.
  3. Removing adhesive tape and attaching strands to
    hair tape is fixed on the root zone.


  1. Determination of the fixation zone – the head, temples,
    or bangs and again – the division of hair into sectors.
  2. Separate fixation strips –
    it is very important that they are the same size.
  3. Fixing capacity with curling.
    The capsule is fused with natural hair, so that the strand
    is fixed.

How long does the procedure take?

The exact build-up time depends on the number of strands and the way
building up. On average, this figure varies from 40 minutes to 3

How much is enough?

New long hair can be worn from 3 to 6 months, which
again, it depends on the build method. To result
looked attractive, it is advisable to make regular corrections and
periodically give hair time to rest and restore.

Materials, tools and equipment for building

A set of tools varies slightly depending on the type
building up.


  • Tongs or curling iron – tool with
    thermostat for fixing the capsule. Have a flat or
    rounded work surface.
  • Keratin or resin – these materials serve
    a kind of fixer, from which the capsule is created.
  • Tongs for removal – the tool is used on
    stage correction or complete removal of the capsules from the head.
  • Laser device – used for laser
    extension techniques. Acts much faster than curling.
  • Glue gun – used for dosing
    glue with english technology.
  • Ultrasonic device – used during
    ultrasound extension. Convenient because it does not render
    negative effects on the epidermis.


  • Forceps – used to separate small
    pryadok or lifting capacity.
  • Regulator Tongs – used for clamping
  • Hook – with this tool small
    strands pass through the ring-lock.
  • Clip (clip) – using it donor
    strand attached to the hair.
  • Tapes – for fixing hair tape
    in a way.

How to make hair extensions at home itself
to myself

Once you have decided on the necessary tools and
method, you can try to build your own hair.

  • Capsular – divide hair into sectors,
    separating the occipital part of the crown. If this is your first time
    building up yourself – fix the strands only on the back of your head.
    Strengthen the capsules by stepping a few millimeters from the roots to
    hairstyle not bristling.
  • Tape – this way to build much
    more convenient for home non-professional use, since it is not
    includes a heat treatment step. Separate
    hair in a circle, along the crown, then distribute the donor
    spinning in a circle with a step of 1 cm from each other.
  • Tress – quite laborious and
    time consuming option. Before you proceed directly to
    fixing the strands, you will need to braid thin pigtails on the head,
    while avoiding the area around the face. Then you can proceed
    to the stage of sewing tress.
  • On hairpins – the most preferred method
    household extension, as it does not hurt the hair at all and
    runs extremely fast. Just separate the hairs on the top of your head and
    fix the clips along the neck, covering them with natural

Hair care after building

Immediately after leaving the salon you feel dazzling –
chic long curls develop in the wind and cute spring when
every step you take. Save this feeling until the next trek in
Salon can, if you adhere to the following rules of care:

  1. Replace comb with rare comb
    teeth. This comb is most often used for
    laying curly and curly curls. The location of the teeth will allow
    reduce the trauma of the hair and the tearing of the capsules.
  2. Replace the usual shampoo for special in
    professional makeup stores can be purchased
    specialized shampoos for hair extensions. If those in
    your city is not, and you do not want to order from the online store,
    Then select a “no sls” shampoo in the store.
  3. Get an air conditioner for investment
    scratching – this will prevent tangling and tearing
    attached hairs.
  4. Wash your head with warm, not hot water – this is
    prevent the accretion of capsules and the formation of mats.
  5. Always dry your hair immediately after washing!
    The longer they stay wet, the faster it peels off.
    build up.

Important! If you have hair extensions, sleep with wet
head is strictly prohibited.

How to remove hair extensions?

The process of withdrawal depends on the specific method
capacity, but in general it goes the same way. Withdrawal possible
divided into professional and domestic.

Professional withdrawal

The master uses special forceps to remove the extensions.
and a solvent (remuver) to remove the capsule. After hairdresser
he washes the client’s head, washing out the remnants of the remuver and extensions
If necessary, a small correctional haircut.

Home withdrawal

Remove capsular build-up at home is extremely
undesirable as this may cause serious damage
hair shaft. However, according to reviews on the Internet, some
girls manage to do it in a safe way using a warm
oil mask. For its manufacture it is necessary to warm slightly
any base oil (coconut, grape seed, burdock, etc.
d), carefully rub into capsules and leave for a couple of hours after
This softened capsule can be simply removed by hand.

Suitable haircut after hair extensions

After removing the extension, the hair may be somewhat weakened.
and visited. To eliminate the sloppy fuzz length can be done
polishing hair, cutting with hot scissors and, if desired,
keratin recovery. If you act in a complex, hair
will bounce back much faster.

How to choose a master of hair extensions?

Choosing a good salon and a professional is the lion’s share
successful build. Not to be mistaken when choosing a specialist in
hair, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Portfolio – now you can wizard portfolio
    find on the website of a beauty salon or in any of the social networks.
    Be sure to read reviews of visitors.

Important! Be careful when looking at the photo.
to the details. Pay attention to the situation in which made
snapshot. If the background is constantly changing – this is an occasion to think.
Many, especially beginner masters, often arrogate to themselves
work to attract new customers.

  • Professional ethics – if the portfolio
    You are only delighted, and numerous customer reviews
    only confirm a good impression – do not rush to sign up to
    to the master. To get started, get advice by phone.
    Ask about the methods used, materials, prices – answers
    must be clear and confident. Any doubt in voice or care
    from the answer should alert you.
  • Removal and correction of capacity – check with
    wizard as he removes the extended strands. What means he
    uses, he combed the remnants of keratin, etc. More carefully
    the master does this work, the less likely you are
    will encounter such a problem as tangling and mats.


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Frequently asked Questions

Where do you get hair for extensions? –
About hair for building goes a lot of frightening and rather strange
myths. Starting with the fact that they are cut off in prisons with prisoners
or sick psychiatric clinics, to a very unrealistic theory
that they were cut off from the dead in the morgue.

In fact, everything is much more prosaic. Most hair
purchased in Asian countries. There are organizations that conclude
contract with women who for several years
grow long curls, and then cut their hair short and sell

“Slavic” hair comes to us on sale from the former
republics of the USSR – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova. They are considered more
acceptable for extension, since they initially have a light,
easily repainted color and its structure is very similar to
hair of Russian women.

Itching head after building. why and what
do? – This is a typical reaction of the scalp – follicles
get a big load, plus the skin begins to contact with
something foreign and unaccustomed. Itching can be removed with a decoction
chamomile or antipruritic ointments and shampoos. If itching does not go away
very long, the skin begins to open and blister –
contact the master to remove the capacity and make an appointment to

Is it possible to do hair extensions after
chemotherapy? – Hair after chemical therapy
start to grow less and thinner. In some places appear
bald spots and bald spots. In this case, the wizard is advised to do
microcapsular extension. Attractive hairstyle can lift
the morale of a woman who has gone through such a serious test.

How often do you need to make a correction for increments
hair? |

Dates vary depending on the technique used.

  • tape – in 1-2 months;
  • capsular – in 2-4 months;
  • tressovoy – through 1-2 months.
  • Japanese – in 1.5-3 months.

Is it possible to do blond hair extensions on
dark? – This technique is called
bicolor. She is used to create an ombre or

Important! Do not increase Slavic curls, if your
natural hair belong to the Asian type, and vice versa. it
will create a contrast between the extended and the native

Does hair deteriorate from the extension?
– | They can become more brittle and fragile when
following conditions:

  • You did build on the weak and emaciated
    hair – an extra burden on weakened
    bulbs quite often leads to wrinkles and loss.
  • The master did the work poorly.
    As mentioned earlier, the skill of the master depends very much
    much. If he improperly formed the capsules, used very
    a lot of glue – the likelihood that strands quickly roll up
    into mats.
  • You neglected the correction and wore the growing
    longer term – this also leads to
    weakening and falling out.

What is the best hair with hairpins or
build up? – Hair pins are good for
photo shoots or events. They can be removed and put on by yourself.
Building up is done from a longer-term perspective. With
choosing a procedure based on your needs.

Hair falls out after extension, why and what
do? – The first few hours after
removal, the remnants of donor hairs can still crumble
from the head. Do not be afraid of this. The main thing is to determine in time –
fall out their hair, or those that were part of the building. Understand
This is possible by the presence of a spine on the tip. Loss can be
due to excessive load on the follicle. In order to
stop the loss, contact the trichologist for advice.


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