Hair glazing, or ceramide smoothing with staining effect


If you like to experiment with the color of your curls,
hair glazing is exactly the procedure that will please you. She is
allows you to change the shade once a month without any harm to
health Learn about the features of its implementation, the main techniques
used drugs.

If earlier hairdresser salons could offer their
Clients can only be applied and stained with resistant paint, then on
Today in their prices there is a huge number of procedures
with strange and unusual, sometimes very similar to each other
names: lamination, shielding, eluting,

Without really understanding all the nuances of their conduct, women
agree on what the master advises them – sometimes only from
financial considerations or burning with desire to try
any new compiler. To prevent this from happening, we
find out what is hair glazing and whether
it is for you.

What is hair glazing?

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Features glazing hair

First you need at least in general terms to understand what
is a procedure for glazing hair, which
manipulations with your locks will be carried out in the salon master, well
and, of course, what results should we expect in the end so as not to
get scared and not be disappointed.

Glazing – salon procedure involving application to
hair cosmetic composition enriched with ceramides and
moisturizing complex, endowed with the effect of staining. After
his strands acquire a new shade – it turns out very naturally
and natural, so it is unlikely that anyone will suspect that you just
changed hair color.

But in addition to staining, it is very pronounced smoothing
the effect of the drugs used. Strands become very smooth
smooth (even mirror), silky. On this basis, this
The procedure is often confused with lamination.

So it’s time to figure out the difference between hair glazing and
lamination to avoid confusion and you can choose the right
you procedure.

Lamination Glazing
Colorless Colors
The basis of the composition – phytoextracts, antioxidants. The basis of the composition – ceramides and moisturizing complexes
No increase in volume Volume increase
Full-length hair application Application mainly on the tips
Result up to 3 months Result up to 1 month

Glazing has a cosmetic effect, as it masks
external flaws of curls, lamination – therapeutic, because
affects the hairs from the inside.

Many women, wanting to save time and money, practice
homemade hair glazing, acquiring for this
professional drugs that are sold today in the free
access It is quite possible, but the problem is that the effectiveness
self-carried out procedure (even by all the rules) at times
is inferior to the salon when a master works with curls. So we
strongly recommend not to experiment and confide
to specialists.

Origin of name. Term
“glazing” was formed from the well-known word “icing”. It,
in turn, has very ancient roots, but its original
value preserved: ← him.
“Glasur” ← him. “Glas” (“glass”) ←
dr.-v.-him “glas” ← pragerman. * glasą
← praindoevr. * ǵʰel- (“shine,
shine, twinkle “). And really, after glazing hair
incredibly beautiful shine and become smooth as

Head massage is not only pleasant, but also useful for hair.
Curls transform.

Types of techniques

In the salon price list you can find next to the name of the service and
other words that would indicate a particular technique
procedures. They differ in cost, composition and result.
Therefore, it will be very reasonable before going to the master to get acquainted with
what types of hair glazing offers
modern beauty industry. After all, it will depend on them
final result.

Color glazing

The name speaks for itself: color
hair glazing involves their coloring, i.e. change
colors to another – more saturated and vivid, but natural.
The palette of shades today leaves much to be desired, so
as presented in different preparations not rich enough
variety. Nevertheless, the master probably will pick up something
suitable to your tastes and the original shade of your curls.

For example, Estel offers the following palette
shades for glazing hair, which is presented
De Luxe proofreaders with coloring pigments:

  • 0/22 – green;
  • 0/33 – yellow;
  • 0/44 – orange;
  • 0/55 – red;
  • 0/66 – purple;
  • 0/77 is brown.

Of course, after the green corrector, your hair will not be too
emerald: these shades give the main color brightness,
intensity and neutralize unwanted shade. In the compositions,
Matrix Color Sync offers a palette of colors
much richer.


  • Blue Ash Black (1A);
  • dark (3N);
  • ashen (4A);
  • brown – copper (4BC);
  • brown-red (4BR);
  • golden (4G);
  • red – brown (4RB);
  • red – violet (4RV);
  • light mocha (5M);
  • light mocha mocha (5MM);
  • light (5N);
  • light warm natural (5WN).


    • dark ash (6A);
    • dark brown – copper (6BC);
    • dark brown – red (6BR);
    • dark copper – gold (6CG);
    • dark mocha (6M);

  • dark mocha golden (6MG);
  • dark (6N);
  • dark red – copper (6RC);
  • dark red – purple (6RV);
  • dark warm natural (6WN);
  • mocha (7M);
  • mocha mocha (7MM);
  • red (7R);
  • red copper (7RC);
  • warm natural (7WN);
  • light ash (8A);
  • light brown – copper (8BC);
  • light copper-gold (8CG);
  • light golden (8G);
  • light mocha (8M);
  • light mocha golden (8MG);
  • light (8N);
  • light pearl (8P);
  • light red – copper (8RC);
  • light pearl (8V);
  • light warm natural (8WN);
  • very light mocha (9MM);
  • very very light ash (10A);
  • very very light (10G);
  • very very light mocha (10M);
  • very very blond blond pearl.

Precisely because of the richer palette of shades offered
Matrix Color Sync is preferred by most women, although for
glazing hair used drugs and other brands.

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Colorless glazing

As part of glazing hair, you can use a transparent gel,
not color. It forms a colorless film on the surface of the strands.
(glaze) containing ceramides. After such an original coating
hair becomes very shiny and smooth, like a mirror.
Colorless glazing is recommended if you have a strong
damaged curls, broken and split ends stick out,
electrified, pushing. But do not confuse the colorless
Lamination with lamination is not the same thing. AT
In the first case, the strands change their color anyway, even if
insignificant – largely as a result of the acquisition of

Many manufacturers of products for glazing hair
It is recommended to use transparent shades both separately and in
combination with any color.

For example, Matrix Color Sync managed to release as many as 4 shades.
transparent gel for glazing hair:

  • pastel ash (SPA) – cold shade;
  • pastel nacreous (SPV) – cold;
  • pastel neutral (SPN) – warm;
  • Pastel Mocha (SPM) – warm.

Estel has developed a colorless glazing for hair
ammonia free neutral corrector 00N.

These are the two main techniques of this procedure – color and
colorless. Both are good and bring good ones that correspond to real ones.
Expected results. But Matrix Color Sync and Estel are not
the only companies that produce drugs for
glazing hair, so the choice you have is much wider than you could
to think.

Make no mistake! Many believe that silk
hair glazing is another type of this procedure, although
in fact, this is just an additional epithet to its name – not
Moreover. Many experts call silk glazing
just because it gives the hair just unreal shine and
fantastic smoothness.

Procedure Techniques

Applicable materials

Craftsmen in the salons use a set for
glazing hair which components will depend
from the manufacturer. They can also be found in the public domain.
specialized stores or online resources to spend
procedure at home. So, the most popular formulations.

Matrix Color Sync hair glazing

  1. Cleansing shampoo
  2. Paint or colorless gel “Matrix Color Sync”.
  3. Oxidizer “Matrix Color Sync Oxydant”

Estelle hair glazing

  1. For colorless glazing – non-ammonia hair neutral
    corrector called Estel 00N.
  2. For color glazing – corrector with coloring pigment
    Estel De Luxe 0 / 11-77.
  3. Chromoenergy complex for chic radiance and
  4. Activator (oxide) 1.5%.
  5. Deep cleaning shampoo.

These are the most popular and popular drugs for
hair glazing, although other brands are also releasing their own
lower quality compositions:

  1. Kaaral – Baco Silk Glaze based on silk hydrolyzate.
    Contains rice proteins, aloe extract, provitamin B5.
  2. Salerm – paint Sansaction. In the palette there are fiery,
    bronze, silver, copper, gold hues.
  3. Selective – sparing dye Mild Direct Color. Does not contain
    ammonia. Includes extracts of olive, pine needles, rice proteins, vitamins B5,
    E, C and olive oil.

These are the compositions for glazing hair
offer modern salons to their clients. Each of
drugs have their drawbacks and minuses that can be identified and
for the whole procedure as a whole.

Keep in mind. With home glazing
hair many refuse to use oxide, realizing
how dangerous it can be to curls. The result is
practically no effect since it turns out to be the main
active ingredient in this complex.

Kits for glazing hair

Pros and cons of the salon procedure

As with any salon procedure, glazing has its own
advantages and disadvantages that are best assessed
in advance to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision you need
you have such an unusual coloring or not.


    • No harm to health.
    • A good find for those who like to experiment with color:
      You can repeat glazing as often as you like;

  • the ability to carry out the procedure at home;
  • hair does not get heavy, so that glazing can be done on
    any curls: thin and thick, long and short, rare and
  • glazing fully replaces the usual coloring, as
    the color changes only by 2 tones, as in the case of elution;
  • the ability to mix and match different shades;
  • after glazing curls are much easier to fit into the hairstyle
    and comb;
  • purely visually after glazing the hair looks better
    becoming smooth, voluminous, shiny, silky;
  • if the strands were dyed before glazing, they will retain their
    color is much longer than usual;
  • hair gets extra protection from negative


  • Not aimed at recovery;
  • poor color palette from some manufacturers;
  • short effect: from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.

So make a conclusion: if you want to change not only the color
his hair, but also give the curls shine and silkiness,
hair glazing is a procedure that is suitable for this purpose.
perfect. It will give you a rich, deep and at the same time
very natural shade, will put in order naughty strands,
making them mirror smooth. Do not confuse it with lamination, in
which is much more therapeutic and regenerating effect than
cosmetic. But the external disguise deficiencies of your hair
– just the task of glazing. Make an appointment with the master – and
Enjoy the amazing result.

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