Hair loss will stop the pepper!

Sometimes different procedures with a head of hair lead to slowing it down.
growth, and I want to quickly become the owner of brilliant
healthy curls. Among similar means pepper mask for
hair growth is dominant, due to
unique properties of this plant.

Red pepper It is widely used, both in national, and
traditional medicine, for the manufacture of various masks,
balms, lotions.

The effect of red pepper on hair condition

The content of the article:

  • The effect of red pepper on hair condition
  • Features of the use of pepper means
  • Mask making recipes

The capsocian contained in this plant is irritating to
taste buds and skin, simultaneously launching metabolic processes,
contributing to the speedy tissue regeneration.

pepper Even a little bit with it when applied to the skin.
head produces a local warming effect that contributes
improvement of blood circulation and, accordingly, an increase in
to hair follicles of nutrients. As a result
the growth of hair is activated, new hairs appear and absolutely
the extinction of existing ones ceases.

Features of the use of pepper means

When using masks with this plant at home
certain precautions are required:

  • Before first use it is necessary, causing a little money
    from the inside to the elbow joint, check for possible availability
    allergic skin reaction to pepper. Slight burning sensation
    indicates that its concentration in the mask is required
    reduce, with a pronounced discomfort from the means better
  • It is required to avoid contact with mucous membranes,
  • It is necessary to use rubber gloves.
  • If the scalp is dry, the hair is brittle, the mask is rubbed
    solely to the roots, avoiding its falling on the hair because
    The remedy may worsen their condition. When oily hair mask
    can be distributed over the entire length.

Mask making recipes

The basis of pepper means – tincture of this plant, which
sold in a pharmacy or you can do it yourself. For this
2-3 pods finely chopped hot red pepper is placed in
glassware, pour 200 g of alcohol or vodka and leave for 3
weeks in an unlit place. Finished tincture can be used
throughout the year.

For the manufacture of masks in the tincture are added
Various ingredients:
Component Useful properties for hair
Burdock, walnut, castor, olive oil Moisturize, nourish, soften the aggressive effects of pepper,
give volume
Vitamins A, E Nourish curls, soften the burning sensation
Natural honey Accelerates growth and strengthens, gives brightness to curls of any
Yeast Activate growth
Tincture of Hypericum, chamomile, eucalyptus Eliminates fragility, split ends, eliminates
Onion juice Significantly accelerates growth
Colorless henna Improves the structure of curls, activates their growth, gives
Beer Updates, accelerates growth

Effective pepper masks:

  1. Burdock oil.

In a mixture of burdock oil and pepper tincture, taken in 2 tablespoons
spoons, add 5 drops of oily vitamin A, the mixture is applied
on clean washed hair. A cap is put on the head,
wrapped with a towel, the mask is aged for half an hour and washed off.
For medicinal purposes, for dry curls is used weekly, for
Prevention – monthly.

  1. Pepper mask with honey.

1 tablespoon of natural liquid honey is ground with 3
quail eggs, add 1 tablespoon of pepper tincture
and burdock oil and mint decoction. The mixture is applied to the head,
which is then wrapped and washed off after 40 minutes. A course of treatment
makes 20 procedures twice a week. In order to prevent for
dry hair is applied once every three weeks.

  1. Means with beer.

1 chicken yolk, 50 ml of light beer and pepper tincture (2
tablespoons) are mixed and slightly heated on the fire.
The warm mass is rubbed on the skin, left for half an hour and washed off.
shampoo This mask can be used for fatty, normal
If the hair is dry, it is recommended to add any
vegetable oil. The procedure is repeated weekly, for a very
rapid growth – twice a week.

  1. Mask with yeast.

1 tablespoon of yeast poured 100 g of warm milk,
1 teaspoon of honey is added, the mixture is well mixed and
left for half an hour, covered with a towel. Then in mask
pour 2 tablespoons of tincture of pepper. Mixture rubbed into
roots and an hour later washed off with shampoo. For dry curls with
preparation means milk is taken, for fatty products – kefir. Mask
do weekly on the continuation of 1.5-2 months, for prevention –

All pepper masks are extremely effective for accelerating growth.
hair, and their various ingredients bring additional
favor But before using them, you need to make sure that
pimples or wounds to the head, allergies to the components

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