Hair shielding at home and in salon – the pros and cons of the procedure

Escaping is an innovative procedure for hair, in
minutes turning lifeless strands into chic curls.
And this is not just a cosmetic effect, it is the result of a deep and
intensive recovery.

What is hair shielding?

The content of the article:

  • What is hair shielding?
  • Indications and contraindications to the procedure
  • Result Photo before and after
  • Types of shielding
  • Pros and cons of shielding hair
  • Stages of the procedure in the salon
  • Where to buy the right tools? Popular | kits for
    hair shielding
  • How much does the effect and care after the procedure
  • Cost of
  • Hair shielding at home
  • What else can be combined screening?
  • Hair shielding or lamination which is better?
  • What is better – botox for hair or shielding?
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Conclusion
  • Reviews
  • Video, what is shielding and how to do it

Escaping – a modern beauty procedure as a result of which
inside the hair shaft, the water balance is normalized and occurs
saturation with essential vitamins and microelements. Every hair
covered with a thin film that protects the hair from
negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and hot

Shielding preparations are made on the basis of soy
proteins, amino acids and other components of the plant
origin, making it harmless and safe for

Full restoration of the hair is made in 3

  1. Alignment of the hair shaft and deep moisturizing.
  2. Rebuilding and strengthening.
  3. Protection against external factors and shine.

Despite the fact that in Russia the procedure appeared recently, she
is rapidly gaining popularity among women
beautiful sex.

Note! Shielding fit
even hair that has never been dyed.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Hair screening has both indications and

Indications for hair shielding

  • Severe damage throughout the hairline
    rod – section along the length and at the tips, dryness,
    fragility, tangling.
  • The effects of aggressive staining
    dyes perm or straightening.
  • Faded and faded hair.
  • Aggressive environmental exposure
    high humidity, cold, wind, salty or chlorinated water,
    dry air

Contraindications to shielding

Despite the relative safety of the procedure, it has a number of
contraindications, including:

  • Alopecia. Hair rods after
    shieldings become heavier and thicker, which only accelerates
    dropping out.
  • Asian hair is thick, thick and
    straight from nature. On them, the effect will be almost invisible.
  • Fat roots and scalp, sweating. If a
    in the summer you do not part with dry shampoo or wash your hair twice in
    day – screening is not for you. After deep moisturizing hair
    will look even more untidy.
  • Inflammatory diseases or microtraumas on
    scalp. Drug hitting sensitive
    skin, may provoke suppuration or itching.
  • Allergies to components that make up for

Result Photo before and after

After shielding, the curls become soft, smooth and
pliable to styling. The hair is protected from aggressive
exposure to sunlight and high temperatures.

Note! Dyed hair
after shielding they wash out more slowly and keep fresh longer

Types of shielding

There are two types of shielding, more about them:


The protective film performs not only protective functions, but also
gives the hair the desired shade. This type of staining is safe.
for the hair structure, since the pigment is attached outside the rod, and
not inside. In addition, the coloring composition is enriched with ceramides and
fats useful for hair.


Shielding performs only protective and restoring
function without affecting the color of the hair.

Pros and cons of shielding hair

Let’s start with the predominant side –

  • Hair looks healthier and shiny.
  • The problem of section along the length and on the tips is solved.
  • Protective film prevents burnout in the sun, negative
    exposure to chlorinated or marine, which makes shielding
    perfect procedure before the holiday.
  • Color after staining longer remains bright and fresh.
  • Strands are easier to comb, less electrifying and pushing.
  • Hair becomes pleasant and silky to the touch.
  • The result is noticeable immediately and has a cumulative effect.

But the procedure has drawbacks:

  • Hair becomes heavier, and if by nature it is thick, then
    more and tougher.
  • With each head wash, the protective layer is gradually
  • Not suitable for bleached hair.
  • Not suitable for oily scalp.

Stages of the procedure in the salon

In the salon hair shielding occurs in several stages:

  1. Washing your head with shampoo.
  2. Multistage treatment of moist hair with nourishing
    substances and their aging.
  3. Wash.
  4. Natural hair drying without hair dryer.
  5. Applying a screening compound.
  6. Uniform drying with the aid of a drier, to speed up
    absorption of nutrients.

Important! The procedure does not require special
preparation, however if there is a problem of falling out or dandruff, then
pre-consult with trichologist.

Where to buy the right tools? Popular | kits for
hair shielding

Hair shielding kits available in stores
professional hairdressing cosmetics and online stores
manufacturer. Acquire only tried and tested ones.
yourself brands.

Estel Q3 therapy for damaged hair

The products of this line are designed for emergency
restoration of heavily weakened and damaged strands. Composition
enriched with soy protein, amino acids and ceramides, and
vegetable oils macadamia and argan.

The composition includes:

  • Conditioner-conditioner.
  • Oil for shielding.
  • Oil shine.

Estel Q3 BLOND

Estel Q3 therapy

Unlike the previous set, great for therapy on
Blondirovanny hair.

The kit includes:

  • Two-phase conditioner for blonde Q3 Blond.
  • Q3 Luxury oil for all hair types.
  • Oil shine for all hair types.


Kemon’s shielding is recommended for girls with curly and
curly hair, because the tool not only nourishes the hair, but also
perfectly smooths them.

The kit includes:

  • Cream for smoothing curly hair.
  • Regenerating oil.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Neutralizer

The kit is rarely found in the public domain and more.
designed for salon procedures.

Paul mitchell

In the Paul Mitchell product line, you can
color and colorless shielding.

For the procedure need:

  • shampoo for deep cleaning;
  • moisturizing mask;
  • coloring or colorless shielding formulation;
  • treated oil.

Unlike the brands listed above, Paul Mitchell does not
releases sets – each tool will have to buy at

How much does the effect and care after the procedure

Depending on the condition of the hair, the frequency of washing the head and
specific means, the result from shielding can be saved
from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.

As for color shielding, the color rests on
over 2 – 3 weeks.

How often can you do?

The minimum recovery rate consists of 5 procedures with
once every 2 weeks. If the hair condition is very bad
– You can participate up to 1 time per week. The maximum course consists of
10 sessions. Without harm to health, it can only be repeated.
6 months after the last procedure.

Care after shielding hair is almost no different from
familiar, except for the following two rules:

  • You can wash your hair only with sulfate-free shampoo.
  • After washing you need to use a balm or conditioner, for
    prevent electrifying hair.

Cost of

If you are planning a screening procedure
independently, its cost will depend on the price of the set.
On average, a set of Estelle is 1900 – 3000 rubles. Buying total
what Paul Mitchell needs will cost you 6500-7000 rubles. A plus
home shielding is that one set
enough for 3 – 5 treatments.

As for the salon screening, the price spread

Hair length The average price in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Short haircut 1500 – 3000
Hair on shoulders 3000 – 5000
Curls below the shoulder blades 5000 and above

Hair shielding at home

Most shielding kits have similar instructions.
application. Below is a guide to using
sets from Estel. Use it if you plan to make
home screening:

  1. Wash your hair with deep shampoo
    cleaning up. It will remove the remnants of styling products from the hair and
    silicones, and also slightly open the hair scales and prepare them
    nutrient penetration.
  2. Wipe the hair with a towel.
  3. Divide wet hair into 4 parts. For
    convenience, hold the narrow side of the comb from ear to ear, and from
    crown to the head.
  4. Shake shielding oil thoroughly,
    and treat all hair in a row.
  5. Type the second oil in the palm of your hand.
    rub and heat in the hands and spread along the length avoiding
    root zone.
  6. Shake the bottle with 3 ingredients and again
    spread over the entire length, excluding the roots.
  7. Dry your hair with a hair dryer and put it in with an iron.

Note! In order not to overdo it with
the number of indelible compositions – use no more than 3 clicks
for each means. This will be enough for medium hair.
long and thick.

What else can be combined screening?

If your hair is very loose and drained, then specialists
beauty salon may be advised to do first lamination
(or phytolamination), and then shielding. Procedures complement
each other, causing the difference “before and after” to be just

Hair shielding or lamination which is better?

Lamination is a cosmetic procedure aimed at
visual improvement of the state of hair.

Hair lamination before and after


  • Suitable for hair of any type and length.
  • Due to the protective film, gives hair noticeable
  • Fixes the result of staining.


  • The protective film is too dense and impairs absorption.
    beneficial substances of their care products.
  • Does not heal hair, and with regular repetition – worsens them
  • Short-term result – up to 3 weeks or less.

Experts recommend not to choose between lamination and
shielding, and do them alternately or simultaneously.

What is better – botox for hair or shielding?

Botox for hair

The therapeutic effect of Botox for the hair has not been proven,
However, cosmetic – there is. For the sake of visual grooming and
gloss, many young ladies do this procedure time after time.


  • Eliminates cross section and down.
  • It returns shine and elasticity to hair.
  • Does not weigh strands.


  • It has a large list of contraindications.
  • With frequent repetition worsens the structure of the curls and makes them
    more brittle and dry.

Note! To choose for yourself
more suitable procedure – consult with a specialist.
He will assess the condition of your hair and give recommendations.

Analogs and similar procedures

Keratin straightening

Deeply restores the keratin layer of the hair, making hair
more smooth and shiny.

There are 2 types of procedure:

  • Brazilian – during the procedure
    formaldehyde is used. Intensively straightens hair, but requires
    additional use of shampoos and conditioners with
  • American – has a more gentle composition,
    and accordingly – high cost.


Glazing is much like lamination, however, is
its more harmless and affordable counterpart. As well as
shielding, creates a thin protective film on the hair.
Seals split ends and solves sticking problem
“a gun”.


Shielding can be a great solution before you leave on
sunny coast – your hair will be safe despite
scorching sun and salt water. But residents of megacities celebrate
advantages of the procedure – despite the poor environmental conditions,
constant smog and gas pollution – curls look healthy,
smooth and radiant.


Several reviews from popular resources | and |,
images can be zoomed.

Video, what is shielding and how to do it

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