Hair spike – the solution for all times!

hairstyle spikelet photoHairstyle
spikelet remains hairstyle for all occasions and times. Mastered
braiding a simple braid, you can begin to master
French weaving, that is, hairstyle spikelet.

Hair spikelet – always stylish and simple at the same time. Such
hairstyle looks perfect on any hair and not much effort
will require. Spikelet hairstyle will be comfortable and in the summer heat, and in
time sports.

Over the years of its existence, the spikelet hairstyle – the scheme of which
could not change even a little, now takes such forms
that a few years ago he had not even dreamed of his fans.

If before the whole thing was limited to one pigtail, now
hairstyles, kosichki – spikelets can be done any number – two
the sides of the head or the many “spikelets” that are replaced by small
French braids. They are similar to African, but their
the cardinal difference is that the “spikelets” plow their heads,
which turn into the finest braids.

Hair spikelet around the head is a classic style
sportswomen. After all, from her hair is quite difficult to break out. Such
hare-based hairstyles remain unusually functional.

spikelet hairstyle photo 2Spikelet is perfect as
little girls as well as adult women, and is known and in
Hollywood. Drew Barrymore wears this hairstyle. In her opinion, thanks
hair spikelet, she looks more sexy. In 2009 among
Other hairstyles “spike” even became a new trend. She is capable
at the same time add a woman chic, as well as a kind of childishness.

Indeed, the spike hairstyle is common among children, because
Mom braids it. It is not so easy to make such a hairstyle itself.
That is why among women and girls hairstyle spikelet is common
not so much.

But, if you want to change the image or add fresh style to your style
jet, the spike hairstyle will help you with this. The main thing is to make it
according to your lifestyle. After all, hair can affect
on the opinion of those around you.

Modern options look very sexy and romantic.
hairstyles “Spike” will help you out in any situation! It only remains
Learn to make this hairstyle neat.

What are the hairstyle options on the spikelet?

First, they include the French braids, which are like
they surround the head with mysterious weaving. The peculiarity of such braids
is weak weaving, braids seem bulky and heavy, always
remaining a great excuse to go to a dinner party or

hairstyle spikelet photo 3Secondly, it includes selected
spikelet. The zest of it is that the pigtail is tucked into weaving,
located on the back of the head. It is stylish and very comfortable, especially for
gymnasium or sea voyage, but suitable for
romantic dinner

Thirdly, the classic itself is the most popular.
This is an ordinary pigtail, only much prettier and at the same time
more difficult.

And finally, the flirty two spikelets – the hairstyle of which can
include more than two. A great option for evening styling. AT
Classic weaving is worth adding rhinestones or flowers. AND
voila, you’ll catch on yourself the rapturous looks of men, and
Sneaky women will carefully consider your weaving.

How to make spikelet hair

It is impossible to braid a spike without knowledge of technology and without attaching
effort and patience. So it remains to “arm with attention” and
hair spikelet – how to weave which we describe next, it will turn out
perfect. Now you can begin to master the technology itself:

  • First, comb your hair, lifting it at the roots
  • then we put together the top strands and select three parts;
  • Now braid ordinary pigtail. The right strand combine
    from the middle, and the left – from the right. We make such braids
  • Then we begin to weave the spikelet itself. Grab the bottom strand
    right thumb and weave a braid, gently holding
    by hand;
  • already interweaved in the middle of the strand put a cross on the cross with the right
  • do the same with the left side. Curl left
    apply to the left strand in the center of the hair;
  • now cross the strands in the middle with the left
  • dolelet to the finish, following this technique.

At first the spikelet hairstyle may not be tight enough.
But, when you do your hairstyle often, you will no longer have to pull it on purpose, and
will do it spontaneously. To make your hairstyle
looked neat, you can use wax or gel. Via
them hairstyle spikelet acquire shine, and it will not
“cockerels”. Still it is worth taking advantage of a good elastic rubber band.
This is exactly what wedding hairstyles spike do.

The proposed technique will allow to braid one pigtail or
several braids. If your hair is too thick, it will do.
means for alignment of hair, or usual gel. Give a gift
yourself and your hair elegant style of this Parisian woman!

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