Hair styling for men, or how to create fashionable images for every day

male stylingWell maintained
appearance is a mandatory rule of modern people. Stylish
clothes, manicure, neatly laid hair – if before all this
associated only with women, now these requirements
are presented to men. Men’s hair styling is different from
female. As a man is better to put hair, what means for this
use – we will talk about all this in this article.

Hair styling for men: how to make a good choice?

In many ways, the choice of styling depends on what kind of lifestyle leads
man, what style prefers. To make a haircut
looked stylish, small enough to fit the shape of a man’s face.
It is equally important that it harmonizes with his temperament,
character. Rebel by nature or creative young man
hardly suitable neat – hair to hair – styling. But
a man of meticulous and serious, this option is suitable
it is better.

In addition, the styling must be in harmony with your inner
world, it is also important that it corresponds to the way of life. If you
employee of a bank or a serious company is unlikely to be appropriate
hairstyle in the style of punk or dreadlocks. On the other hand, if you
talented programmer or other narrow specialist, then maybe
you can afford any look with you anyway
will be considered because you are worth their weight in gold.

It is important to consider when choosing hair styling for men and age.
When a grown man chooses haircuts designed for young
guys (for example, with long bangs falling on his eyes), this
looks sorry. However, it is not necessary for a young person to choose very
so restrained classic haircut. In any case, when choosing
alternatively cutting and styling, weigh the pros and

Tools and tools for male styling

Long gone are the days when a man was just enough
wash your hair to look stylish. Now an arsenal of styling
tools and tools for men are sometimes no less extensive than those of
women. We have prepared a list of necessary fixtures that
help you always look perfect:

  • hair dryer;
  • comb flat;
  • comb-brush styling or massage. She must have
    natural bristles or rounded rubber teeth;
  • you need the iron if by nature your hair is curled and
    you prefer straight lines.

Now we will focus on how to choose the right styling
a means, because the end result depends to a great extent on this:
will the hair look clean and well groomed and will it remain
laying for a long time. The choice of styling depends on the type and
hair length:

  • short or thin soft hair gel gel. Not worth it
    take a large amount of money, literally enough
    small pea. In a fashion of naturalness;
  • Medium length hair, wavy, hard – stop choosing
    wax or fudge. These products will allow hair to fall gently,
    without making them heavy. Again, be careful not to apply
    too much money because you can get the effect of fatty
  • long hair can be styled only with cream or mousse.
    The remaining means will make them naughty, tough and
  • styling for any type of hair after you have achieved
    the desired type, you need to fix varnish. In this case, the varnish should not
    be visible on the hair.

These simple tips will help you to style your hair fast and

Secrets of styling hairstyles for men

So that the process of laying for you does not become something painful and
extra complicated, learn some secrets that will help
you quickly master this art and always be at your best:

  1. start styling immediately after washing, on damp hair;
  2. moisten the disobedient strands and proceed with the installation when
    hair dryer help;
  3. Keep the dryer always in the direction of laying. That is, if you
    keep your hair in front, and keep a hairdryer as well;
  4. it is easier to lay naughty strands if applied immediately after washing
    on them a little gel and completely saturate their hair;
  5. in the process of laying, make sure that the air from the dryer
    slid on the hair, while combing it;
  6. “vortexes” the easiest way to lay with the help of the gel, and then fixing
    varnish result;
  7. if you have a “whirl” on the bangs, put all your hair with a gel
    or fudge up and against their growth. It is very fashionable and dynamic.
    looks like;
  8. “tuft” on top of the hair dryer is laid, and then fixed
    varnish, and then smoothed flat comb. Perfect option
    haircuts for you – either very short, or of such length that
    the “tuft” lay down;
  9. if the hairs are furrowed, wax will help. Spread the droplet
    between your fingers and then comb your hair.

These rules will help you cope with even the most naughty.

Hair styling for men: fashionable images for short

With the help of laying men can create a variety of
images, changing them at least every day. If you have short hair one
lengths, you can experiment with diametrically opposed
images: from the image of the “good boy”, which was so popular
in the 50s, before disheveled punk haircuts. For example, one
At the time, Brian Molko, the leader of the Placebo group, had such a hairstyle.
On the basis of this hairstyle, he performed these two images.

styling short hairThe image of the “obedient boy”
make it easy even if you don’t have a professional team
stylists at hand. To create an image yourself, you will
it is enough to put some styling products on the palms,
that suits your hair type. Next, lay the hair
smoothing movements slightly to the side, while forming a soft
pronounced side parting. In the end result, you should
get a little “sleek” hairstyle.

The punk image is easy to make. For this you will need
hair gel or strong hold fondant. Apply
small amount of money on your hands, rub between your fingers, and
then apply on the head of hair. Next, lift the hair with your fingers
upward in a chaotic motion, as if ruffling them and fixing them
help styling tools in this position. At the same time try
to distribute all the hair in different directions, and on the back of your head send it
one way.

If you have bangs, you can create the image of a bad guy. For
this rub the styling tool between your palms and start
to style the hair from the top of the head to the forehead. In this way,
bangs will cover the forehead and the rest hair will create
thick hair effect. You can ruffle them a little and get
very elegant look.

Styling for men: images for hair of medium length and

Men who prefer medium length hair can
choose an elegant look. To do this, gently comb all the hair
back, flatten them and fix with a styling agent that
fits your hair type. This will keep the shape and texture of the hair.
for all day. This styling can be easily transformed into more
informal: to do this, simply shake the hair with your hands to
add volume, and sprinkle with a little varnish.

If you are proud of your long hair and at the same time want
look well-groomed, the ponytail is ideal for you.
This casual styling will help you look stylish and elegant.
Collect the hair in the tail at the back of the head and put a drop on it
styling products to make the tail look neat, not to push.
Tips of hair lay a round brush so that they look into one
side. Also, you can experiment with color, now
this is no shame. Looks great, and
if you are a brave and creative person, you can play with radical

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