Hair loss in women: causes and different treatment methods

hair loss in women

Every day a person loses about 100 hairs, replaced by
grow new. If their loss is influenced by any factors
intensified, baldness may occur. To determine not
Do you threaten this phenomenon, conduct a simple test. Don’t wash
head for 3 days and then pull the strands in the temples
and on top. If after that you have at least 6 left in your hands
hair treatment is required. Before you start fighting the fallout
hair, you need to find the cause of the disease.

Why does hair loss occur?

Dermatologists have identified several causes of this problem in women.

  1. Violation of hormonal levels. With the beginning of active development
    hormones in girls 16-19 years after the cancellation of oral contraceptives,
    in the first months after birth or while breastfeeding often
    Abundant hair loss occurs. Fear balding in these
    cases do not need – recovery occurs in 2-12 months after
    occurrence of a problem.
  2. Chronic diseases. If there is a strong and
    prolonged hair loss, the reasons for this should be sought
    inside the body. Diseases such as
    hepatitis, arthritis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and some others.
  3. Strong stress. A single nervous shock can lead to
    hair loss, however, their normal condition will quickly recover.
    If stress becomes chronic, the vessels begin to suffer.
    heads. Due to their narrowing, blood supply to the skin and hair is impaired.
    bulbs, which can cause the loss of whole strands.
  4. Poor blood supply. The reason for such a violation in the vessels
    heads can become cardiovascular diseases, osteochondrosis,
    frequent use of strong tea, coffee, alcohol (especially
  5. Poor nutrition, lack of vitamins. Because of bad
    food in the body receives a small number of necessary elements.
    Particularly acute hair react to a lack of iron, copper, zinc,
    of vitamins A, C, E, group B.
  6. Diseases of the scalp. Hair loss can cause such
    infectious diseases like dermatitis and seborrhea as well
  7. Other health problems. Hair loss can start in
    if you had surgery, were injured, lost a lot
    blood, you have a high temperature for a long time, you
    stick to strict monodiets. Hair loss for these reasons
    usually sporadic, their growth normalizes to
    during the year.
  8. Long-term medication. Many medicines have
    negative effects on the scalp and hair follicles. With
    taking antidepressants, diuretic, contraceptive pills from
    high blood pressure carefully monitor your condition.
  9. Wrong care. Hair loss in women often begins
    due to neglect: improper washing and drying,
    frequent use of hot irons, hair dryer, styling products.
    Harmful to hair and walking in severe frost or under sunshine
    without headgear.

How to treat hair?

In some cases, hair growth is restored
independently after the elimination of negative factors, but more often
all requires special treatment, before which
It is necessary to undergo a diagnosis. For setting the correct
diagnosis will require:

  • trichogram;
  • general and biochemical blood tests;
  • hair analysis to assess its mineral status.

You should know that treatment, drugs in all
cases are appointed only by the doctor-trichologist strictly individually.
To achieve the result often requires a combination of several
medicines. The doctor may also prescribe a complex of vitamins. If a
hair loss caused by stress, the specialist selects
sedatives to help the body get rid of the nervous

treatment of hair loss in womenTraditional treatment
is the use of special ointments that stimulate growth
new hair. They need to be rubbed into the scalp twice a day. AT
Depending on the severity of the condition, the use of such agents may
continue until a few years. In the treatment necessarily included
head massage and use of medical shampoos.

Laser therapy will help to cope with strong hair loss.
This treatment allows you to achieve maximum results for
a short time, however, requires large financial costs.
There are laser devices that, in consultation with your doctor, you can
use at home. After consulting a doctor
You can use traditional medicine. Do not forget that
independent attempts to solve the problem may further aggravate
her. Home-based treatment has 2 goals: stop loss
and stimulate new hair growth.

Anti-hair loss masks

For women who think how to treat hair loss
popular methods, suitable masks, prepared from the available
ingredients. These masks are easy to use: first composition
need to rub into the roots, then distribute it over the entire length
by hand or using a brush. To enhance the effect of the mask head you need
Cover with polyethylene and terry towel. Keep the mixture on
hair should be at least 30 minutes, compounds with oils can
leave overnight. Do not wash your hair before applying home masks.
need to.

  1. Mask, stimulating hair growth. Mix a few essential
    oils: 3 drops of lavender and rosemary, 2 drops of cedar,
    half tsp jojoba oil, 4 tsp. grape seed oil.
    It should be a homogeneous mixture. Rub it into the scalp
    fingertips, massaging for at least 2 minutes.
    Wrap your head. It is better to apply such a mask at night, washing it in the morning.
  2. Mask to enhance the blood supply to the hair roots. To 2 egg
    yolks add a drop of black pepper, rosemary and
    basil, 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil. Stir thoroughly.
    Apply the composition only to the roots, hold for 30 minutes and several times.
    wash hair with shampoo.
  3. Mask against hair loss. 40 minutes before washing your hair
    Apply to the hair a mixture of 30 ml of castor oil, medium juice
    bulbs and 1 yolk.
  4. Pepper mask has good reviews. Chilli peppers
    grind and pour 100 ml of vodka. Insist for 20 days in
    dark place. The resulting tincture is not used in its pure form, and
    add to balm, conditioner or mix with sour cream and
    apply on hair for 30 minutes.
  5. Mask against loss of dyed hair. Heat up on water
    bath half a cup of olive oil. Add 50 ml of fresh
    lemon juice. Apply a warm mixture to the scalp, rinse through
    hour. The procedure is carried out once a week. So treatment
    The remedy is very effective if the cause of the loss
    hair became brightening dyes.
  6. Mask to enhance the growth of dry hair. Grind in a meat grinder 2
    large leaf aloe (plant age must be at least 3 years).
    Apply the resulting pulp to a gauze cloth and apply to the skin.
    heads covered with a film and a towel on top. Make sure the aloe juice
    did not get in eyes. Compress shoot after half an hour and carefully
    rinse hair. It is desirable to repeat the procedure twice in

Hair rinsing recipes

Treatment with masks can be combined with the use of natural
rinses. They are safe, do not cause allergies and are prepared from
available to all components. After regular use of such
means hair is not only significantly strengthened, but also become
silky, shiny, smooth.

  1. Hair rinse for hair growth. Brew 100 g of fresh pine needles
    Fir, pine or ate with a liter of boiling water, hold for 20 minutes on water
    bathhouse Use cooled and filtered infusion. Rinse them
    hair after washing, rubbing it into the scalp for 5
  2. Broth from hair loss. Fill with liter of water 1 tbsp. l
    birch buds, boil for 15 minutes. Strain the cooled decoction.
    Use birch rinse every 3 days after washing.
    shampoo head.
  3. Firming rinse. Prepare herbal mixture by mixing
    2 tbsp. l Calendula flowers and 1 tbsp. l dry burdock roots.
    Boil the herbs for 20 minutes in a liter of water. Cool and strain
    decoction. Rinse the head after each wash, massaging it with
    this skin.
  4. Rinse to strengthen oily hair. Boil in a liter
    water 3 tbsp. l chopped dried oak bark for 15 minutes.
    Use decoction as a rinse or as a shampoo – he
    perfectly cleanses oily hair and scalp. So treatment
    means can be carried out every other day.
  5. Decoction for the preservation and beauty of hair. If loose strands
    too much, use the following rinse daily.
    Make 2 tbsp. l lime-colored 2 cups boiling water, insist
    15 minutes. In the cooled and filtered infusion add whole juice
    lemon and 50 ml of eucalyptus tincture. Natural remedy add
    in water for daily rinsing hair.
  6. Fragrant rinse against hair loss. Soak the peel
    from 2 oranges, let it brew for 3 hours. The resulting water
    rinse your hair after shampooing. Such a remedy is not
    only strengthens the hair roots, but also gives the hairstyle a healthy glow,
    shine and pleasant citrus aroma.

Tips for preventing hair loss

To not think about how to treat hair loss, right
take care of them to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon.
Simple tips will help you keep your hair healthy or
significantly reduce their loss.

  • Improve the blood supply to the scalp. If most
    time you spend in a sitting position, often take breaks in
    work, do simple exercises, take a daily walk.
    Complete a course of massage on the upper back and shoulders. Decrease
    drinking coffee drinks and strong tea.
  • Increase immunity. To strengthen the body, do
    sports, harden, try to go to the sea every year to
    get enough vitamin D.
  • Replenish the amount of iron in the body. Use more often
    buckwheat, oatmeal, pea porridge, liver, fish, beef,
    yolks, walnuts, apple, pomegranate juice. Add to all
    dishes greens rich in iron: spinach, watercress, parsley. With
    If necessary, in consultation with your doctor, drink
  • To cope with stress, do not resort to help
    antidepressants. Drink tea with melissa, mint or chamomile.
    Add the infusion of herbs in the water when taking a bath. Try hard
    get enough sleep not to feel tired for
    of the day
  • Hair loss in women is often due to improper
    washing and drying the head. After each use of shampoo
    Be sure to apply air conditioning. He will not recover lost
    hair, however, will help increase shine, increase strength and protect
    strands from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Do not wash your head too often:
    enough to do it every 3 days. Dry hair better on the air
    or in a towel. By wiping or combing wet strands, you can
    severely damage them, leading to hair loss.
  • Protect your hair before and after swimming in the pool. Before
    immerse in water use conditioner that will provide protection
    hair from exposure to chlorine. After the procedure, wash your hair
    special shampoo for swimmers.
  • Proper styling is equally important for healthy hair.
    Try to limit the use of a hair dryer and hot tongs. Not
    abuse all kinds of varnishes, mousses, foams,
  • Such procedures as chemical can also harm your hair.
    perm, dyeing, building. Try to resort to them as
    it is possible less often. Do not wear tight braids and tails.
  • So that the hair does not become dull, weak, brittle, dry,
    protect them from excessive exposure to the sun. Use
    indelible air conditioning and wear hats.

If you find that your hair has started to fall out, consult a doctor to
identify the cause of this disease. To eliminate the problem is not always
serious treatment is required. Sometimes it’s enough just to stop
nervous, improve nutrition, increase physical activity.

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