Hair remodeling

Constant exposure to temperature during straightening, curling,
dry hair dryer, poor ecology leads to hair depletion – they
lose elasticity, shine and beauty. But even for the most
neglected case is salvation.

Hair reconstruction. What it is?

The content of the article:

  • Hair reconstruction. What it is?
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Types of reconstruction
  • Hair Tip Reconstruction
  • Deep hair reconstruction
  • Botox for hair
  • Botox or keratin straightening
  • Thermal hair straightening
  • Hair reconstruction at home by yourself
  • TOP 5 best tools for hair reconstruction
  • What kind of care is needed after reconstruction?
  • Effect time after reconstruction procedures
  • Price for procedures in the salon
  • Reviews

What is hair reconstruction?

First is the return of the outer beauty of the hair –
shine, elasticity, silkiness.

Secondly, it is the restoration of hair structures and layers.
from the inside thanks to the saturation of minerals, vitamins and
use of protein complexes.

Indications for the procedure

  • Fragility
  • Dryness
  • Dullness and fading
  • Split ends
  • Difficult combing
  • Excessive fluffiness and curliness

Types of reconstruction

Now beauty salons offer many ways of reconstruction.
It is necessary to distinguish the main species, whose name comes from
drugs for treatment.

Keratin reconstruction

This is NOT keratin straightening,
leading to changes in hair structure.

→ The keratin reconstruction procedure is
hair filling with keratin, essential amino acids and valuable

What is keratin? Keratin is the main and one of the most
essential proteins that make up the hair.

! Important Over time, the protein inside the hair
collapses and as a result, the hair loses its beauty,
fragility and dryness appear.

Keratin reconstruction aims to fill the deep layers
hair keratin and its successful consolidation. Sealed inside
The hair keratin proteins form strong bonds, providing
resilience, elasticity and resistance to adverse external


  • Allergy and Individual

Before the procedure, it is worth checking your reaction to drugs and
carefully examine the compositions of the funds.

  • Scalp Damage

The presence of scratches, wounds, itching – the reasons for refusing the procedure before

  • Hair loss

For a start, it is worth undergoing a treatment for a fallout to
avoid unpleasant consequences.

Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling

Lipid hair reconstruction

Lipids are fats that form protective and storage layers.
the whole body, in particular, and hair.

Lack of lipids leads to exhaustion, weakening and dryness
hair. Lipid reconstruction allows you to restore the protective layer
hair and fill them with vital moisture and vitamins.

The effect of the procedure is unique: the hair becomes well-groomed.
view, and from the inside are completely restored, become
really healthy.


  • Allergy or intolerance

It is necessary to prematurely examine the composition of funds

  • Pregnancy and lactation

To avoid harmful effects on the child to nursing mothers.
and pregnant women are not recommended to hold lipid

Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling

Hair bioreconstruction

Another name for the procedure is cauterization. This processing
hair with special preparations containing
natural ingredients, such as bamboo extractor.
The main active ingredient is silicon.

The direction of action is the restoration of split hair,
“soldering” scales and tips, reconstruction of damage and,
Of course, hair saturation with valuable minerals.

Split and damaged hair is the first reading on the list.
for bioreconstruction.


  • Perm hair
  • Dyed hair

The procedure can change the shade, so you should wait a little with
discoloration or discard it altogether

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Allergy
  • Hair loss and skin damage

! Warning Complications, irritation or
infection (due to skin damage). Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling

Hair Tip Reconstruction

Spiked tips – this is probably the most common
problem among girls and women of different ages.

In order to return to the tips of the hair a decent look, you can
use one of the above methods. Master in the cabin
will be able to choose the most appropriate means and methods.
for each type of damage.

No one wants to trim the ends and lose the length of the hair, so
Cauterization may be the most appropriate reconstruction.

Example cautery procedure for recovery

  • Cleansing hair and scalp with a special shampoo and application
    on the length of the reducing serum.
  • Drying hair with a hair dryer without ironing or ironing for a deeper
    penetration of the serum into the hair layers.
  • Water cleansing hair serum
  • Applying protein (protein) concentrate to hair for
    recovery and treatment

Application time is determined by the master, usually it is 15-20

  • Washing with water from concentrate
  • Hair treatment over the entire length and especially the tips with an aerosol for
    eliminate scales and tip sections

As a result, the hair is restored and get a well-groomed look and

Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling

Deep hair reconstruction

Deeper recovery is achieved through exposure.
high temperatures during the procedure and treatment
special means.

The reason for this is the acceleration of reactions with increasing
temperatures and deeper “absorption” of keratins, lipids,
minerals in the hair layers.

What is used for this and how is it achieved

For any kind of hair reconstruction to enhance penetration
substances in the hair structure is used iron for distribution
active ingredient.

The iron is recommended to be used only at VERY STRONG
damage, breakage and dryness. For normal recovery
sufficient standard application of keratins, lipids, oils and
other active drugs. Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling
Hair remodeling

Botox for hair

Botox recovery is often resorted to when strong
damage, expecting fast and high quality effect.

Botox for face and botox for hair – different
things. If in the first case injections are carried out under
the skin, in the second – the application of substances to the surface of the hair. Many
complexes for botox hair restoration contain molecules
botulinum toxin, but this has nothing to do with injections for

Like the three methods of reconstruction considered, Botox is suitable
for dry, brittle, damaged hair prone to cutting
the ends.

Основное отличие —
Botox is recommended for owners of painted
, особенно, для блондинок. The reason for this is
elimination of yellowness after the procedure.

Botox or keratin straightening

Often you have to compare botox and keratin straightening,
since the result is one visible effect –
hair straightening.

However, these two procedures are fundamentally

  1. Botox is the restoration of the hair structure, recovery, and
    straightening is smoothing.
  2. Botox retains effect up to 3 months, and straightening – up to 5
  3. Botox fills damaged hair pores, making them less
    fluffy, while maintaining the volume, and straightening – removes the volume
    due to smoothing.
  4. Keratin straightening is a relatively harmful procedure,
    having a number of contraindications, including pregnancy and

Thermal hair straightening

Typically, this procedure is referred to as keratin recovery.
The difference – the inclusion of ironing for the greatest effect. Used ones
same methods as in deep recovery.

Indications: excessive fluffiness, hairstyle
“dandelion”, the effects of perm or strong draining
chemicals and hair dryer, tongs, irons.

Hair reconstruction at home by yourself

A question that excites many: is it possible at home alone?
do the hair reconstruction procedure?

Definitely – yes.

Currently the market provides a huge selection
cosmetic products, including professional. Means for
reconstructions were no exceptions.

TOP 5 best tools for hair reconstruction

  1. Joico K-pak Professional (USA) | based
    drug artificial keratin molecule consisting of 19
    amino acids. From the present keratin molecule, it is less
    size, thanks to which restores the hair core up to
    central part. The noticeable effect of the application is already visible after
    2-4 procedures.
  2. H-BRUSH BOTOX CAPILAR | – keratin set |
    intended for thermal hair reconstruction, suitable for
    hair of all types, consists of a shampoo and a mask. Average cost –
    12 000 rub
  3. Nouvelle (Italy) – contains hop extract and
    hydrolyzed keratin, which strengthens the hair
    and the scalp is saturated with necessary substances, has
    pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.
  4. LANZA (USA) – ideal for caring for
    hair after dyeing and other chemical effects,
    neutralizes the negative effect of hair lightening, chemical
    perm and biowave. Does not contain sulfates, restores
    hair structure, moisturizes, nourishes and makes curls smoother and
  5. Green Light (Italy) – can be applied on
    dull and life-deprived hair, as it does not contain silicone. Course
    includes 2-6 sessions, after which you will see a noticeable effect,
    which will persist for a long time.

How to carry out the procedure at home

For lipid, keratin reduction or bioreconstruction
it is enough to purchase the necessary serums, shampoos and balms in
specialized stores and salons.

  • Shampoos for hair reconstruction –
    We recommend: “Secrets of the grandmother of Agafya”, Londa, Bielita, Vella,
    L’Oreal professional;
  • Scrub – you can buy in the store or
    cook by yourself (mix sea salt and blue cosmetic
    clay in a 1: 1 ratio, add a teaspoon of cosmetic oil
    – jojoba, olive, peach—);
  • Oils – take 1 tablespoon of vegetable
    oil and add 5 drops of essential oil.
  • Masks – a teaspoon of burdock oil, 50ml
    fat kefir and 1 teaspoon crushed aloe leaf,
    mix and put on the head for 40 minutes, do not forget to wear
    warming cap.

Before performing procedures, you should consult with
experts who will help you choose the necessary tools and type
reconstruction. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on
label and follow readings |

What kind of care is needed after reconstruction?

To ensure that the effect after reconstruction is kept as low as possible.
longer, and hair pleased their appearance, you must comply
some care recommendations.

  • Use high-quality shampoos and balms for washing without
    parabens, sulphates, silicones and products
  • Do not forget to apply multivitamin rich masks on a weekly basis.
    minerals and oils
  • Protect hair from the sun with aerosols or head
  • Avoid exposure to sea water and chlorine.
  • Minimize the use of styling products and hot

Effect time after reconstruction procedures

The effect lasts from 4 to 8 weeks, or 1-2

However, one must not forget and maintain the beauty of hair and
proper care after reconstruction, otherwise you can lose the effect
ahead of time. |

Price for procedures in the salon

In the cabin, the price of the reconstruction will depend on several

  • Hair length
  • Hair density
  • Damage rate
  • Type of reconstruction

Keratin recovery: average price – from
750 rubles

Lipid repair: average price – from
900 rubles

Bioreconstruction: the average price – from 1500

  • Cost of funds
  • City in which the procedure is carried out

Some screenshots from Moscow beauty salons:

Hair remodeling

sources:, |

It is known that in large cities and metropolitan areas prices are significantly
higher than in smaller cities. However, you can always find
suitable salon with adequate prices. ! Important Price
It is necessary to clarify in the cabin of your city after consultation with
a specialist.


A few reviews from the popular resource | about
hair reconstruction using | Inoar Hair Treatment:



Feedback on the procedure itself in the salon from the site

Video review of the procedure deep hair reconstruction

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