Hair polishing: the pros and cons and factors of success

By nature, curls can be colored and rebellious, lush
or not shiny enough. Eliminate visuals
imperfections will help polish hair.

Polished hair

To achieve the perfect result is not difficult if
take into account the features, know how to choose the appropriate
tools, and carry out care procedures. At the heart of – delete
split ends and dry tips that create effect

  • 1 For whom hair polishing will be suitable
  • 2 What is better polished hair: manual or machine
  • 3 Pros and cons of the procedure
  • 4 Polishing appliances
    • 4.1 Iron
    • 4.2 typewriter
    • 4.3 Hair polishing tips
  • 5 Polished at home
    • 5.1 Polishing the tips of the hair at home with scissors
  • 6 How to choose a machine for hair
    • 6.1 Nozzle hair polisher
    • 6.2 Comb polisher
    • 6.3 Split-tip polisher
  • 7 Fix the result
  • 8 How often can polishing be performed
  • 9 hair care after polishing
  • 10 How to avoid negative consequences: the top 5 best masks for

    • 10.1 Dairy
    • 10.2 From colorless henna
    • 10.3 Olive
    • 10.4 With lemon juice
    • 10.5 Conditioners
  • 11 Alternative methods
    • 11.1 Haircut with hot scissors
    • 11.2 Lamination
    • 11.3 Brazilian Alignment
    • 11.4 Polishing or shielding: which is better
    • 11.5 In which cases it is preferable to choose a polish
  • 12 Features of the procedure for curly hair and split ends

Who is suitable for polishing hair

You must use the procedure in one of the following

  • 4–5 days a week a hairdryer, iron or curling iron is used;
  • they are colored or discolored;
  • perm was produced;
  • type of curls dry;
  • fragility occurs;
  • curls slowly grow.

Dry, brittle hair

If the hair is thin, the polishing procedure is not
held. Curly or frizzy also should not
expose to a similar effect, as a noticeable effect
achieve fail.

Important! After passing the polishing steps
must comply with the rules of care. There are special
procedures to consolidate the achieved results and strengthen

Means should be made on the basis of natural
components, the same chemical substances in the composition should be avoided.
Shampoos, conditioners, conditioners with parabens,
dyes or sulfates are completely excluded. They
damage the curls inside, so the effect of polishing quickly

What is better polished hair: manual or typewriter

For carrying out manipulations special machines are used.
If not, then polishing can be done manually. For
Scissors are used for this purpose. The algorithm will be
the same in both cases. The difference is that manual
polishing takes more time to complete all phases, and
also knowledge of technology.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Hair after polishing

The manual or machine polishing procedure has a number of
pros and cons. Benefits:

  • pronounced effect lasts up to 4 months;
  • visually the hair looks well-groomed and healthy;
  • become soft to the touch;
  • curls become smooth;
  • length is maintained;
  • you can get rid of at least 70% split ends
    (average value – 95%);
  • the procedure of daily combing is facilitated as the hair
    stop getting confused;
  • prevention of damage to the curls;
  • cut to a length of 3-10 mm.

Curls after the procedure look natural, without weighting.


  • the procedure is not carried out if there is alopecia;
  • the volume of curls and styling is reduced;
  • There are limitations on the condition and type of hair.

The effect will be insignificant on curly
curls. If poor quality tools are used, then
The condition of the hair may deteriorate.

Polishing Devices

Instruments for the procedure

For the main stages of polishing
special devices are used. Major – iron and
machine, additionally will require various nozzles that
increase efficiency and quality of work.


You can use for the procedure any quality
ironing It is important that it matches the following.

  • reliable and serviceable plates;
  • coating plates – titanium or ceramics;
  • wide surface (you can capture bulk strands);
  • the plates should be smooth (rough coating
    ruin and damage the hair);
  • device power indicators – 30–170 watts.

Important! To get the perfect result you need
prefer ironing with temperature indicators to
monitor performance. It is also recommended to choose a device for
polishing hair with a freely rotating cord so that it does not
entangled during work.

The surface of the plate should not be made of metal, so
how this material distributes heat unevenly.


Grinding Machine

The device for grinding is similar in structure to the machine for
haircuts Feature – nozzle for cutting damaged
tips. Its presence is mandatory. Required

  • the presence of a button to turn on and off;
  • removable knives;
  • soft and flexible cord;
  • the ability to work from the battery
  • blade width – 3.5 cm.

The machine should be light and comfortable in the hand.

Hair polishing tips

If you choose a high-quality nozzle, then you can polish up to 100
% split ends It is recommended to choose sets of 2–5
nozzles to choose the best option for the existing
like curls. Nozzles needed after
lamination or perm.

Home polishing

Hair after the procedure

To carry out the work, you must perform the following steps:

  • wash your hair – reduced chance of hair damage
    polishing process;
  • use a typewriter or iron with a special nozzle;
  • as well as additional tools – combs, scissors, hairpins

Prerequisite – the presence of a large
mirrors to see how polishing is done. Should
start with the lower strands (the upper need to raise and stab). Strand,
which needs to be processed, it is required to twist a plait, then
to dissolve.

Important! Before using the typewriter or ironing
hair is recommended to fluff two fingers,
moving from top to bottom. This approach helps to identify problem
the tips.

The most damaged and split ends need to be cut with scissors.
After that, combing. At the final stage
Apply a polishing device. Such an action
produce with each remaining strand.

Polishing the tips of the hair at home with scissors

Polishing scissors

Qualitative work can be done using
scissors (ordinary, not hot). The main recommendation is they
must be sharp.

Scissors hair polishing consists of the following steps:

  • wash and dry the hair;
  • most of the fasten on the back of his head, leaving 1 strand;
  • carefully comb it;
  • twist the tight harness;
  • slightly fluff with your fingers;
  • dissolve the harness;
  • cut off the problem part or split ends;
  • run the hair between your fingers, re-cut off the remaining
    damaged curls.

All steps are repeated in sequence with the remaining
strands. To improve the condition of the hair is recommended
process curls with oil (castor or burdock).

This video shows how hair can be polished in
home scissors.

How to choose a hair machine

A hair polishing machine should be selected with regard to special

  • device power;
  • power type (from outlet or from
  • material for the body and nozzles in the kit;
  • modes present (the more there are, the better the success
    carry out the work).

Attention! Ergonomic performance is important.
an aspect that increases the usability of the instrument and
reduces polishing time.

Hair polisher attachment

High-quality polished hair is carried out using
special nozzles. The best option is HG products.
polishen She cherishes the curls that are painted
or have gone through a perm.

Hairbrush polisher

Comb polisher

Hair polisher is not the main tool in
work. Actively used comb-polisher. Her
use allows to reduce the time of the procedure, as
no need to pre-straighten curls. Main types
Polishing comb:

  • Split Ender Pro by Talavera;
  • Split Ender;
  • Fasiz – the price is 2 900–3 700 rubles.

The cost of devices depending on the company and the country of production:
from 2,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Machine polisher for split ends

Machine Polisher

The main apparatus for polishing – the machine. Complete with it
must be present devices for work. Need to
take into account that a hair polisher attachment
should not be alone. Optimally, to further
Included items for 5-6 types of haircuts. Requires that the device can
run on battery

Basic models:

  • Mozer (is the most popular);
  • EasyStyle Expert;
  • Dewal Oster.

They carry out hair polishing at home.

This video is about hair polishing, the pros and cons
this procedure.

We fix the result

To consolidate the achieved results, hair needs care.
You can use professional formulations or masks,
cooked on their own. Also recommended
rub into the roots of vitamins A and E (in liquid form), burdock
or castor oil.

How often can polishing be performed

Many women are not only interested in,
how to make hair polishing, but how often it is needed.
It is recommended to carry out the procedure 1 time in 3-6 months.
Exception – badly damaged or weak.

In this case, repeat the work to get rid of split ends.
tips need 1 time in 6-8 months. In between, curls required
restore and use nutrients.

Hair care after polishing

Hair care

If you need to wash your hair before polishing
reduce the chance of damage to the curls, then after
Procedures require proper care. For this purpose

  • shampoos (must have a natural composition);
  • combing with the use of aromatic substances (coconut
    oil, repeats 3 times a week);
  • balms;
  • rinses (chamomile broth for blond hair, oak bark
    for dark curls).

To power the tips and restore them
applied serum. Their peculiarity is that the composition
envelops the hair, thus preventing reuse
cross section.

How to avoid negative consequences: the top 5 best masks for

To reduce the negative effects after the procedure, apply
various masks. They are created from natural ingredients with
the addition of vitamin formulations.


Need to know how to make the simplest of masks to process
recovery and care took place faster. For cooking
100 ml of sour milk (not kefir) is required. Liquid
need to process the hair along their entire length.

Hair Mask

Next steps:

  1. Insulate the head (with a plastic cap or
  2. Hold for 30 minutes.
  3. Wash off the milk with running warm water without using

From colorless henna

For its manufacture will require:

  • henna, which does not stain and does not change shade – 40 g;
  • birch decoction – 150 ml.

The resulting mask to withstand hair for 30 minutes,
wash off.

Henna colorless


Only olive oil is needed for cooking.
It should be applied, retreating from the roots by 5 cm.
Heat the head, hold for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

With lemon juice

Citrus juice and water are mixed in equal proportions. After
This liquid should be applied to the hair. After that head
should be insulated, allowed to stand for 40 minutes, and then rinse with
using shampoo.


Need to know how to do at home
rinsing masks. They are based on herbal decoctions and infusions.
(nettle, celandine), lemon juice is also used.
Recommended for liquid preparation
use 1 liter of water and 20 g of grass.

Infusion of celandine

To withstand such masks are not necessary, they
apply after basic hygiene.

Alternative methods

To get rid of split ends, apply not only
hair polishing machine. Among the alternative methods
are present:

  • thermostatic (hot scissors);
  • lamination;
  • Brazilian leveling;
  • shielding.

Before you make a choice, you need to find out the pros and cons
each one of them.

Haircut with hot scissors

Hot haircut scissors

The temperature depends on the hair condition
heat the scissors (90–160 ° C). For the procedure
strands twisted into a bundle and cut off the damaged
the tips.

Advantage: the ends are soldered, as a result
hair remains moisture and beneficial components that get rid of
section for a long time.


The procedure helps to eliminate damaged curls and split ends.
the tips. An additional effect is the restoration of the structure from the inside.
The procedure requires professional

Reviews use the service indicate a long
a positive effect, since keratin saturation occurs.
Hair becomes soft and supple.

Lamination of hair

Brazilian leveling

Before choosing this method, you need to know what
represents the procedure. It appeared in 2010. Effect –
hair becomes soft and glossy shine. Technique
Suitable for owners of curly hair.

It is based on keratin, which has a mild effect on
hair structure. It also provides the necessary nutrition. Before
how to give preference to brazilian
alignment, it is recommended to figure out what this
procedure, and see the photo before and after it.


Polishing or shielding: which is better

Escaping is a therapeutic activity aimed at feeding and
restoration of curls. The procedure is a drawing on
strands of oils that have caring effects. Polishing –
the process of removing the damaged part of the hair with
using special tools.

Which of the procedures is better, decides the person who has
problems with the health of hair. It is necessary to take into account that
shielding allows you to achieve additional volume

When to choose polishing

Greasy hair

Choose a polish if:

  • type of curls fat;
  • A long lasting effect is required (how much is kept
    hair polish, depends on their condition);
  • there is an allergic reaction to the components used in
    other techniques.

The procedure avoids the rigidity of the hair. Also
it is guaranteed that the effect will last at least 3 months,
and if necessary, you can repeat it at home (manual

Features of the procedure for curly hair and split ends

Curly hair

Hair in this case can become shorter, so
how to achieve a visible positive effect
cut off not only the tips, but also part of the curl. It is better to choose a method
hot cutting, since ordinary scissors or a machine do not give
opportunities to change the state of the hair.

The choice of method and method of polishing depends on
hair type and structure. Given the particularities, you can
achieve positive change and return health and curls

This video shows how hair is polished in
barber shop.

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