Hair glazing – procedure description

Hair glazing Many girls dream of beautiful,
smooth, shiny hair, but not everyone manages to give them such
appearance by yourself. Therefore, women seek help from
specialists to treat hair, make it elastic and
silky. One of the most popular procedures is glazing.
hair. This type of care is very similar to
lamination, however, has a number of differences. You can perform the procedure
both in the salon, and at home.

Nuances of the procedure

The content of the article:

  • Nuances of the procedure
  • How does this happen in the cabin
  • The advantages of glazing – the beauty and brilliance is evident!
  • Glazing at home
  • Glazing home using professional tools
  • How to care for hair after glazing
  • Hair treatment through glazing: true or
  • Glazing hair before and after
  • What to choose? Glazing or Lamination?

If you are looking to care for your hair, then such a technique as
glazing, ideal for strengthening and giving live
shine of a long hair. The procedure can be tint or colorless. AT
the first case, you can not only heal the curls, but also give them
desired shade.

Hair glazing Glazing is excellent prevention.
exfoliation and brittle hair, besides perfectly protects the color. This
the technology was created specifically for those women who
dissatisfaction with the state of their curls. It gives the opportunity
get the right volume from the roots, making the hair smooth and
shiny throughout. If your curls have split ends,
then the technology is the best fit to eliminate this
unpleasant problem.

How does this happen in the cabin

GlazingDuring the glazing master puts on the hair
cosmetic glaze that envelops the hair, creating
invisible film. Damaged hair “soldered”, becomes
silky and smooth. Curls after such a session are obedient and easy.
combed, simply put them in a beautiful hairstyle or
wear loose.

Such technology is the best solution for those women
who suffer from lack of volume. It allows you to lighten or
make the shade darker. Hair glazing is completely
safe, has a mild therapeutic effect.

The event is shown in the following cases:

  • If you are the owner of dry, weakened
  • When the hair has split ends;
  • There is a category of women whose curls differ excessively.
    fluffy – glazing will be the “lifeline” in this
  • The event is worth holding those girls who often
    dye hair, use hair tongs and other types

Before proceeding with the basic procedure, the master washes
client’s hair with special shampoo, which does not include
parabens and silicone. After which the strands are dried and for each of
they put the weight, which should be sustained for 15-30
minutes After rinsing means curls are processed foamy
stabilizer, whose main task – to fix the icing. Further
wash the hair with slightly warm water.

The final step towards beautiful curls is to apply
air conditioner that does not require rinsing. As a result of such
manipulation hair becomes bulky, smooth, elastic and
shiny. If you choose color glazing, then
addition to all the benefits of hair will find the desired shade!

The advantages of glazing – the beauty and brilliance is evident!

Many women in a positive way
speak about glazing, and also note the presence of excellent
effect: the problem of split ends and fluffiness disappears, and the volume
shag increases by 15-30% (this figure depends on the type
hair and the chosen method of glazing).

Moreover, glazing has the following advantages:

  • The procedure has no contraindications or side effects;
  • After glazing, hair is easy to comb;
  • The special composition can be applied both on painted and
    on natural curls;
  • The film formed on the hair becomes excellent
    obstacle to the scorching rays of the sun, low temperatures, precipitation and
    other negative factors;
  • You can repeat the event an unlimited number of times;
  • The shade of the hair becomes more saturated;
  • Compared with other procedures, the price of glazing
    relatively low.

However, apart from the positive aspects, the procedure has a number of
negative, which include:

  • After glazing, you can not dye the hair;
  • The procedure shows excellent results, but the effect lasts
    on average a few weeks and with each wash will be
    gradually go to “no”;
  • It is not recommended to use glazing as
    primary treatment of brittle and split ends. This event can
    become a great addition to the mainstream therapy.

Glazing at home

Luxurious hair filled with power and shine – a cherished dream
any girls. But in order to perform the procedure, visit
expensive procedures in the cabin does not necessarily. Need only
have patience, acquire suitable means, and make
glazing itself is not difficult!

Hair glazing

You can carry out the procedure both in the salon and independently.
Glazing hair at home is able to
provide no less vivid effect, moreover it will cost much

In order to fulfill your plans, you will need:

  • A bag of gelatin (10 grams);
  • Water in the amount of ten tablespoons;
  • Spoon olive, burdock, corn oil;
  • Spoon of traditional sunflower oil;
  • A teaspoon of vinegar, it is desirable to use apple.

The process of making

10 grams of gelatin must be dissolved in water by
heating in a water bath. After obtaining a homogeneous mass in
The composition should add all kinds of oils and vinegar, mix thoroughly

Next, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and lightly
dry your hair with a towel, carefully comb and divide into
strands. Previously obtained composition is applied to the curls, without affecting
the roots. It is not recommended to use a brush, because the icing
too thick. If the composition is too hot, it can be cooled to
optimal temperature.

Hair glazing After applying the mass of hair should
wrap, for example, food wrap and a towel. To provide
the best effect in the film is necessary to wrap each
processed strand. Glaze is recommended to stand on the hair
20-30 minutes, then wash the curls without using shampoo and
balm. This recipe for glazing home hair
conditions does not imply additional staining. If a
If you wish to shade the strands, the ingredients are allowed to change.
For example, instead of ordinary water, you can use black tea,
which will give a slight chocolate hue.

Important! After the procedure, the strands acquire
fat effect. However, do not use shampoo in the next
12 hours – this time will be enough to fix

After such simple manipulations, the hair will become healthy.
shine, silkiness and elasticity.

Glazing home using professional tools

Today, many cosmetics manufacturers offer
professional lines for glazing hair. The greatest
Matrix products are popular. Same cosmetics
used by many masters in beauty salons. If you want to
perform glazing hair products of this brand, then buy
only two products are needed: cream paint and Color Sync activator. With
If necessary, you can purchase color paint or without pigments.
Moreover, in this case, you will need a shampoo designed to
deep cleaning; and a color stabilizer that will make
The effect is more vivid and long lasting.

Another option – Estelle glazing – cosmetics
domestic producer, which is not inferior to quality
previous version, but at the same time available to many women
thanks to the democratic cost. For the implementation of the procedure
through funds from Estel also need:

  • Shampoo for deep cleaning of strands (suitable for any
  • Corrector without ammonia;
  • Chromoenergy complex.

The third method with the use of special cosmetics –
silk glazing hair CHI.

Whichever option you prefer, the procedure
glazing looks the same:

  • In the first stage, the hair is washed with a shampoo for
    deep cleaning. Some ladies tend to save and apply
    traditional head wash However, such savings
    is fraught with the fact that you will not get any effect;
  • After washing the strands should be slightly dried, preferably
    in a natural way or with a hot air blow dryer;
  • Next, a mixture of paint and an activator is applied to the strands, which
    bred in equal proportions;
  • The weight should be kept for 30-40 minutes (exact time
    usually indicated on the package with the product);
  • After the time has elapsed, the hair is washed off
  • Dry the curls with a towel and smear them with special
    fixer, which is designed to prolong the effect;
  • Further put the conditioner and finally dry and stack
    a head of hair.

By the way, colorless glazing from the Matrix has a lot
positive feedback. But the price of glazing hair
will cost you the limits of 450-500 rubles for one procedure.

How to care for hair after glazing

If you want to glaze at home
conditions or are willing to lay out a round sum for the salon
procedure, it is worth knowing that after any of these activities
need special care for the hair. This will maximize
prolong the effect.

It is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • In no case should you wash your hair with shampoo in
    the next half a day. Do not do this, even if the hair seems
    too greasy and unpleasant to the touch. For so short
    period effect will be fixed, and you can relatively long
    enjoy strong and healthy hair exuding magical
  • Wash your head no more than seven times
  • During bath procedures, use shampoos without aggressive
    chemical components in the composition. Suitable cosmetics for sparing
    daily care;
  • Not recommended for staining or polishing on
    hair that is covered with glaze. If you want the color to be
    bright and saturated, then you should take care of this before the procedure or
    use color glazing;
  • Glazed strands “do not like” means for styling,
    so try to minimize their use or discard
    at all.

Important! Glazing has several
contraindications: do not undergo the procedure if on the scalp
there are wounds, cuts, inflammations. Also not recommended
to coat the hair with glaze in the presence of baldness at any stage.
Abandon the procedure if you suffer from diseases such as
fungus, eczema and other rashes.

Hair treatment through glazing: true or

Many representatives of the weaker half believe that such
procedure like glazing can not only add shine and
elasticity of hair, but also cure it of dandruff, split ends
and other troubles faced by every second

But, as practice shows, everything is not as cordial as it seems on
first glance. Do not flatter yourself beautiful promises from
expensive hairdressing, that the icing is able to save
hair from all existing problems. Pronounced effect you don’t
regardless of where you perform the procedure, at home or
at the professional master.

In fact, the tool perfectly protects hair from
temperature drops, dry air and hot sun,
also soldering the tips avoids further
exfoliation. But, despite the many benefits, such a session in
able to bring only a decorative effect – a hair comes out
Gorgeous shine, extra volume, hair will become more
pliable and obedient. The desired transformation will be especially
noticeably on thin, damaged curls, but their health will remain
the same. That is why, along with the procedure is to do
own health, change lifestyle and take another mass
measures to revitalize the hair.

Glazing hair before and after

What to choose? Glazing or Lamination?

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