Hair straighteners are the best and popular

The problem of curly and recalcitrant hair will always be relevant and
Cosmetic manufacturers understand this perfectly.

Shampoos, skins, styling, mousse – any product can help
deal with the problem. What brands should pay attention to?
Read in our article.


Hair botox with straightening effect

The content of the article:

  • Hair botox with straightening effect
  • Straightening mousse
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hair straightening serum
  • Thermal protection for hair straightening
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hair straightening balms
  • Hair straightening cream
  • Hair Sprays
  • Shampoos for hair straightening
  • Hair Straightening Gels
  • Keratin for straightening
  • Straightening Permanent
  • Conclusion

The most popular brand of Botox hair:

Honma tokyo h brush botox capilar

tokyo h brush

Manufacturer: Honma Tokyo.

It affects the hair from the inside, replenishing the reserve of the lost
nutrients and saturating moisture. Hair becomes neat
and well-groomed in appearance after the first application. Small disappear
hairs, creases and curls caused by stretching and damage
rod. Suitable for regeneration of hair after aggressive
chemical exposure, dyeing, bleaching or improper

Note! This botox contains a neutralizer
yellow pigment, making it ideal for blondes.

It has the function of shielding, thanks to which the hair
reliably protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Price: from 11,000 rubles.

Straightening mousse

Consider hair straightening mousses:

Hair Company Mousse Trattante


Manufacturer: Hair Company

Due to the high content of vegetable proteins
in the composition, the mousse deeply moisturizes, restructures and protects
curls both during styling and after it. Securely fixes
hair straightened and reduces aggressive effects
the environment. Can be used as a diluent.
element when staining to make the color less intense or
reduce the impact on damaged hair.

Price: from 965 rubles.

Ollin Professional Mousse Hair Density


Suitable for any type of hair.

Price: from 482 rubles

In Russia, this mousse is known as “hair density” that
fully meets its characteristics – it tightens the hair
entire length solving the problem of porosity and uncontrolled curls.
D-panthenol in the composition makes the hair more elastic and endows
healthy shine. Can be used instead of air conditioning on
washed and wet strands.

Hair straighteners

The most popular hair straightening foam:

La Biosthetique Curl Control Mousse


Manufacturer: La Biosthetique

Means provides high reliability of laying, but at the same time
keeps hair elastic and mobile, prevents negative
exposure to hot air and the environment. May be
used for structuring curly hair and for
straightening wavy. Smoothes down sticking down and softens
porous hair. It has a gel form, which
converted to foam.

Price: from 1459 rubles.

Hair straightening serum

Several brands of serum for hair straightening:

Paul Mitchell Round Trip

Round Trip

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell

Special formula designed to care and weight unnecessarily
fluffy hair prone to loss of shape during moisture. Protects
during hot laying and minimizes the time needed
impact. Smoothes hair without the effect of weighting and

Price: from 1595 rubles.

Super Skinny Serum Paul Mitchell

Serum Paul

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell

Polishes and levels the surface of each hair shaft,
sealing the split ends and smoothing the hair scales.
Serum does not require rinsing and is consumed very sparingly.
due to the high concentration of nutrients in the composition. It has
pleasant exotic melon flavor that makes the application process
even more relaxing.

Main active ingredients:

  • silicone;
  • UV complex;
  • vegetable proteins;
  • marine extracts.

Price: from 2074 rubles.

Schwarzkopf OSiS + Flatliner

OSiS + Flatliner

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional

Serum is designed to smooth curly hair and
maintaining the result for 10 hours and longer. Hair
remain shiny and smooth throughout the day outside
depending on the weather, easy to comb and not amenable to static
while putting on synthetic clothes.

Pay attention! | Serum withstands up to 200
degrees of temperature of heating, without leaving white on the hair
sediment or film.

Allows you to create perfectly smooth and smooth styling, which
will look natural and neat. Price from
1300 rubles.

Thermal protection for hair straightening

Consider several means for thermal protection:

Allin Thermo Protective Hair Straightening

Protective Hair

Manufacturer: Оllin

Protects curls from negative impact during processing
curling or hot hair dryer. Makes hair more supple and
obedient, contributing to the speedy straightening and improving the final
laying result. Applied by spraying on wet hair
immediately before drying.

Price: from 350 rubles.

Vitex Keratin Styling

Keratin Styling

Manufacturer: Belita

Allows you to experiment with styling as straightening curls, so
and curling straight hair. Maintains high temperatures of curling and
hot air dryer, reliably protecting hair from drying out.
Liquid keratins in the composition give the hair a dazzling shine,
restore their structure, prevent breakage and

Price: from 184 rubles.

Hair straighteners

Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth Taming Conditioner

Dualsenses Just Smooth

Brand: Goldwell

Stabilizing and structuring conditioner for felted,
wavy and curly hair. Kukui nut oil contributes to the best
smoothing and facilitates combing. Makes strands more
pleasant and soft to the touch. To prevent dirty effects
curls, apply the agent retreating 3 centimeters from the roots.

Price: 1 140 rubles

Goldwell kerasilk premium control conditioner

control conditioner

Manufacturer: Goldwell

It has a thick creamy texture that is nice to put on
a head of hair. Substance does not move away from the strand, enveloping and sipping
every hair helps smooth and neutralize

Price: from 1 873 rubles.

Hair straightening balms

Estel Professional DeLuxe Therapy

Estel Professional

Manufacturer: Estel Professional

Prepares hair for permanent straightening, as well as
contributes to their speedy recovery after the procedure. AT
the result of alignment of the hair structure and saturation with moisture,
any chemical reagent, paint or tint dye will fall
much smoother, leaving no stains.

Price: from 695 rubles

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

Relaxing Balm

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell

Balsam penetrates deep under the hair scales and restructures
them from the inside, making it straight and smooth. Based on active ingredients
vegetable origin:

  • rosemary extract;
  • henna;
  • chamomile extract;
  • aloe extract;
  • jojoba extract;
  • algae extract.

Price: from 1 914 wheels.

The product creates on the hair the thinnest film that serves
UV filter and prevents burnout in the sun, and
also softens the impact of the curling. Just one minute is enough
to balm transformed hair beyond recognition.



Manufacturer: Kapous Professional

Balm promotes rapid transformation of hair, and improves
even those that got their sloppy look because of the regular
improper care. Thanks to components like keratin and
shea butter, shine and elasticity instantly return to
curls, and as a bonus – an incredible smoothness appears and

Note! Abuse of funds with
high keratin content can lead to excessive
weight of the hair shafts and increased load on the follicles.

Price: from 282 rubles.

Hair straightening cream

Hair Company Hair Light Straight System

Straight System

Manufacturer: Hair Company

The sequence of using the tools from the kit is as follows:

  • shampoo;
  • mousse;
  • cream.

The exposure time of the cream depends on the type of hair, where 12-15 for
natural, and 7-10 for previously painted. It is forbidden to use on
sensitive or injured scalp, discolored but
pigment-free hair.

Price: from 1265 rubles.

This is a whole set of tools where the main function is performed
smoothing cream Straight System. Guarantees a delicate
alignment, removal of statics and saturation brilliance. Thanks
extract of calendula and essential alcohols in the composition, the skin hydrobalance
head is restored, which prevents the appearance of effect
“sebaceous roots”.

Loreal X-TENSO


manufacturer: Loreal Professional

In the X-TENSO lineup, the manufacturer presented immediately 3 funds for
choice: for natural, hard and damaged hair.

The cream unravels even difficult to comb ticks and makes
hair is much smoother and more straight. With regular
using a number of curls gradually fades away. Effect
smooth hair lasts about 2 months, depending on the initial
state of shag.

Price: from 3074 rubles.



Manufacturer: Greymy

The cream is enriched with keratin complex and suitable for straightening.
thin, porous, fragile and dyed hair. Provides
magnificent effect of straightening, thermoprotection and healthy gloss.
In addition to the main components contains silk proteins.

Price: from 495 rubles.

Alfaparf Semi di Lino Discipline Frizz Smoothing Cream


Manufacturer: Alfaparf

Straightens, nourishes and protects strands from adverse effects.
Environment: smog, gas or hot sun.
Activated and fixed with high temperatures (ironing
or hair dryer).

It makes even the most rigid curls flexible, direct and obedient.
Organic almond oil and flax extracts nourish the strands
natural energy.

Price: from 902 rubles.

Hair Sprays

Brelil unike ultra liss spray

ultra liss spray


Spray microparticles tightly wrap each hair and create
heat-shielding and reflective film that straightens hair and
gives them a mirror shine. Fills the lack of moisture and

Price: from 639 rubles.

Shampoos for hair straightening

Estel keratin


Manufacturer: Estel

Deeply cleanses and nourishes hair at the same time.
keratin inside. Adds shine to damaged strands. Cleans up
sloppy fluff in length, making hair more visually
smooth, due to argan oil and liquid keratin. Before use
It is recommended to comb the hair with a comb with occasional teeth.

Price: 350 rubles.

Matrix Curl Please

Curl Please

Manufacturer: Matrix

Shampoo is designed specifically for washing very fluffy,
wavy and curly hair, saturated with jojoba oil, which makes
hair is softer and structures beautiful curls. Does
shag more ductile to styling.

Price: from 590 rubles.

Super Skinny Shampoo Paul Mitchell

Super mitchell

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell

The shampoo has been awarded several efficiencies and awards.
commission estimates, thanks to extracts of Roman chamomile, jojoba and

Delicately cleanses, softens stiff curls, facilitates styling and
reduces the drying time of the hair dryer. Suitable for regular
of use. Does not contain parabens.

Price: 1430 rubles.

Lebel Cosmetics Proedit Home Charge Through Fit Shampoo

Fit Shampoo

Manufacturer: Lebel Cosmetics

Designed for thick, rigid and unruly curls,
prevents the formation of knots and mats. Neutralizes sediment
hazardous chemicals after installation. Creates sunscreen on hair
SPF 10 filter. Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. Suitable for
daily use. It has a slight cumulative effect.

Price: from 1550 rubles.

Hair Straightening Gels

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Straight Works

moothing Straight Works

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell

It has the lightest texture, which is perfectly distributed
even on the most tightly curled. Does hair straight, but with
this moving, while preserving their natural and healthy radiance.
Active ingredients: rosemary extract, aloe vera and oil

Price: from 1944 rubles.

CHI Infra Straight Guard


Manufacturer: CHI

Smoothes curly hair making it smooth and shiny. For
Gain effect experts recommend adding thermal
the impact of a hair dryer or curling.

The composition includes active ingredients such as proteins.
wheat, liquid collagen, liquid silk.

Price: 1100 rubles.

Keratin for straightening

Brazilian blowout


Manufacturer: Brazilian Professionals

Brazilian blowout is a professional tool.
straightening and hair restoration that has already been tested and
appreciated by Hollywood celebrities such as
Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman and many others.
The result is saved up to six months, and the procedure itself has
cumulative effect. The basis of the drug – a complex of amino acids
natural origin.

Price: 1450 rubles.

Keratin Research Gold Label

Gold Label

Manufacturer: Label

Copes with smoothing even the thickest hair
rods, giving them incredible sowing and smoothness. Behind
the effectiveness of the means meets the whole complex of oils: avocado,
jojoba, argan, grapes. The effect persists for 5

Important! The product is strictly for
professional use in the beauty salon.

Price: 8 200 rub.

Inoar moroccan


Manufacturer: Inoar

The product has been on the market for over 20 years and is stable.
keeps on leadership positions all this time. Suitable for hair
of any type and structure, and the G Hair line products
even with the toughest and most unfolding curls.

The main active ingredients: keratin, cocoa bean extract,
white clay, wheat germ proteins, panthenol. Silicone in
preparations is absent, which means the natural volume of hair will be
saved in its original form.

Cost: 1500 rubles

CocoChoco Keratin Treatment Mask

Teatment Mask

Manufacturer: CocoChoco

Another composition for professional Brazilian keratin
straightening. Envelops each hair shaft and dotted
fills existing voids with keratin. Active ingredients:
Dead Sea minerals, vegetable oils, keratin (synthesis
keratin from sheep wool). Does not contain formaldehyde and other
hazardous chemicals.

Price: 10 900 rubles.

Straightening Permanent

Strait styling glatt


Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf

A set of tools for permanent straightening the hair that
able to turn even the loudest shock of hair in perfect
smooth styling. Straightens both wavy and curly curls,
keeping their natural look.

Price: from 340 rubles.

Brelil professional Relaxin4Ever


Manufacturer: Brelil professional

In one procedure, it will relieve the effects of chemical curling
straighten natural curls. Makes hair soft thanks to
restructuring proteins of plant origin.

STRETCH1 is suitable for smoothing natural,
stiff hair of Asian or African type.

STRETCH2 tool to restore the natural structure
hair after chemical treatment

Price: from 7536 rubles

Kapous GlyoxySleek Hair

Sleek Hair

Manufacturer: Kapous

The basis of this permanent is glyoxylic acid, which
smoothes hair, making it pleasant and silky to the touch.
The active protein complex acts pointwise, restoring and
compacting those areas of the hair that need it. Panthenol also
promotes overall health and helps retain moisture.
The result lasts up to 3 months.

Price: from 990 rubles

Napla HB Spruce Straight Series

Straight Series

Manufacturer: Napla

Hair gently straightened thanks to extracts of such healing
plants like:

  • St. John’s wort;
  • Japanese linden;
  • calendula;
  • knapweed;
  • chamomile noble.

Technology Japanese hair straightening, which gives
amazing effect of smoothness and healthy shine regardless of
their original condition. The choice for the buyer provided 2

  1. For unpainted, hard or hard
  2. For painted medium damaged.

Means does not contain silicones and other weighting substances.
The effect of straightening lasts six months or more.

Price: from 3000 rubles.


Making hair smooth is not as difficult as it seems at first
sight. Buy a suitable smoothing tool is much easier
when you are targeting products, existing brands and
pricing policy.

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