Hair painting in balayazh style – photo before and after for short, medium and long hair, warm, cold, colored shades and TOP 3 best colors

Hair dyeing by balayazh is fairly simple, but
very popular and fashionable way to update any hairstyle.
Existing types of this coloring will help to achieve the desired
effect on the curls of any type and color. In addition, there are such
technicians like ombra and shatush, they are sometimes confused, let’s see
more details.

What is balayazh

The content of the article:

  • What is balayazh
  • Who is suitable – indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of balayazha
  • Balayazh depending on the hair color
  • Popular colors and shades
  • Warm shades
  • Cool shades
  • Color balayazh
  • Procedure cost
  • How to make balayazh at home
  • Before and after pictures
  • Popular haircuts and hairstyles
  • How to care for balayazhem
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Fashionable coloring in the technique of balayazh represents
an original way to lighten individual strands by a gentle method,
which transforms the hairstyle and adds brightness to the curls. More often
just in this way, the highlighting starts from the middle of the curls, and
the roots are in no way affected.

In some cases, the composition is applied to the very tips of the hair that
gives the hair a fresh updated look and sometimes stained
almost the entire length of the strand, trying to blur the boundaries as much as possible
transition tones. Coloring balayazh

Initially, this method of changing the color of the hair appeared in
France and was as close as possible to
the natural look of sun-streaked curls, and the clarified
plots were near the end of the strands.

Modern methodology includes not only
natural and natural shades, but also quite bright and
colorful color variations. For example, often
balayazh found in purple, pink, lilac or pomegranate

Who is suitable – indications and contraindications

This method of coloring is universal and suitable
most women of any age, color type and natural
shade of hair.

  • for brown-eyed. Owners of brown eyes
    You can use the classic method of such staining by adding
    curls of honey, copper and chocolate and coffee tones. Bright hues
    Kohler will also be relevant in this case, effectively contrasting with
    eye color; brown-eyed girl
  • on thin hair. Thin curls will gain
    volume and pomp thanks to easy coloring, with the choice
    shades it is desirable to choose either a natural color or
    ashen, graphite or silver tones; on thin hair
  • on bleached and bleached hair.
    Clarified or discolored locks can be subjected to the procedure.
    balayazha provided that the hair has retained its elasticity and not
    has become over dried; on bleached and bleached hair
  • on painted curls. Dyed strands like
    This kind of coloring is generally well tolerated, but for
    In order to maintain an effective and healthy hair style, it is important
    provide additional moisture and nutrition to the colored strands;
    on painted curls
  • on the streaked strands. Streaked hair
    It is recommended to soften and feed with vitamins.
    complexes. In case of falling out or section of the curls, the balayazh is recommended
    postpone; on the streaked strands
  • balayag after henna. Henna has two
    features: it can dramatically curl the hair, and also change
    paint shade. That is why any staining after henna costs
    do it very carefully, trusting an experienced master; after henna
  • pregnant Balaya way of coloring
    considered soft, safe and delicate, so pregnancy is not
    is a contraindication to this procedure. However, in the first
    trimester is recommended to avoid any contact with chemicals, even
    with the most gentle. pregnant woman

The main contraindication to such staining is
scalp irritation, loss or severe dryness of the curls, and
also individual intolerance of any component in

Advantages and disadvantages

Spectacular appearance and versatility of this method.
made the ballad way of changing colors very popular. But,
with increasing demand for this procedure has increased and the price in
the cabin.


  • result. Balayazh looks very impressive,
    transforming a hairstyle of any length and color;
  • security. Soft remedies as well as
    clarification technique that involves painting only
    small areas of hair, does not harm the locks and does not overdry
  • no need to control grows
    roots, because they are not painted;
  • thin curls look thicker and
  • the possibility of obtaining as natural
    effect and bright colorful appearance;
  • This method is suitable for women with any type, length and
    hair color.

dyed hair


  • difficulty finding the right color;
  • high price in a beauty salon.

Despite the existing disadvantages, the positive factors from
applying this clarification method makes this procedure very
popular and relevant among women of all ages.

Types of balayazha

There are quite a few types of such coloring, and
an experienced master, looking at the natural color and condition of the curls,
help you choose the most appropriate way and type of

Among the most popular and frequently used types of balayazha
can be identified:

  • American. Distinctive feature
    this type – completely painted thin strands of the face and
    bleached ends all over their hair. Kohler used wheat
    tones; American
  • Brazilian. This method assumes
    hair coloring from the middle of the strands. At the same time apply
    caramel shades that add brightness and still look
    naturally; Brazilian
  • back. The reverse technique is to
    original coloring with transition from light tone to dark
    tips This method is somewhat more complicated than the others, so in
    at home it will not work out for everyone; back
  • light. Light staining suggests
    brightening the tips, while the main part of the hair remains
    untouched; light
  • lazy. Using the lazy balayazha method
    You can give the curls a natural look slightly burnt in the sun
    strands, lightening thin strands closer to the ends of the curls. Selection
    sites for coloring are determined randomly; lazy
  • radical Radical method is considered
    quite complicated, which is recommended to do in the cabin. The
    the method consists in fine coloring of curls along the entire length, more often
    just using light ash shades of color scheme. radical

The most versatile types of this type of staining is considered
American, Brazilian and easy coloring methods.

Balayage depending on the hair color

This method of highlighting will look different on the hair
different colors that you need to consider when choosing a method

  • on dark hair. Dark color shag
    will acquire saturation and depth, successfully contrasting with
    clarified areas; on dark hair
  • on black curls. Brunettes will be able to emphasize
    the beauty of their curls, diluting black chocolate or
    contrast and ash tones; on thin hair
  • on the bright head of hair. Light strands will become
    more bright and shining in combination with wheat and silver
    tones of colored strands; on the bright head of hair
  • for brown hair. Revive the light brown color can be at
    help caramel balayazha; for blond hair
  • on brown. Chestnut hair will get
    extra volume and pomp; on chestnut
  • on red. Red hair can be added
    brightness, highlighting the beauty of this color with copper shades;
  • on gray. You can hide gray hair with
    ashy, silvery and graphite tones.

Dark and light curls are perfect not only natural
Kohler’s color, but also bright colored colors of violet, red,

Popular colors and shades

The most popular and relevant are shades, approximate
to the natural color of the curls, with a difference of several tones.

  • light balayazh. Adds volume and density
    thin and weak hair, transforming hair of any length.
    Suitable for light, blond and chestnut curls; light balayazh
  • blond Blond is often used for painting
    gray hair, or for contrasting in light brown or light strands;
  • the black. Black is usually used in
    reverse coloration, or to create a bright original
    image with a light or lazy staining; the black
  • chocolate. Chocolate tones are perfect
    for dark blonde, chestnut and dark strands, adding shine and
    color; chocolate
  • from dark to light. Reverse technique
    involves the use of both dark and light tones,
    effectively and softly contrasting with each other; from dark to light
  • coffee. Coffee colors can be applied on
    head of chestnut, light brown or black color, enlivening the natural
    shade and making the haircut dynamic and original. coffee

These shades will help to emphasize the beauty of natural color.
hair, making it bright, rich and deep.

Warm shades

Warm tones are suitable for creating a natural effect and more often
all used in american lung and lazy

  • redhead Add brightness and contrast
    dark chestnut strands; red
  • caramel Creates soft play, beautiful
    combining with light brown and dark curls; caramel
  • light brown Blonde shade looks the most
    naturally, differing in a couple of tones from the natural color;
  • golden. Golden blotches look
    very impressive, emphasizing the saturation of dark curls;
  • honey Honey tone fit dark
    head of hair, adding color and shine; honey
  • copper. Copper color can be used
    red-haired beauties, emphasizing the main hair color;
  • brown. Brown palette good
    complements the dark head of hair, making it more dynamic and bright;
  • chestnut. Chestnut shade looks
    stylish and natural, creating the effect of strands faded in the sun and
    effectively combining with light brown or dark curls. chestnut

Cool shades

Cold tones can be used by blondes to add
brightness and underline the beauty of the natural color of the hair, and
also for painting gray hair. Cold shades

  • ashen. Looks impressive by adding volume.
    even a short haircut;
  • cold blond. Brings a contrasting color and
    dynamic light hair;
  • white. White color will make curls more magnificent;
  • platinum. You can paint gray hair with
    original platinum tone;
  • silver. Silvery strands will decorate
    Contrast long hairstyle dark color.

Color balayazh

The color palette is suitable for girls who prefer a bold and
extraordinary style. Color

  • Violet. Mysterious black and
    dark chestnut strands;
  • red. Red is usually applied on
    light long curls, complementing the hairstyle with color;
  • pink. Pink tones look gentle and
    spectacularly. This color is ideal for coloring tips;
  • burgundy. Maroon will emphasize saturation
    dark curls;
  • cherry. Cherry shade fits like
    long and short haircuts, transforming the image and adding
  • burgundi. Brightness and originality of hair
    can be given using this shade of color scheme;
  • blue. Blue creates shine and contrast
    with dark or light strands;
  • purple. The lilac color will liven up the auburn and
    blond curls, adding hairstyle originality and style.

Procedure cost

The cost of the procedure depends on the length of the hair.

  • for short hair – from 1500 rubles;
  • at an average length of about 2500 rubles;
  • for long – an average of 4,000 rubles.

How to make balayazh at home

This procedure can be easily carried out independently.

Technique of execution step by step:

  • comb the curls and divide them into a part;
  • select several strands and secure them to the roots;
  • dilute the agent and apply the composition in the middle and the tips
    curls with a brush or sponge;
  • wait the required amount of time and rinse off with
    using a mild shampoo.

balayazh home

Drawing scheme: soft smooth movements
top to bottom, starting in the middle of the curl and dyeing the strand
the end.

How much is balayazh. The composition with this
Lightening lasts about 20-30 minutes.

The duration of the procedure is about 2 hours.

The procedure should be repeated every 3 months.

TOP 3 best colors:

  • Estelle Gentle impact and wide
    color palette;
  • Loreal colorist. Saturated colors and lightness
    paint application;
  • Matrix. Coloring and moistening curls,
    protecting them from overdrying.


Before and after pictures

On curls of different lengths, the effect of this procedure can
look different.

  • for a short haircut. Short haircut
    acquires volume, contrast and dynamism; short cut
  • on hair of medium length. Average length
    looks lush and voluminous; medium length hair
  • on long curls. Long hair looks like
    well groomed, healthy and thick; long curls
  • on straight hair. Straight haircut will be
    look more original and brighter; straight hair
  • on curly head of hair. Curly hair is
    Coloring will add contrast, brightness and dynamism.
    on curly hair

Popular haircuts and hairstyles

This technique almost always adds extra volume.
therefore, it applies to both short and long

  • kare. Kare with balayazhem looks brighter
    more interesting and magnificent; car
  • bob quads. This haircut is such a highlight.
    add color and contrast; bob
  • extended caret. Looks lively and spectacular;
    extended caret
  • cascade of medium length. Average length will allow
    create the effect of naturalness and radiance; medium length cascade
  • With a bang. Option with bangs will look
    volumetric and original; With a bang
  • pixie. A stylish pixie haircut will acquire
    dynamism and brightness, especially with color balacer; pixie
  • balayazh with pile. Thin curls, devoid of
    volume, this method will give a thick and spectacular well-groomed appearance.
    with fleece

How to care for balayazhem

Care tips for this clarification method are to
nutrition and hydration of curls. For this you need every time after
washing the head apply a moisturizer with natural

  • head wash is recommended no more than 1 time in 3 days;
  • use only special products that do not wash out.
    coloring composition;
  • rinse curls with soft water or herbal infusion;
  • feed strands with masks, balms and emulsions;
  • reduce the frequency of use of hair dryers and other devices for
    drying and styling.


How to fix a bad balayazh. In order to
correct unsuccessful balayazh, you can toned curls suitable
Kohler, or simply wash melirovku. However wash off
the tool will work only if the composition did not have time to penetrate deep into
hair structure

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from Jerusalem

Ombre, shatush, balayazh – what’s the difference?

Ombre is designed for dark hair, stretching the color from dark
roots to light colored tips. In this case, the boundaries should
maximum shading, creating smooth transitions.
Shatush assumes coloring of the tips separately selected.
strands without the use of foil, with the boundaries of shades
may remain fairly clear and bright. Balayazhem paint
individually selected curls using natural or bright colored
color schemes. Often used several similar tones

Is it possible to do hair coloring after

After balayazha staining is recommended not earlier than
In 2 weeks.

Balayazh helps to transform the hair, adding brightness to curls,
saturation and contrast. A wide selection of paint shades allows
create both natural and bright colorful views, so this
The way is universal and suits most women.

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