Hair protection – simple rules

hair photo 1The beauty of hair depends on
certain factors. Nature itself gives chic many
curls, but under the influence of colors, perm,
everyday hair dryers hair grow dull, fragility appears,
split ends. To restore damaged hair will need
make a lot of effort. I do not guarantee that you will return to the original
as your hair. It depends on how much they
damaged. It will probably be necessary to trim the injured ends.
So, in order to restore and prevent terrifying future
the state of your hair, turn to the popular recipes. Luckily,
There are many treatment options, most of them are nothing.
complex are not.

Mostly damaged hair is restored with
masks. But before we talk about the masks, I would like to note
that nutrition for hair must come from within. In other words
It is necessary to take trace elements and vitamins, and get them
better in kind. For example, vitamin E gives hair
shine makes them healthy. It is contained in bran, green
peas, spinach. Replenish the body with vitamin B, eating nuts,
eggs, bean. Brewer’s yeast reduces brittle hair.

Let’s go back to the masks. From popular tools common
Recipes are masks and rubbing with burdock oil, because
It is the hair growth and energy enhancer. Mix by
a teaspoon of burdock, castor oil and add the same
lemon juice, rub into the roots and distribute through the hair. Do
mask should not be more than twice a week. You will notice very soon
improvements. This mask will add shine to hair: a tablespoon
castor oil and one yolk. Rub into the hair roots, leave
for thirty minutes, then wash off. Or this: one egg, one tea
a spoon of honey, two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Applied on 15

I would like to offer you another effective recipe that
was popular with our grandmothers. Rye bread comes to the rescue. Him
need to pour a decoction of oak bark and mix to obtain
homogeneous mass, then add a little burdock oil. Porridge
rub into the skin and hair, warm and keep all night. I will not
to argue that it is tiring, but effective.

When making recovery masks, follow the three basic rules.
The first is that the masks must be freshly prepared, the second –
be selected individually and be held regularly, the third – if
noticed irritation, then the mask does not suit you.

Strengthen the effect of all the above means will help and
rinsing hair decoction of chamomile or nettle. Of course,
Choose shampoos and conditioners for your hair type. Perfect
An option would be if they will perform a therapeutic function.
Such funds can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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