Hair loss in newborns

Hair loss in infants is a common phenomenon.
which sometimes parents do not pay enough attention. But in this and
deceitfulness of this symptom, which sometimes may indicate
development of the disease requiring treatment. To watch out for this
moment, better once again consult with
a doctor and, if necessary, undergo a diagnosis.

Why babies hair fall out?

The content of the article:

  • Why babies hair fall out?
  • Causes of baldness in the neck of the baby
  • Varieties of alopecia in infants
  • How to prevent baldness baby?
  • Interesting facts about babies hair
  • Common myths about baldness in infants
  • How to care for baby hair?
  • Video from the expert doctor on hair loss in babies

Influence on hair loss in infants can be different.
causes including hair follicle injury, ringworm,
rickets, fungus and more. Each requires detailed

Injury to hair follicles

Hair follicles can be injured by the following

  • baby often pull the hair;
  • curls strongly stretched;
  • scalp was burned by chemical
  • some babies constantly touch their
    hair, as a result of which breaks their fragile

A damaged hair shaft causes focal loss.
This phenomenon is difficult to diagnose, and for its elimination
need to eliminate friction and tension.


It is a fungal disease in which the baby’s head
there are round and flaky spots. Within these spots
hair is missing. When referring to a doctor he is in
prescribe the child antifungal

Causes of baldness in the neck of the baby

Hair fall out on the back of the head of a child up to a year can by the following

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • fungus;
  • stress;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • mechanical injury of the hair follicles.

The same position of the baby’s head during sleep can also
cause baldness in the back of the head. For this reason
some pediatricians recommend parents to change the position of the child
during sleep, monitor the quality of the material from which
Made bed linen.

Varieties of alopecia in infants

There are several types of baldness in newborns:

Telogenic character of baldness

With this type of baldness, growth, hair development and
comes “coma”. As a result, the skin remains inactive.
follicle. Affect the development of telogen hair loss can
following factors:

  • injuries;
  • overdose of vitamins; medications;
  • surgical intervention.

The telogen form of baldness is temporary, and
it disappears immediately after the elimination of the cause.

Alopecia Alopecia

This is an insidious form of baldness in infants, as hair falls out
bunches, and on the head of the crumbs are smooth areas. This
the process is fast and in just 3-4 days full

Alopecia alopecia needs constant medical supervision and
the use of corrective medications. Diagnostics are performed when
visual examination, as in medical practice is difficult to understand
reasons for the development of this phenomenon with the help of analyzes.

The most common causes of alopecia areata are the following.

  • failure of the immune system;
  • mental injury;
  • stress;
  • impaired thyroid function.

Total alopecia

Total alopecia in children is characterized abnormally.
rapid hair loss on the face and head for 3-4
months. Such development can affect the development of this phenomenon.

  • underdevelopment of hair follicles;
  • consumption of products with chemical additives;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to prevent baldness baby?

Hair loss in infants

To prevent baldness in infants, parents should
follow these guidelines:

  1. Careful when choosing cosmetic
    funds for the child. During this period, the skin is tender,
    so can react negatively to any component. Need to
    be from the acquisition of shampoos with a sharp, unpleasant smell.
    Its color should also be natural.
  2. Buy only hypoallergenic cosmetics,
    which can be applied since the birth of the child. Use
    shampoo no more than 2 times a week. Rinse hair suitable
    just boiled water. Also useful decoctions of the series and chamomile.
  3. Before bathing baby, you need to measure
    water temperature. The best indicators are 37
  4. During sleep, the child must periodically
    turn on different sides. This will prevent
    the appearance of bald patches in the neck.
  5. To dress the child only loose head
    clothes, you need to pick them up according to time
    years and weather. Otherwise, the baby on the background of excessive
    sweating will begin to actively fall out hair.

Interesting facts about babies hair

Hair in a child begins to appear before his birth –
somewhere from 15 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. But it can not be called
hair, as it is a gentle bun or lanugo.

It covers the whole body, and before the appearance of the crumbs into the light
is replaced by an intermediate version of hair, which
can only be seen on the head.

Lanugo lacks pigment, but intermediate hairs to the touch
soft and airy, and their color depends on the genetic

Common myths about baldness in infants

Hair loss in infants

With the birth of a child, young mothers are in a terrible
confused because of the many myths and folk wisdom, here
some of them:

  1. Babe definitely need to shave bald to 1
    of the year. This ritual is carried out in our days, although experts
    do not advise to do this. The reason is: baby’s skin
    very tender, and hair follicles are close to the surface.
    With a slight mechanical action follicles can
    injured, leading to partial or complete
  2. Hair loss is an accurate sign of rickets.
    The opinion that alopecia is
    an infant occurs because of the presence of this disease. But this
    not everything is so, because rachitis has a number of other symptoms: a change in shade
    skin, baby’s tearfulness, excessive sweating, deformation
    skull, insomnia, chronic constipation. Specified symptoms more often
    the whole occurs in the fall or spring when the organism crumbles
    lack of calcium and vitamin D. More about vitamins for hair

How to care for baby hair?

If properly care for the child’s hair, they will
soft and silky, and the formed bald spots quickly cover
new curls.

Baby Hair Care

But for this, parents must abide by simple

  1. Carefully select hygienic shampoos in the first years of life.
    crumbs. Need to use funds with a neutral level
    pH Wash your hair no more than 1-2 times a week.
    Otherwise, the protective film on the skin will wash out.
    heads, and the child will always be naughty because of the sensation
    dryness and tightness.
  2. Apply herbal decoctions. For these purposes
    suitable chamomile or sage infusion that need to wash off the shampoo with
    hair. A strengthened hair infusion of nettle (40 g of raw materials per 1 liter
    boiling water).
  3. Proper hair drying. The skin of the head
    and hair bulbs of a child up to a year are very delicate, as the head
    must be soaked with a soft towel or diaper. If a
    to wipe it intensively, it will lead to injury of the dermis and prolapse
  4. Choose the right comb. Babes with
    regrown hair you can buy a wooden brush that will not be
    irritate the skin and damage delicate hair. Only
    combing curls should not be immediately after washing, as they will
    very confused. It is better to wait 20-30 minutes.

Hair loss in children under one year most often occurs due to
improper care for curls. And the reason for the excitement and circulation
additional symptoms in the form of permanent
crying, refusing to eat, insomnia, pale skin. In this case
It is better to be examined to rule out the presence of a disease or
start treatment for it as soon as possible.

Video from the expert doctor on hair loss in babies

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