Hair straightening – the most effective methods!

hair straightening ironingOh how she took off her hat
in the winter! This was a unique and fascinating magic. Flying with
fur hat snowflakes, sparkling, circling in the air, showered shoulders
and a cloud of springy curls. They were very stubborn – these
naughty, masterful curls – how many times, entering with them in
clearly unequal battle, the hostess complained about the injustice of the laws
genetics and the absence of even the slightest choice.

Indeed, if in your family there is a representative of the beautiful
never held a curler in their hands, papilotki or curling and
never wondered how the perm is done, nature
leaves few options – the hair structure, like color, is transmitted
from generation to generation.

The paradox is that the curly ladies, also strongly
they want to straighten hair like smooth-haired ladies – to curl. For
Curling beauty industry offers a lot of options – you can
choose suitable for any type of hair, any length and
in almost any health condition. This is a classic chemical.
perm, bio-perm, perm on fruit amino acids,
long-term styling (carving) – the development of technology gives
women the opportunity to minimize the harmful effects on

Straightening methods

hairdresser toolsTO
the joy of curly fashionistas, the beauty industry does not forget about them. On
today, all existing straightening methods can
divided into mechanical and deep impact. Group names
conditional and reflect only the essence of the method.

There are various devices designed for straightening.
hair at home. And some modern models combine
in itself the functions of curling (i.e. curling, creating curls) and functions
ironing (i.e. straightening, smoothing). Although, if the curl is not
too steep, then the usual hair straightening iron will do.
The essence of these devices is thermal exposure
on the hair.

If the hair does not curl, and “worry” or “push”, give it
the desired smoothness can be achieved with a tough thick brush and
hair dryer: after washing and applying care products, dry hair
a towel and dry separate, not too thick strands without
winding – strand is captured with a brush and stretches down,
pulling the brush along the length of the strand. The air should not be too
hot, the hair dryer follows the direction of the brush down, while
direct the flow of air is not perpendicular to the strands, and along
her This will give your hair extra shine and smoothness – scales.
the hair will be smoother and better reflect the light.

Hair dryer and brush – the most gentle way. However, it does not fit those
whom curl more cool.

As a home option, you can use styling tools for
hair straightening. They are designed specifically for smoothing hair
and give the greatest effect when used in combination: as
usually it is shampoo, conditioner, balm, lotion, serum,

Hair straightening folk remedies

Hair MaskThe best way
straighten your hair while still making it strong, thick and
healthy is the use of natural masks. However strong
the curl cannot be straightened – the masks will cope with the light wave and
fluffiness The essence of this method is to nourish the hair
useful substances and then he straightened under his own

Oil based masks: burdock, olive or castor oil
must be applied to the hair and left for half an hour, warming
towel (on the hair wear a cellophane cap).

Masks based on brandy: more suitable for fatty and prone to
oily hair Cognac is applied over the entire length of the hair, but
not to warm. Keep up to half an hour.

Henna based masks: colorless henna is needed for this mask –
it perfectly restores the hair structure, while adding oil
an orange or, for example, grape seed, will complement
the healing effect of henna.

Tip: wash off the mask with shampoo, it is useful to rinse the hair with water
citrus juice.

The optimal frequency of masks – two or three times
per week, alternating components. The main thing – do not be lazy to apply these
the means and then the health, shine and strength of the hair will be provided.

Irons, it turns out, are different

hair straightenerIn the arsenal of beauty many
modern girls their place of honor is occupied by forceps for
hair straightening (they are also called ironing or stylers). These
devices are divided into professional and intended for home
use, however, does not interfere with buying a home
professional hair straightener (well, except that
price, which is much higher).

Comparison of home and professional

Main characteristics Homemade irons Professional stylers
Plate type Today, most models have ceramic
plates. They provide better gliding and thanks to
heating uniformity, do not burn hair. Metal plates
cause the greatest harm to hair, there is a possibility of burning the whole
strands due to uneven heating.
Professional instruments have tourmaline (a mixture of crystals,
producing negative ions when heated) or
ion-ceramic (contain negatively charged particles,
which give shine and healthy look, smoothing the hair) coating
plates. They are as safe as possible.
Temperature regulator In the cheap models is missing, however, necessary, since
each type of hair requires its own temperature.
In some models there is a regulator not only by degree
heating, but also by type of hair.
Maximum temperature Varies from 120 to 200 degrees As a rule, up to 200 degrees
Heating rate to maximum temperature From a few minutes in inexpensive models to several
After switching on, almost immediately ready to work.
Equipment More expensive models are equipped with nozzles to create
strands of various forms of corrugation (small or large)
Have a large number of different attachments that opens up for
masters of unlimited creative freedom
Additional functions Some modern models have rounded plate edges,
which allows you to twist the tips in or out. There are models
combining functions of curling (creating curls) and ironing
Professional models differ as much as possible
feature set, but for home use they all may or may not
come in handy
Price category The cheapest models can be found from 600 rubles. Price
a maximum of about 3,500 rubles.
The price minimum of professional models starts at a price.
maximum home models

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the width of the plates –
the greater the width, the greater the strand can be smoothed into one
pass. Another innovation is the floating plates, which
minimize the risk of sticking of individual hairs and, as a result
pulling them out.

When using any model ironing house, it is important to know and
remember the basic rules:

  • Do not use hair straightening irons more often than twice a
    week, otherwise you can seriously undermine the health of hair permanent
  • Be sure to use special styling products with
    thermal protection complex – they are designed specifically to protect hair
    against heat damage
  • In the first few applications, the ironing procedure should begin.
    at the minimum temperature, gradually increasing it at
    of necessity
  • You can not straighten wet and too wet hair – this
    will cause severe burns water is high
    thermal conductivity

Hair straightening for a long time

The beauty industry is always very sensitive to fashion
trends and wishes of customers, and technologies are developing very
swiftly. Therefore, when on world shows, models are increasingly
began to appear with smooth, flowing hair, in salons
extended service for straightening hair for a long time.

Currently, the service has become very popular.
keratin hair straightening. Many satisfied and
beautiful customers, healthy, smooth, shiny hair, effect on
2-4 months (depending on the type of hair and the current composition) –
This keratin hair straightening – reviews and visible result
better than any very tasty advertising.

Why is everything so cool ?! Trust, but verify – it is necessary to penetrate
in the essence of the process.

The fact is that healthy hair is 88% composed of complex
protein – keratin. Under the influence of negative environmental factors
environment, with unbalanced diet, keratin molecule stresses
are destroyed, due to which the hair loses smoothness, shine,
elasticity becomes brittle. Hair scales covering
hair shaft loosely adjacent to each other, do not form
“scales” – hair does not reflect light, tangled, torn and
break down.

Keratin hair straightening is, above all, hair saturation
related substance, keratin itself. He penetrates
inside the hair, filling up the empty space, restoring
holistic structure. There are many manufacturers of formulations for
hair straightening, but practice shows that the maximum
There are two types of advantages: the so-called “Brazilian
keratin straightening and American keratin straightening.
Brazilian hair straightening reviews from satisfied customers
proves its effectiveness and gains more

The essence and technology of carrying out are similar – the main difference
is that composition for brazilian straightening
Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment contains a small amount
formaldehyde. This chemical is known to be harmful to
health, and in the process of heating a large amount is released in
air in the form of vapor. However, many personal care products,
Cosmetic and household products also contain formaldehyde in
minimum doses – it is used because of pronounced bactericidal
properties. So, it is not known for sure how much
harmful chemistry, you have to contact daily – it remains
only on the conscience of manufacturers.

Composition for American keratin straightening Keratin
Complex smoothing therapy is positioned as absolutely safe.
formaldehyde, healthy hair. Cost like
the rule is slightly higher than that of the Brazilian. Procedure technology
straightening consists of several stages:

  • First of all, the maximum cleansing of hair
    special means from dust, dirt, excess sebum and
    residues of styling products – as a result, hair becomes
    “open” and more receptive
  • The next stage – the application of a special protein-keratin
    composition (master selects the composition based on the type of client’s hair)
    evenly over the entire length of the hair, receding from the roots no more
    centimeter. After the hair is blow-dried at an average temperature
    using a large brush. The tool is not washed off.
  • Dried hair in small strands (no wider than 2.5 cm)
    straighten ironing at a temperature of 230 degrees. Under influence
    high temperature protein keratin folds, “sealing” in
    damaged hair structure is restored,
    the scales are superimposed one after another, covering the hair shaft
    dense smooth layer – hence shine, because of the smooth surface
    hair perfectly reflected light.

The desired external effect will be achieved immediately after
procedures, however the completion of the processes inside the hair will last
about three more days. At this time, no way
deform the hair – otherwise there will be a trace. Do not use gum,
hairpins, clamps, crabs – nothing at all, preferably even a head
wear a hat for as short a time as possible (well, of course, not
to flaunt in the cold with bare heads – we care about health
and beauty!). It is also impossible to wash your hair and apply any styling.
means. If you are used to regular dyeing, it’s best
carry out before the procedure – increased color fastness will
additional bonus, because the paint pigments will remain
“sealed” in the hair for a long time. After the procedure you need
give hair a break for at least two weeks.

Keratin hair straightened, do not forget about the special
care – these are non-sulfate shampoos enriched with keratin and
masks. It is necessary to show a little patience – and at least two, but, as
typically, four months hair will look amazing, give
hostess a lot of free time and enjoy the brilliance and

Girls seeking a healthy beauty will not be afraid of the price.
keratin hair straightening – depending on the length of hair,
composition and, of course, the level of the cabin, the price can vary from 3000
rubles for short hair up to 15,000 rubles for superlong.

Despite, not at all a small cost, left
girls who have made keratin hair straightening reviews say
that the result is worth it.

Chemistry “vice versa”

For hair straightening by chemical means, apply
formulations based on sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and
ammonium thioglycolate All of them, even the softest of them –
ammonium thioglycolate, which is part of the highest quality and
expensive formulations, change the hair structure from the inside, destroying
disulfide molecular bonds.

Chemical straightening procedure (also called
“permanent hair straightening”) is quite simple: after
visual inspection, determining the type of hair and the degree of “coolness”
curl, the master selects the appropriate composition and causes it
evenly over the entire length of the hair. The exposure time of the drug on the hair
the master determines individually, based on the client’s hair condition
and needs. After the selected time the hair
processed by the “neutralizer” – the composition, stopping
rectifier impact. The final stage of the procedure – application
conditioner for care and nutrition.

Despite the apparent simplicity to conduct home experiments
not worth it – in reviews of chemical hair straightening
girls say that the detrimental effect on the hair is enough
strong and wrong selection of rectifier or exposure time
in the absence of experience and expertise, can lead to loss
hair and chemical burns of the scalp. Despite the fact that the cost
chemical hair straightening is several times lower than the cost of keratin,
this method is gradually losing ground – more and more girls
make their choice in favor of healthy hair, preferring to save on
something else (on eclairs, for example).

Closer to nature

bio hair straighteningAmong
Others, there is still a way to turn curls into
silk waves are a biowave straightening. And here you can spend
analogy with chemical biowave – the main active ingredient
drug are natural amino acids, such as cysteine.
Moreover, to reduce the harmful effects, without sacrificing quality,
use improved cysteine ​​without acid component.

To minimize harm and achieve the best visual
effect of the procedure of bio-straightening is good to conduct, along with
biolamination – this will give your hair extra shine,
softness, strength and protects against external negative influences.

Nature can not be fooled

The methods described above are the satisfaction of the unchanging female
needs to change their appearance, try on images (sometimes completely
not peculiar) to captivate and fascinate with their brilliant beauty
absolutely all without exception.

And the Real Woman is unlikely to want to do hair straightening.
forever – because then one of the main elements of her beauty will be
permanent, static, and therefore just boring and uninteresting.

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