Hair loss treatment – nature itself on guard beauty

Hair loss is a natural process if the amount
the hairs remaining on the comb do not exceed 50-100
day. When this rate is exceeded, we can talk about
problem: weak hair that splits, breaks when combing,
or baldness – profuse hair loss. In any case required
take some hair conservation measures

girl combing Cosmetics in this case
practically helpless, medications and medicated shampoos –
also not always the best way out. First, their cost is many
scares, secondly, there are contraindications and side effects,
which not everyone agrees to put up with. Because often, if
there is excessive hair loss, treatment of folk
means – this is the first aid to which resorted to her
accessibility and effectiveness. (Article on folk ways
hair restoration)

Proper nutrition – the key to beautiful hair

The content of the article:

  • Proper nutrition – the key to beautiful hair
  • Instead of shampoo: than wash your hair with hair loss
  • Useful nutrition for the scalp
  • Coconut & Linseed Oil Hair Mask

Eating without compliance, abuse of fat and
fried foods, poor nutrition – all this leads to
mineral and vitamin imbalance of the body. And if the body
something is missing, it is reflected in the appearance of a person. And in
first of all on hair, nails, skin.

proper nutrition

Therefore, before starting any special treatment or
apply folk hair care products
take care of the internal cleansing of the body and filling it
essential substances.

What products are good for hair? The table shows the main
problems with hair and products, the use of which will help
to solve them effectively.

Split hair Dull, weak hair Hair loss Appearance of gray hair
fatty fish (salmon, tuna) seafood the nuts legumes
olives avocado soya beans liver
the nuts cream, whole milk fish fat shellfish
olive and flaxseed oil carrot, sweet pepper beef liver tea
apples, grapes kidneys, liver Greens: onion, parsley walnuts and brazil nuts
cauliflower cereals yeast cashew nuts

Instead of shampoo: than wash your hair with hair loss

Very ancient, but surprisingly effective tool for
problems with hair – washing the head with egg yolk. Of
generation a generation passed a simple shampoo recipe for each
day – razbolt yolk in water until foaming. AND
indeed, egg hair treatment is not a myth: regular
use it for washing and rinsing hair, as well as in
masked, significantly improves the condition of the hair and the scalp.


Broths from medicinal plants are the simplest folk
hair treatments that are easy to prepare at home
conditions. Both fresh and dry herbs can be used.
purchase at the pharmacy. (Complete herbal treatment guide with

healing herbs

Recipes decoctions and infusions:

  1. For 1 liter of water, take hop cones, burdock root and calendula blossoms.
    2 tbsp. spoons. Bring to a boil, stirring, keep on fire 15
    minutes After cool and strain. Apply this decoction every other day.
    for shampooing.

  2. You can make a decoction of burdock: pour 5 tablespoons of crushed
    dry leaves 1 liter of boiling water, wrap and insist 2 hours. Carefully
    strain, dilute half with water and use as
    rinse aid. Also, hair treatment with a burdock is recommended when
    split ends and brittleness.

  3. Nettle decoction – a folk remedy that has a wide range
    actions. Green (best young) nettle chop, pour
    water and cook for about 10-15 minutes. When cool, strain and
    use as a rinse. (Article about the benefits of nettle)

  4. Dried linden flowers (8 st.lozhek) pour half a liter of water and
    boil on low heat for 30 minutes. Shampooing this broth for
    month will return hair strength and shine. But blondes, applying
    traditional methods of treating hair loss based on lime blossom,
    need to know that hair may become darker, will turn yellow

  5. With intensive hair loss, decoction of rhizomes will be effective.
    calamus They need to be cut into small pieces (should be
    about 6 tablespoons), pour 1 liter of vinegar and boil for a quarter of an hour.
    Apply decoction to rinse to reduce the amount of
    falling hair.

Important! This natural hair care
will definitely improve their condition. But hope for a quick effect is not
should – usually regular use of medicinal herbs
gives tangible results only after 1-2 months. If you want
return hair strength and beauty faster, additionally used
masks and solutions that need to be rubbed into the scalp.

Useful nutrition for the scalp

  1. Salt mask. Since ancient times, salt hair treatment has been applied.
    as one of the most effective means. You can use any
    salt that is on hand – both sea and ordinary
    cookery. It is necessary to grind it with water to form a thin
    gruel, which is applied to wet hair. Next you should wrap
    head with a plastic bag and a towel, hold for 15 minutes,
    then rinse with water.

  2. Coconut oil mask. This natural plant product
    used to improve growth and strengthen hair. Coconut oil
    It is necessary to warm up a little, apply along the entire length to the hair
    wrap your head with a towel and hold for 30-60 minutes. Washed away
    ordinary shampoo. Also coconut oil hair treatment
    effectively with split ends.

  3. Garlic mask. Grind and grind a few cloves of garlic
    until a homogeneous mass. Add vegetable oil to
    depending on skin type: for dry – diluted with oil 1: 1, for
    normal – 1: 4 (oil: garlic), for oily – add a few
    drops. Rub the obtained gruel near the hair roots, withstand 2
    hours The procedure is recommended to perform twice a week.

  4. Tincture of chili pepper. 2-3 medium pepper need to pour 0.5 liters
    vodka and soak in a dark cool place for 1 week. Resulting
    rub the solution into the head for 20 minutes before each wash. With
    treatment of splitting hair folk remedies are also found
    recipes based on this plant: you can moisten the tips with juice
    chili peppers

  5. Integrated mask. Take 1 yolk, add medium onion juice
    and as much castor oil. Stir, rub into the hair at the root
    for 45 minutes, wrapped in a warm towel. You can use no more than 8
    once a month.

  6. Infusion of herbs. 200 g large nasturtium and nettle, taken
    equally, pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and insist 2 weeks. Resulting
    lotion to rub into the skin before bedtime. Others are also often used.
    herbs for hair treatment: sage, thyme, burdock, marigold, hop,

Also to strengthen the hair roots and stimulate blood circulation in
in case of heavy loss, you can use lemon juice,
honey, aloe juice, yeast, mustard. Even if you just need good care
for hair, folk recipes based on these products are always
will come in handy.

Taking care of your hair is taking care of yourself and your body. After all
it is all interconnected, and the deterioration of the hair
may indicate other problems requiring
interventions. Therefore, it is always necessary to conduct a comprehensive
hair treatment: popular recipes, proper nutrition, examination
organism. This is the only way to keep beautiful hair for long

Coconut & Linseed Oil Hair Mask

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