Hair glazing: pros and cons

hair glazing photoBeautiful and healthy hair is one of
Mandatory style elements in today’s world. Therefore today
more and more hair products are appearing that
decorative properties (coloring, adding shine and so on)
also have a healing effect or at least do not damage
hair. These include enrobing and lamination.
hair – one of the most popular salon procedures today

What is glazing?

Hair glazing is a procedure applied to the hair.
special glaze (which, however, is already clear from the name). Glaze
this may be colorless – in which case the hair is just
acquire pomp and healthy shine, or color – this option
allows you to shade the hair color by one or two tones in any direction.

From the entire line of popular salon procedures (glazing,
lamination, elumination, shielding) is the simplest and
cheap procedure, however it also has minimal curative
effect, and on the hair glaze lasts a maximum of a month. For
many makes attractive hair glazing price.

Indeed, compared with other procedures of this series
glazing is relatively inexpensive, and the effect is
quite expressive – the hair after the procedure looks fluffy,
shine, comb well and attract attention with their healthy
kind of. By the way, according to many experts, the therapeutic effect
glazing still has – ceramides are part of the glaze,
which have the ability to repair damaged

Glazing at home

Additionally, you can reduce the price if you glazing
hair at home is not much more complicated than simple
staining, and subject to all points of the instruction gives
absolutely identical to the salon procedure result. To acquire
Products for glazing hair should be in specialized
stores – it reduces your chances of stumbling into a fake. It is better
acquire funds from reputable manufacturers – they are much
better control the quality of their goods, and the result is known
will be better

What tools to choose for glazing hair at home

At home, it is convenient to produce estel hair glazing
– these tools are easy to buy, people speak well of them
used them before. Calculate the amount of funds that you
need, should be made based on the condition of your hair
at the time of glazing – damaged, bitten, porous hair
take away more glaze than healthy and smooth. By the way this
it is worth knowing, and going to the salon for glazing hair –
the cost of the procedure will also depend on the quantity
glaze, which will require the master to handle your

Another brand that has paid attention to hair glazing –
matrix The products of this manufacturer are usually used in
salons, however, are also suitable for home use. Generally before
than choose one or another tool, it is good to read different
women’s forums – often ladies who have tried glazing hair
reviews there leave enough detailed. In such reviews you can
find a lot of useful information – the advantages and disadvantages of funds
nuances of the procedure, etc.

Often on the forum you can find the captured on the photo glazing hair
or at least a photo report on the results of the procedure – after all
women just love to brag a little bit before each other. Everything
it can be useful information for you that will help
decide on the choice – in the salon do glazing or at home,
by what means, etc.

Good luck and healthy, beautiful hair!

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