Hair loss. The reason lies inside of the body

hair falls out on the headThe hair on the head is not for
keep warm in cold weather. For this there are
caps. Hair is, first of all, an ornament. Wrong
lifestyle, inadequate scalp care or problems with
health – that’s why hair falls out on your head. Unless, of course,
take into account the hereditary factor – genetics.

Hair loss: natural processes

Not only the plant or man, but also the hair has its own
a life. Hair grows after the formation of the bulb, and when it
fade, hair falls out. Therefore, the process of hair loss
natural. Do not panic, if a day you lose from 40 to
100 hairs.

But there are cases when the vital activity of the hair on your
head may fail. This may lead to
proline and sense of spiritual discomfort from significant loss
curls. In such a situation, it is important not to despair and concentrate
all the forces to fight the coming baldness.

Why does hair fall out in women and men? Main reasons

Changes in hormonal background – one of the main reasons. Scientists
found out that accumulating too much
dihydrotestosterone provokes the onset of hair loss on the head. Have
men inherit the amount of this hormone.

As for women, they may also have hormonal disruptions,
which are usually associated with menopause, pregnancy or
the beginning of sexual life. It is necessary to mention violations of work
endocrine system and ovarian tumors as diseases, detrimental
affecting the state of the hair.

Ecology is a very common cause. Today unfortunately
the air is saturated with harmful emissions, among which there are
radioactive. People, in turn, are often necessary and
unnecessary drugs poison the body, in our
antibiotics are especially important. In such conditions, the curls are just
Do not stand up and “strike.” By the way, the quality of tap water
very affect the quality of the hair. If after bathing you
found on its surface “graveyard” of hair, it should
try to wash your hair in boiled water.

Stress. It has a negative effect on all departments.
body, and the frequency of hair loss as well. If you want to
have the same exquisite head of hair, like Alain Delon, or powerful,
like Robinson Crusoe, take the stress out, relax morally,
rest, give yourself and your emotions a “vacation”.

In fact, hair growth is a seasonal phenomenon, and here the main thing is not
make a wrong diagnosis for yourself and not start treating the disease,
which actually does not exist. Curls grow well only with
August to September. During the fall or winter, you can safely
skip past the problem of hair loss.

Why does hair with a bulb fall out badly?

The statement that what we eat, after in the form of hair grows
on our head, it would, of course, be wrong, but this is still
there is some truth. The contents of our menu
a strong effect on the state of the hair. Pledge healthy
thick hair – the use of micronutrient-rich natural
products. In addition, you need to remember about multivitamin
preparations. Believe, your hair will appreciate such care.

The relationship of disease and the state of hair

Diseases, as mentioned above, can not affect
hair condition. First of all it concerns skin diseases,
such as seborrhea, tricopathy. If there are not even bright
expressed suspicions, you must immediately contact

Improper care for “mane”

It usually manifests itself in excessive use of paints and varnishes,
and also in re-drying the strands with a hair dryer. Do not forget to pamper your hair
nourishing and firming masks and give her at least a small
rest from hair dryer, ploek, forceps, etc. In our youth, our grandmothers
used kvass and beer instead of hairspray, and this means
was very effective. No head massage, application
shampoos that are not suitable for hair, and their rare washing – others
manifestations of improper care. Bulb suffocating if she
plastered with greasy bloom.

Scalp massage

To make it, you must first lower your head down. it
provide normal blood flow to the bulbs and oxygen to
curls. After that, using a comb with natural bristles
Massage your scalp. If you do such a five-minute massage
Every day, there is no doubt that the lost beauty of hair
will return and continue for a long time.

Now you know why hair falls in men and women.
If you are currently experiencing this problem, try
determine the cause of its occurrence and eliminate it as possible

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