Hair loss in children: causes, effects and treatment

hair loss in a child photoUnfortunately, not only people in
aged face the problem of hair loss. It happens that
For some reason, hair falls out in children (sometimes even in babies).
Hair loss in children, or baby hair loss (alopecia), as
usually proceeds very intensely. Successful treatment in most
cases guaranteed, provided that a doctor examining a child with
alopecia, will make the correct diagnosis. To the doctor should
handle, even if the hairs fall out slightly, because
pediatricians will be easily diagnosed cause of loss, but in
In some cases, it is impossible to do without consulting a dermatologist.
or even a toxicologist.

Why does a newborn’s hair fall out?

Physiological alopecia in infants and newborns
observed soon after birth. Frontal and occipital areas –
“defeat” zones. This is due to the fact that the baby’s head
constantly rubs on the stroller or pillow, as a child in this
age most of the time is lying down, but
head turns very active. Under the influence of changes in
hormonal background of newborns they have premature
stop the growth of hair. This is not a problem because
damage to the hair follicle does not occur, and normal growth
curls restored already in the first year of life.

Sometimes it happens that a baby is born bald, and after a while
hair does not begin to grow. This happens extremely rarely and necessarily
combined with other developmental defects, such as impaired
endocrine system, folded skin, congenital epidermolism. If a
the child is already two years old, and the treatment has not given a positive
result, most likely, this defect will remain for the whole
a life.

Damage to the hair shaft

hair loss in a childIf this
cause caused hair loss, then it is a chemical or
mechanical impact on the hair shaft. In girls, it can
There may be regular tight weaving of braids, chemical burns or friction (to
For example, if the baby is forced to sit in a wheelchair).
Trichotillomania is a reason worth considering separately. If a
the child has been diagnosed with this, which means he is constantly pulling or
twists his curls. In this case, the goal of treatment should be
identifying the causes of the baby’s nerves and their elimination,
do not so easy. When the cause is resolved, the hair
they grow right away, they are completely healthy.

If the parents know about this habit of their little child,
then timely treatment will solve the problem. But if the child is already ten
years, and he, realizing that this is bad, does it sneak, not
confessing to anyone, it significantly complicates diagnosis and
chances for the amendment are delayed. In the “running” state
the disease can take serious forms in which hair is not
can be restored and even scars can form.


Ringworm is the most common cause of alopecia in children. is he
caused by a fungal infection that affects the skin of the eyebrows,
the eyelashes and scalp, affecting the follicles and
rods. If a child has a hairline affected by such an infection,
curls its broken off, and on the head you can see the “bare” areas.
Usually, ringworm affected skin areas have oval or
round shape.

To refute or confirm suspicions, you must
consult a dermatologist who is from the affected area of ​​the skin
take the scraping and do the necessary research under the microscope.
If the diagnosis is confirmed, the child will be assigned
antifungal drugs. Treatment usually takes about 2 months.
It is very important to complete a full course, not to violate the systematic and
strictly observe all instructions of the doctor.

Alopecia breeding

In some cases, it is because of her hair that a baby falls out,
moreover, a child may become bald in a few days, and sometimes hours.
For example, in the evening the baby goes to bed, and in the morning wakes up with
loose strands. This affects only a few oval
or round-shaped areas of the head – “nests”. They are absolutely
smooth, and peeling or inflammation does not have. Such alopecia from
ringworm is different because broken hair is not
is observed.

alopecia in a childFor
in order to find out whether the affected area will be
grow, you need to slightly pull the hairs located on
edge of the “nest”. If they can be pulled out easily, then the extension
areas further inevitable. With absolute precision can not
name the cause of this phenomenon. There are still no tests
allowing to accurately identify the presence of alopecia baldness, and this
significantly complicates the situation. When visually inspected
in most cases, it is fairly accurately diagnosed.

Today, doctors have identified several main reasons
taken into account when making a diagnosis and acceptance based on it
decisions about further treatment. Attack on hair follicles
The body’s immune system is one of the most common. Besides
of this, it has already been proven that this disease often develops after
mental, nervous injuries, with thyroid dysfunction.

Total alopecia is the last stage of alopecia baldness when
hair falls out completely on the head. Universal Alopecia – Not
less unpleasant form of the disease in which hair loss
happens not only on the head, but also on all other sites
body including eyelashes and eyebrows. These kids may have thinning
and brittle nails. Children with alopecia baldness in the world 1 on 500-700
man, and they are constantly observed by a dermatologist. With
proper treatment most of them within a year completely
get well soon.

Now you know why a child’s hair falls out. In this case
it is very important to recall time and undergo treatment in order to
completely get rid of the disease.

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