Hair shielding: features of the procedure, top 3 best teams

A list of treatments for hair that are held in salons or
at home, constantly updated. In addition to creating a visually beautiful
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Shielded Hair

The category of such double action services
hair shielding that is rapidly gaining

  • 1 What is hair shielding
  • 2 Varieties and features of the procedure
  • 3 Indications and advantages of shielding
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 rating of popular screening kits
  • 6 Analogs and similar procedures
  • 7 Screening hair at home

What is hair shielding

Partially explanation, what kind of procedure is this “shielding”,
covered in the title. During its carrying out are put
formulations that cover the hair with a special “screen”
reflecting negative environmental factors.

Formulations for shielding hair

This protection provides a well-groomed, beautiful view.
hairstyles, additionally penetrating the hairs and
filling their structure with useful components.

The shielding is performed using kits consisting of
fixed assets and additional cleansing,
smoothing, fixing the result of substances. Components
harmless, among them are natural oils, vitamin
complexes, amino acids and proteins.

This video explains what screening and its

Varieties and features of the procedure

Escaping is carried out according to a specific scheme both in the cabin, and in
and at home. Differ compositions only in the case of
need for hair coloring. According to this parameter, the procedure
divided into 2 types:

  1. Color, for which dye is added to the composition, not
    containing harmful alkaline components. Color Screening
  2. Colorless when the color remains unchanged.

Tip! Coloring pigment when shielding
it is washed off faster than with conventional dyeing. This feature
It is advised to use those who select a new color for

The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes. Because
sets of different manufacturers differ in components,
It is important to follow the instructions. Shielding effect visible
after the first procedure, but only on damaged and weak

At the same time, the result lasts an average of 2–3 weeks, accumulating
after each correction. Recommended for healthy and thick hair
find a protective agent with a longer action.

Indications and advantages of shielding

The main advantage of the procedure is the double effect,
consisting in the improvement and improvement of the external
kind of hair.

Improving hair after the procedure

Escaping is recommended in the following situations:

  • in case of damage to the hairs after perm, dyeing,
    frequent use of hair dryer, curling iron, ironing;
  • if there is a dullness, fragility of the hair,
    tip section;
  • with dryness and lack of volume;
  • if there are difficulties with laying naughty or curly

About 80% of girls and women are satisfied with the result of the procedure.
The effectiveness depends on the chosen brand, the correct conduct
and subsequent care, as well as from the initial state

Hair shielding results

The action of high-quality screening is expressed in the following:

  • hairstyle density increases by 20–30%;
  • decreases the number of protruding hairs: they
    level, easier to fit;
  • smoothness, shine, rich color appears (in the presence of
    coloring pigment);
  • damage to the internal structure of the hairs is filled,
    there is an active moisture from the inside;
  • a protective coating is formed that repels dust, heavy
    compounds of water, cosmetics, protecting the hair from the frost,
    sun or heat treatment.

To feel the benefits, it is important to avoid fakes, to carry out
procedure by courses of at least 5 repetitions.


Indications for the procedure

Even natural components included in shielding kits
can cause allergic reactions. To avoid
individual intolerance should be carefully studied
composition, conduct a preliminary test for allergies. For
This tool is applied to the wrist or the occipital part of the day before
the main procedure.

Other contraindications include:

  • severe hair loss as shielding weights
    hairs, increasing tension on the bulb;
  • increased fat content of the scalp and
  • irritation or damage to the skin.

Bad hair

It should be borne in mind that hair becomes hard, heavy,
electrified without the use of special balms after each
washing up. The disadvantages include a short-term effect.
probability of brittleness increase after washing off the protective

Rating of popular screening kits

In the salon or for home use give preference
means of Russian or foreign production. By
reviews of masters and those who have tried screening on
yourself, a rating of 3 top sets. These include:

  1. American brand Paul Mitchell with a line of Shines, consisting
    from preparations for colorless and color (a palette from 32 tones)
    shielding. The kit includes shampoo for intensive cleansing,
    moisturizing mask, basic composition and product for the lungs
    combing hairs. Dignity – natural ingredients
    at the heart of the product that is grown on your own farm
    firms. American brand
  2. Italian brand Kemon, differing hypoallergenic
    organic compounds. Consisting of a smoothing cream,
    neutralizer substance to restore structure
    hairs, fixer. Great for straightening fluffy and
    curly curls.
  3. Estel hair shielding kit (Russia), presented
    means of Estel Q3 Blond for blondes (with pigment against
    yellowing) and estel q3 therapy for damaged
    hair. Includes air conditioning, oil with natural.
    extracts, spray for shine. Minus – silicone substances in
    composition. Set Estelle

In the salon, the price of the procedure depends on the preparation with which
works wizard. On average, the cost starts from 400-500
rubles for a short length when using estel sets
(shielding hair Q 3).

With the Paul Mitchell brand, the service will become more expensive at approximately 1.5–2
times. For home use a set of American brand
will cost an average of 7,000 rubles, the domestic brand – 2
500 rubles.

Analogs and similar procedures

The screening is compared to the hair lamination procedure.
Salon masters recommend combining both services, since
the first improves the hairs from the inside, and the second gives more
noticeable visual effect.

Tip! Choosing which is better: shielding or
lamination of hair, it is important to consider the initial state of the hair.

Brittleness, dryness must be treated, and healthy, but
dim or naughty curls enough

Laminated hair

Lamination is like glazing the hair, although
the latter holds less but is safer for
shag Unlike shielding procedure with coating
“glaze” is not therapeutic, as only envelops the hair

Keratin straightening shows a tangible difference if
compare the results before and after the procedure. Hair becomes
perfectly straight, flowing, shiny, and the effect itself holds
much longer than shielding. But at the same time keratin
can cause irritation and allergies, and the method itself
does not affect the hairs from the inside, i.e. it does not carry healing

The shielding is similar in action to botox for hair. In both
In some cases, internal filling of the structure is beneficial.
hair substances.

Shielded curls

The effect after Botox is held 2-3 times
longer, but the side effects of the procedure are greater because
The composition is less natural than shielding kits.

Recommendation! Shielding is great for
protect your hair on holiday from the sun or frost. By the procedure resorted
before important events.

Hair shielding at home

Home screening is not significantly different from the salon.
Provided that the result is correct and consistent
last 2-4 weeks. Repeated
procedure once a month, preferably in 7–10 courses
repetitions, after which they pause for 6–9 months.

Self recipe means for screening repeat
difficult, so for the use of the house they buy a ready-made set.
The choice of manufacturer depends on the material possibilities and
declared features of cosmetics.

To figure out how to do home screening
Hair, Estelle’s instruction is a good example.

Hair care

The procedure is performed according to the scheme:

  1. The hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo for deep cleaning.
  2. Balm conditioner evenly distributed over
  3. Hair is slightly dried in a natural way.
  4. Apply the basic composition, excluding 3-5 cm at the roots.
  5. Color tools are applied at full length.
  6. The drug is incubated for 10-15 minutes, then thoroughly washed.
    under strong water pressure.
  7. Hot stream of air from the dryer dry hair.
  8. In conclusion, use a fixative composition
    (spray for shine) in length.
  9. Hair is additionally blow-dried or evened out.

This video tells and shows how to make the screening
hair at home.

Subsequent hair care is different
simplicity. Exclude shampoos for deep cleansing, products with
alkali or alcohol. To avoid electrification, use
balms against statics.

In most salons or on the Internet posted a photo of hair after
screening procedures. Visual effect is enough
attractive, but the main advantage is therapeutic action,
aimed at restoring the hair structure.

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