Hair masks with dimexidum

hair masks with dimexidumIn pursuit of thick, lush and
healthy hair woman uses different methods – from
proven grandmother’s recipes to the development of modern science. TO
the last is dimexide for hair. Dimexidum is called
medical drug that distinguishes the ability to deeply
penetrate deep into the tissue when applied topically. However, he can
transport other substances with you. Therefore, dimexide for
hair growth and baldness is widely used in modern

Rave reviews about the drug are caused, first of all,
instant and vivid effect when applied. However, there is
a significant number of those to whom dimexide caused harm.
This is because the drug is medical, its
application is strictly regulated. If unauthorized use
hair preparations with dimexide can significantly harm your

Instructions when working with a chemical agent should strictly
follow as well as precautionary measures so that your hair does not

Dimexide hair itself does not promote growth or
improve the condition of hair. Its main value is
ability to penetrate membranes (mucous and scalp), not
damaging them and carrying other components with them. Hair mask with
Dimexidum is usually mixed with vitamins A and E, burdock or
sea ​​buckthorn oil. Dimexide with a high degree of efficiency
delivers to the roots nutritional components, and they contribute
hair recovery. If the instructions for use of the drug strictly
observed, with systematic treatment can be expected:

  • increase the growth rate to 3 cm per month;
  • improving the appearance of hair;
  • strengthening and reducing loss;
  • increased cell regeneration;
  • improved blood circulation.

Dimexide is a potent agent, therefore it is desirable before
application consult a doctor. Note that if
cause of hair loss are the deep problems of the body
(stress, lack of vitamins), the result will only have
complex treatment, masks and procedures will only cosmetic
act. Before applying, it is necessary to treat the area.
skin diluted dimexide to test for an allergic reaction
organism. If it manifests itself, use the drug unambiguously.
not worth it.

Rules of application

To make your drug reviews consistent with expectations,
There is an instruction manual for the use of Dimexidum, which should
strictly adhere to.

  1. Mask for hair growth is applied exclusively to clean hair.
    As a universal conductor, dimexide easily transports not
    Only useful components, but also harmful. Dust, dirt, grease,
    atmospheric substances will negatively affect the state of the hair
    cover and the whole body, if they fall into the deep layers of the skin.
    Therefore, before the procedure, the head should be washed without air conditioning and
    to dry.
  2. Dimexide should be three times less than others.
    components. Increasing the concentration of the drug will cause a strong
    burning and even chemical burns, so the instructions should strictly
    be respected.
  3. Dimexide is added last to preheated
    Mask, before applying the mixture should be constantly stirred, otherwise
    the drug will settle on the bottom and the concentration of the layers will change.
  4. Apply the composition only to the scalp, not on
  5. Do not use pure dimexide, only diluted
    the form.
  6. Wear gloves when performing the procedure, otherwise you risk
    manicure and sensitivity of the fingers.
  7. Do not abuse the drug, because it has a property
    accumulate in the liver, from where it no longer appears. Hair still
    grow up, and the liver – no. The drug is contraindicated and
    pregnancy and breastfeeding, cataracts, glaucoma,
    liver and kidney failure, stroke, heart attack,
    pronounced atherosclerosis.

It is worth noting that during procedures for hair growth with dimexidum
characterized by a slight burning and stinging, it is acceptable as long as it has
not pronounced. If sensations are delivered
anxiety, the composition should be immediately washed off and the next time
reduce the amount of Dimexidum. Among the possible adverse reactions from
drug consumption may be dry skin, contact dermatitis,
in very rare cases, as evidenced by reviews,

The drug also has a peculiar smell. Not all to him
sensitive, but it is better to schedule the procedure not on the eve of the meetings,
celebrations or negotiations. Hair mask is applied under the cap and
towel to keep your head warm for an hour. You can not do it
more than 1-2 times a week. Some reviews indicate increased dropout.
after the first applications. This is a normal reaction, it is fast.

Beauty recipes

how to make masks with dimexidInstructions for use
The classic recipe composition is fairly simple. Egg yolk
mix with 3 teaspoons of castor oil, 3 teaspoons
burdock oil, 3 teaspoons of liquid vitamin A, 3 teaspoons
spoons of vitamin E. The mixture is heated in a water bath to 30-40 ° C,
add 3 teaspoons of vitamin B6 and one teaspoon
Dimexidum, mix thoroughly. For particularly oily hair
You can add lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, brandy or juice
one onion. To neutralize the smell of onions and Dimexidum
it is recommended to add a few drops of a suitable
essential oil.

Hair mask allows variations with oils. Instead of castor
and burdock you can use coconut, jojoba, peach,
almond Choose the one that best suits your type.
hair. The best reviews received courses of procedures lasting 8
sessions. After a couple of months of application of Dimexidum, it is imperative
to take a break.

Strengthen hair during this period can be herbal or
essential oils. It is important to observe precautions and proportions.
when working with dimexidum. Remember that the drug belongs to
medically. It is not sour cream, clay or grass. Be responsible
for the health of the body in general and hair in particular, then they
the density and brilliance will be worthy to decorate photos of the most fashionable

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