Hair products in all their diversity for the care, treatment and styling of curls of any type


Looking through hair products, not knowing which is the best? Our review
will help make the right choice. What means offer
modern beauty industry, cosmeceuticals and traditional medicine?
Pharmacy and home, for treatment and care, styling and
professional – in the full range.


  • What are hair products?
  • Hair cosmetics
  • Hair styling products
  • Hair treatments
  • Folk remedies for hair

Every woman includes in her arsenal of beauty those
hair products that improve their appearance
view and contribute to the restoration of their structure from the inside. They can
to be completely different: someone prefers home
masks, while others acquire brand money for huge money;
some are delighted with professional products, and there are those who
Purchased exclusively in pharmacies. It all depends on personal
preferences and individual characteristics. The main thing is not
“heal” your poor curls with too much
means and be able to pick them up correctly. And for this at least, that
need – to understand them.

Care and remedies for hair

What are hair products?

Indeed, the cosmetics market today is just
overflowing with goods that promise to make you irresistible
beauty with a thick and elegant cascade of shiny, healthy curls.
In fact, after the purchase, everything is not so bright. How do
choose the best hair products that are not
if only they would put in order their appearance, but above all
took care of your health? Deal with the classification
for a start exactly what you need.

By function

  • For hair growth;
  • from falling out;
  • recovery;
  • for volume;
  • to strengthen;
  • for shine;
  • for density;
  • dandruff;
  • against cuts;
  • from fragility;
  • from dullness;
  • for food;
  • for moistening;
  • from yellowness;
  • for styling.

For salon procedures

  • For straightening;
  • for lamination;
  • for curling;
  • for clarification;
  • for keratinization;
  • for washing;
  • for coloring;
  • professional.

By hair type

  • For dry hair;
  • for fatty;
  • for normal;
  • for combined / mixed.

By composition

  • Keratin;
  • silicone;
  • vitamin;
  • with oils;
  • with herbs.

By action localization

  • For the roots;
  • for scalp;
  • for tips;
  • for linen hair.

If you do not know which hair products
choose in your case, try first to determine
what problem need to be solved. And already depending on this
Look at this or that product. For example, you tortured
dandruff. So you need a series of dandruff treatments, better
total – with herbs or vitamins. The masks in this kit are not
be sure to put on the entire fabric strands – it will be enough
process the scalp and roots. This is how the search is narrowed down.
necessary cosmetic lines. Let’s take a closer look at
some groups of hair products.

It is interesting! According to financial
According to statistics, women annually spend about
$ 780

How to choose the best hair products

What is natural hair care:

Full care and treatment of the scalp at home

Hair cosmetics

The most popular and all used – cosmetic
hair care products that improve their
appearance. It is not necessary to apply them all – it will be
an overdose for even the most sick and damaged curls. AT
The kit should have 3-4 funds that will spin around
one main – shampoo.

    1. Shampoos – cleanse hair and scalp
      dirt used for washing 2-3 times a week.

  1. Balms – complete hair restoration
    after shampoo.
  2. Rinse – wash off the remnants of hair
    shampoo and balm.
  3. Durable paint – a means to change
    an image in just an hour, can turn a blonde into a brunette and
    on the contrary, are not recommended for frequent use.
  4. Serum – medical concentrates for
    restore damaged hair, you can resort to their help once
    in 1-2 weeks.
  5. Air conditioners – smooth and straighten
    naughty strands, prevent electrification.
  6. Oils – therapeutic and cosmetic products with
    excellent moisturizing and regenerating effect.
  7. Scrubs – cleanse the scalp of dirt,
    toxins, horny scales.
  8. Masks – a variety of functions means
    long acting.

Some acquire professional tools
for hair, which are used by masters in beauty salons, so
as they are now sold in the public domain. Others do not have such
opportunities – and they buy more affordable mass and
middle market The main thing is to be able to use them correctly, and then
Curls will always look elegant and well-groomed. And if you still
you know the secrets of styling – problems with the appearance of your hair
for sure not.

Curious fact. The word “shampoo” goes back to
Hindi, which has the word “champa”, which means “to rub,

What kind of hair cosmetics to choose

Hair styling products

Every woman should also have cosmetics in her makeup bag.
hair styling products that are designed to
create a beautiful haircut. Even if the curls are well-groomed,
you can not go into society with disheveled, not laid strands –
this is considered a sign of bad taste. To such products and
Instruments include the following.

    • Hairbrushes need to be able to choose the right way.
      both plastic and metal strongly scratch and injure skin and hair, and
      also contribute to the electrification, while the tree is considered to
      this case is the best material;

  • hair dryer – for many women it’s just necessary
    albeit an undesirable device for styling curls; although there are special
    secrets of how to minimize its harmful effects;
  • heated hair rollers, irons, curling irons – also styling
    funds that are in the arsenal of beauty of every woman, despite
    the fact that they are just like a hair dryer, it is very damaging
    hair structure from the inside, simply burning it out;
  • curlers, papilotki –
    perfect alternative to thermoweders for curling
    listed above, although they are not as harmless as they can
    seem at first glance because they contribute to the electrification and
    tangle strands;
  • varnish is a very popular remedy for women
    for fixing hair;
  • gel – gives the locks the desired shape;
  • Mousse – means for elasticity of hair.

These are the main styling products for hair, which most often
women use to make their hair shape and shape
keep it as long as possible. Of course, some varnishes
hold throughout the day even under the pressure of wind and rain. But they
belong to the professional line and cost a lot. Ordinary
most often they give a guarantee for 4-5 hours – no more. And all this external
Beauty is absolutely contraindicated for sick and damaged hair,
which you first need to treat. And for this we need completely different
drugs – pharmaceutical.

It is interesting. On average, women
weekly spend on styling and washing hair for about 2 hours. And to 65
years it will be about 7 months of life.

How to choose hair styling products

Hair treatments

If you have sore strands or severe skin damage.
head, will have to acquire remedies for hair in
pharmacy. It would be nice to first consult
trichologist, since these drugs are on the border of cosmetics and
pharmaceuticals, performing both cosmetic and medicinal functions. Have them
there are indications and contraindications that can not be ignored

Vitamin Hair Products

There are vitamin remedies in ampoules that are assigned whole
course. For the treatment of falling out and weakened hair prick tocopherol
(vitamin E), cyanocobalamin (B12), pyridoxine (B6), retinol (A),
niacin (PP), thiamine (B1). In addition, pharmacies can be purchased
whole complexes of vitamins designed specifically for
recovery of sick and damaged strands:

  • Alodex;
  • Aurita;
  • Beautyx;
  • Alphabet Cosmetics;
  • Buteton;
  • VitaSharm;
  • Dermofit Bolgartrav;
  • Gelenk Narung;
  • Innov Hair density;
  • Merz;
  • Nutrikap;
  • Ishemin;
  • Charm;
  • Pantovigar;
  • Revalid;
  • Sebovalis;
  • Perfectil;
  • Selentsin;
  • Tricoxene;
  • Fitofaner;
  • Sheviton;
  • Fitoval;
  • Eskvanol and others.

Vitamin preparations for hair have a firming and nourishing effect.
action, helping the body to overcome painful conditions.


Shampoo is not only a cosmetic with which
wash your hair It can also have a healing effect on the sick,
damaged and weak hair.

Reducing agents

  1. Dercos Techniqu – Vichy;
  2. keratin recovery – Schwarzkopf;
  3. protein shampoo – Pharmacon;
  4. silicone mousse shampoo – Magrav;
  5. shampoo with shea – Darphin;
  6. hyaluronic shampoo – Belita-Vitex;
  7. moisturizing pomegranate shampoo – Klorane;
  8. SPA shampoo – Lundeilona.

Medicinal products for hair in a pharmacy

Dandruff Remedies

  1. Nizoral;
  2. Fitoval (Fitoval);
  3. Freederm (Friderm);
  4. Sulsen;
  5. Keto plus;
  6. Dermazole;
  7. Sebosol

Firming remedies for falling out

  1. Ducray;
  2. honey propolis;
  3. Alerana (Alerana);
  4. Klorane (Kloran);
  5. Vichy (Vichy).

Pharmaceutical shampoos in the kit usually contain balms and masks.
also therapeutic action.


Balms are initially therapeutic agents for
fixing the main action of the shampoo, so they go with him to
single set.

  1. Sea buckthorn with lamination effect. Natura Siberica.
  2. Revivor – restoring balm. Belita-Vitex.
  3. Gliss Kur – “Liquid Silk”. Schwarzkopf.
  4. Intensive recovery. Dove.
  5. Blue Lagoon – firming. Organic Shop.
  6. Ultra Doux – balm with mango and gardenia. Garnier.
  7. Against fragility. Loreal Elseve.

Many manufacturers love to combine balm and
rinse. However, experts do not recommend buying them, so
how they should be delimited. Moreover, it concerns the pharmacy


Serum – liquid extract with vitamins and minerals. She is very
quickly absorbed, providing damaged hair with express care.
The best tools in this niche:

  1. Revivor – recovery. Belita-Vitex.
  2. Dual Renascence – whey on milk. Kapous.
  3. Intensive – intensive recovery. Alerana.
  4. Repair Cellular Treatment Serum – the repairing two-phase
    serum oil. L’Oreal.
  5. Hair Growth Essence – for hair growth. Andrea.
  6. Serum Vegetal – recovery. Yves Rocher.
  7. Repair Rescue Sealed Ends – against split ends.

These are the pharmaceutical remedies for hair treatment
can be used if serious health problems occur
strands. After all, their external condition depends on it. If not
opportunities to go to the reception to the trichologist or a cosmetologist,
read the instructions for these drugs carefully and apply them
extremely neat. If not sure if everything can
do the right thing – ask for help from home

Did you know that— gray hair
appears about 2 weeks after suffering stress,
nervous tension or shock.

What to choose remedies for hair treatment

Folk remedies for hair

With your own hands at home you can cook and
regularly apply folk remedies for hair –
and medical, and cosmetic, and styling. For every taste, for
solutions of literally all problems – they differ in naturalness and
budget. Yes, you have to spend time on them, but it will pay off
a hundredfold. Recipes for such unique hair products can be found in
a huge amount.

  • Mustard mask

One of the best home remedies for hair growth is a mask from
mustard Need to pour 3-4 tablespoons of mustard powder hot
water before the formation of a creamy consistency and apply to the roots.
If you have sensitive scalp, add a little olive

  • Onion shampoo

Another beautiful folk remedy for hair loss –
onion shampoo. To prepare it you need to mix 30 ml.
decoction onion peel and alcohol (preferably pharmacy) tincture

Decide for yourself, store, pharmacy or
home remedies for hair suit you.
Use them wisely so that the effect will delight and inspire you
surrounding properly care for their curls. Do not try
apply everything at once. Pick for yourself the necessary minimum and not
overuse cosmetics. Especially it concerns thermolayers and
too aggressive professional products. Search around
middle ground – and then a chic cascade of shiny curls to you

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