Hair tinting: beauty does not require the victims!

hair tintingI think no
a woman who would not want to change a little bit. Not
drastically change the image, repainted from the dazzling
Blondes in a hot brunette, while making a bold haircut,
but only a little update your appearance. In this case, great
suitable procedure for tinting hair, which is carried out in salons
beauty, and you can quite independently make it at home. For
this procedure is usually used paint
for tinting hair, not consisting of “aggressive”
dyes or tint. Hair after toning
look well maintained and very showy.

Types of toning

Hair toning can be intense (color holds up to 2
months), gentle (valid for about a month) and light (washed off
after 1 – 2 weeks). With intensive toning can be achieved
brighten hair by a few tones or get darker
hair color. Gentle toning implies a
additional hair care, as in the composition of tint
remedies include various supplements and vitamins. For easy
tinting using tinted shampoos, mousses and sprays.

Before the hair tinting should be remembered that, even
with a gradual flushing of the dye, the natural color can
not fully recover because toning tools
Hair contains hydrogen peroxide. In addition, before
start the toning procedure, you need to strengthen too
weakened hair after appropriate treatment. And then
staining is not recommended to make hair masks with
using olive, burdock or corn oil,
because they have the ability to wash off paint. But
the use of special products for the care of dyed hair
would be extremely helpful. Also, do not carry out the procedure
toning in for three months after the hair
stained with henna, so as not to get unplanned shades.
It should also be noted that dark hair after holding
tinting will not get a light shade without

Carrying out the toning procedure at home

Many women today can successfully paint themselves
your hair without the help of hairdressers. Also enough
You can easily hold and toning hair at home.
Be sure to in this case, use only quality and
expensive ink composition.

Toning hair at home is as follows:

  • To get started, study the instructions supplied with the tint paint and
    perform an allergy test for this agent
  • Wear protective clothing to protect clothing from dripping on it.
    an apron, on hands disposable special gloves, and for protection against
    apply unwanted staining of the forehead, ears and neck;
    places a thick cream;
  • Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and evenly.
    distribute along the length of your hair, or individual strands that
    would you like to shade;
  • After you have applied the product to your hair carefully
    comb the comb and gently massage your head;
  • Wait for the time indicated on the package;
  • Rinse off the shading paint with water without shampoo.

After you finish the toning procedure, you can
put your hair in the usual way and enjoy
the result.

Spectacular, relatively inexpensive and simple hair toning –
reviews of those women who independently carry out this procedure
at home, while getting amazing results.

Tinting features

Owners of dark hair can be done toning,
using one or more shades. For example, on blond hair
Copper shade will look great and effective.
Reddish or purple shades are more suitable for dark blond
or brown hair. Toning dark hair using
two or more shades possible with pre-clarification
individual curls. If you decide to add to your natural
only a few dark strands of hair are bleached
no need, just pick up two or three shades,
close to your natural color. This will give extra
volume of hair that as a result will look very gorgeous.

Perfectly lay down any paint on blonde hair, owners
which have great potential for various experiments and
If you wish, they can periodically change their image. Toning light
hair can also be gentle with shampoo and
more intense with paint application. When choosing a tint
means in this case it is worth choosing warm colors, for example,
bronze or sand. You should not use darker tones,
otherwise, it may be too bright.

One of the options for toning is to tint the hair after
highlighting. The discoloration of individual strands has long been
popular service, however, hair after it is often
acquire a yellowish tint. For more beautiful and
a natural result is recommended to make hair toning.
As a rule, use special tinting tools
which simply rinse the hair along the entire length after
shampooing You can use a special tint.
shampoo, which should wash your head 2 times a week instead of your
the usual shampoo. He is purple but after him
streaked strands become perfectly white. Certainly when
tinting hair after highlighting can be used and
paint to give hair the desired shade.

It is worth noting that today many women appreciated the advantage
which gives toning hair. If you do not apply for this
service in beauty salons, and spend it at home, then
remember that there are several factors that affect
high-quality and effective hair toning: the price of paint or
tint should not be low, the manufacturer should
to be verified, and the expiration date is appropriate.

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