Hair is our everything! Secrets and recommendations for to care

Well-groomed hair always emphasizes attention and allows
every woman to feel
irresistible. Health is often not a gift of nature, but the result
daily painstaking care.

beautiful girl Conversely, a beautiful head of hair can
look lifeless, dim with inadequate care. Adequate
hair care tips can be obtained from various sources
the main thing is not to harm and choose the most effective ways to save
health of hairline and scalp.

Determine the type of hair

The content of the article:

  • Determine the type of hair
  • Standard hair care rules
  • Useful tips on caring for all hair types
  • Home masks for healing and strengthening
  • Hair Care Secrets

To determine the type of hair cover
the state of its hair with the data provided by the table

There are several basic types:

  • Normal;
  • Dry;
  • Mixed (dry ends, greasy roots);
  • Fatty;
  • Also, hair can be thick, thin; healthy or

The intensity of contamination of skin fat depends on the condition of the skin.
head and sebaceous glands. Nutrition directly affects health
hair – excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates, oily, acute
food has a negative impact. Note that hair change
happens year-round.

hair food

Every day we lose 40 to 60 hairs and this
physiological norm. Health and beauty of hair directly
depends on well-being. The problems are most noticeable in early spring,
when the body lacks vitamins, and from constant socks
headgear hair split and lose volume.

Table determining the type of hair and the need for
the washing up
Hair types Dry Normal Fatty Mixed
Washing frequency No more than once a week Once every three days everyday Few times a week
Features of the scalp and roots Not subject to rapid contamination Few days remain clean Immediately after the procedure, they are clean, but are covered during the day.
The effect persists for several days, after which it is necessary
wash my hair
Tips A large number of split and broken ends Slightly split dry Slightly prone to breakage. Split dry
Volume and pomp Excellent volume Average volume Only directly after washing. Average
Laying without the use of special
Give in with difficulty Perfectly styling They fit well, but the volume does not last long Radical styling will be effective.

Standard hair care rules


Recommended careful washing, before which it is desirable to do
mask or rubbing oil (burdock, olive or almond).
Use shampoo with moisturizing ingredients once a week ..

dry hair

Not recommended coloring, permanent, drying at maximum
mode. After washing, use indelible moisturizers.
Trim broken ends of hair regularly.


Use special shampoos several times a week.
Balms, masks are required. Hairdressing procedures
not contraindicated.

normal hair


Try to wash your hair in the morning – it will look all day
attractive. Suitable mild shampoo for deep cleaning on
herbal extracts of chamomile, linden, wheat sprouts.
Avoid products with silicone. Try to follow a diet:
Minimize the consumption of sweet and fatty, eat
not less than two liters of water.

greasy hair

Mixed type

Wash your head several times a week with a special shampoo,
completing the procedure of applying a mask or balm. For care
recommended masks of clay and decoctions of herbs. Procedures are allowed
coloring and curling. Cut the tips regularly.

hair dryer

Useful tips on caring for all hair types

The condition of the coat – your litmus paper
well-being. All diseases are known from nerves, therefore
learn how to deal with stress. This will help receive soothing
herbs and relaxing exercises.

hair care

If the hair falls out intensively, you must visit
doctor and check the condition of the body. If no serious problems
it is revealed that the recommendations for hair care will come as it is impossible
by the way:

  • Avoid hairspray;
  • When drying the hair dryer, do not use the maximum mode. Too
    hot air destroys the hair structure;
  • Do not abuse the peroxide paints;
  • Avoid exposure to the sun with bare head;
  • Comb your hair regularly to help nourish
    hair follicles;
  • Eat a complex of vitamins;
  • Do not neglect masks;

Home masks for healing and strengthening

You can use ready-made masks, it is fast, but here it is useful –
whether? Pay attention to the composition, how many chemical ingredients
placed in one bottle. If it is rather difficult without shampoo
do, then there is nothing simpler and more efficient than masks,
cooked with love with their own hands.


For hair care with high fat content, masks from
clay, mustard with the addition of lemon juice. This composition allows
normalize the sebaceous glands and reduces the excretion of skin
bacon Dry hair will gratefully accept care based on

From olive oil

olive oil

  1. Prepare a mixture of 3-5 tablespoons of olive oil and two eggs.

  2. Apply the composition with massaging movements.

  3. Put on a bath hat and wrap a head scarf or terry
    a towel.

  4. After half an hour, rinse your head with warm water. Hair will become
    silky and docile.

Honey and olive oil

honey and olive oil

    Mix honey and butter, 3-5 spoons. Honey has a beneficial effect on
    blood circulation, and with regular use will
    способствовать укреплению волосяной луковицы.

Для блеска


  1. The juice of one lemon rub into the scalp, and then carefully
    rinse with water.

  2. Complete the procedure with air conditioning.

  3. All fat is washed off, hair gets shine.

The procedure can be performed no more than once per day.
a week

From clay

blue clay

  1. Three tablespoons of blue clay diluted in 150 g home

  2. Spread the mixture through the hair and leave for a quarter

The mask strengthens the roots and helps get rid of the loss.
hair.Cosmetic clay with regular use is capable
work wonders and literally “resurrect” your

Hair Care Secrets

  1. No need to abuse masks. Enough to pamper
    a useful procedure once a week.

  2. Select shampoos professional series, which in composition
    Fit your hair type.

  3. After shampooing, use the conditioner properly.
    Apply the care product to the middle of the hair, not to the skin.

  4. Hair washed with warm water.

  5. Apply for rinsing herbal decoctions.

  6. Do not use a metal comb, pick up a wooden one.

  7. Protect hair from aggressive environmental exposure:
    hide them from rain, frost, wind under a hat or
    the hood.

  8. Watch your health and diet, take vitamins.

Following simple rules for hair care,
applying moisturizing, nutrition and avoiding aggressive procedures, you
You can enjoy the beauty, health of hair.

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