Hair wrapping: how to choose the best means

Hair is subject to constant stress due to staining,
drying, hot styling. Perm is also not
adds them health. Because of this they
often look dull, lifeless. Give them shine and
hair wrapping will help to save from split ends.

Hair wrapping

The procedure is available in showrooms, but it can also be carried out in
home conditions.

  • 1 Types of wraps for hair
    • 1.1 Hot
    • 1.2 Collagen
    • 1.3 Oily
    • 1.4 Silk
    • 1.5 Chocolate
  • 2 Collagen hair restoration
    • 2.1 What is a collagen wrap?
    • 2.2 Composition of masks for collagenation
    • 2.3 Who is the procedure for?
    • 2.4 Pros and cons
  • 3 Technique of collagen hair wrapping
    • 3.1 How to make the procedure at home?
    • 3.2 Coolhair Kit
    • 3.3 Self-made masks
    • 3.4 Collagen wrap in the salon
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Aftercare
  • 6 The difference between wrapping from other SPA procedures
  • 7 For greasy hair
  • 8 For dry
  • 9 For normal
  • 10 For split and damaged hair

Types of wraps for hair

Hair wrapping varies in temperature
composition (cold, hot, combined), as well as
the main active component. Most commonly used
proteins (keratin, collagen, silk proteins), oils added
extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins.


Cap for hair drying

The advantage of hot wrap curls is that
active substances at high temperatures penetrate better
hair shaft, nourish and smooth it.
Mixtures of oils heated to 40–45 degrees are used.

The head must be covered with a cap of polymeric materials
Top wrapped with a towel to keep warm. Hotter
wrap for damaged hair is considered one of the most
effective in hair care.

Note! You can perform the procedure 1 time.
in Week.


This is a very effective method of getting rid of split ends.
Collagen restores damaged hair.

Collagen wrap

You will need a special one for it.
base and keratin with collagen or pure collagen. Practice
sessions once a week, duration of exposure from 30 to 50


After the oil wrap, the strands are no longer confused, they are easy
comb, reduced hair loss. Depending on the
type and condition of curls, pick up a mixture of natural
oils. After warming, the strands are heated additionally.
hair dryer After 30 minutes, the composition is washed off.

Oil Wrap


Silk hair wrap is good because it provides
maximum positive effect of the impact due to the similarity
hair and silk structures. The procedure is simple,
held at home.

First, wash your head with shampoo with added silk proteins, and
then on the dried curls put cream for silk wrapping.
After 7 minutes, it is washed off. Glitter and healthy looking curls for 2-3
weeks provided.


Melted chocolate

Another kind of hot wraps. Its best
practice courses for 10 sessions. Bitter chocolate without sugar (100
g) melt with milk (50 g). In the form of heat such a tasty mask
nourishes curls, saturates them with minerals, as well as oil, because the base
chocolate is cocoa butter.

Collagen hair restoration

Collagen is a protein that is part of the skin. is he
restores the structure of curls, protects them from adverse

What is a collagen wrap?

This is the saturation of hair with collagen. Split ends stick together,
the scales are smoothed. Due to the effects of collagen on
the scalp improves the condition of the hair follicles,
dandruff disappears. The procedure is useful to those who often paints.

The composition of the mask for collagen

In addition to the main component of collagen, the mask includes
vitamins and minerals, as well as silk particles. Mixture
most natural and it will not cause allergies.

Who is the procedure for?

Beautiful hair

Can be used on any hair, but the best effect
manifested in light curls, which are often exposed
Blonde After aggressive lightening, wrapping
collagen gives hair a healthy shine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of the advantages can be noted the ease and efficiency of the procedure, its
can be done even at home. Minus – purchase required
special tools and regular procedures (1
once a week). In some cases, increases the dryness of the curls.

Technique of collagen hair wrapping

First you need to wash your hair with gentle shampoo.
On wet strands distribute a special mask.
A head wrapped with a hat and a towel. After 40 or 60 minutes
means wash off.

How to make the procedure at home?

Home procedure is no different from the salon. Can buy
ready-made set of shampoo and masks or cook
Mask yourself, use the usual

Coolhair Kit

Collagen set

It includes shampoo and mask. Prepare nothing yourself
need to. Means are used in turn: first wash the head
shampoo, then put a mask according to the instructions.
Coolhair is suitable for any type of hair.

Note! The most famous
hair cosmetics manufacturers are Faberlic, La
Biosthetique, Constant Delight. The compositions of these brands most often
used in expensive salons.

Homemade masks

The mask is prepared on the basis of the base-conditioner (3 parts). To make it easier
It was distributed in curls, add 1 part
keratin and collagen. To enhance the effect of complement the composition
a few drops of orange essential oil.

Collagen wrap in the salon

Easier and more convenient to carry out the procedure in the cabin. Its cost
determined by long hair and expense of funds and ranges from 600
up to 2 500 rub.

This video shows how collagen wrapping is performed.
and talked about its beneficial properties.


Wraps cannot be practiced if you are allergic to one of
used components. Worth refraining from
процедуры< во время беременности. It will not work with a strong
hair loss, as well as people with pathologies of the heart.


After the procedure, do not use any additional
funds within 2 hours, ideally 2 days. Repeated
the session is carried out in 2 weeks. Between treatments care
hair normal.

The difference between wrapping from other SPA procedures

Wrapping differs from conventional masks in that exposure
runs at higher temperatures. Therefore beneficial substances
penetrate deeper into the structure, due to this effect
longer than using a mask.

Hair after the procedure

For greasy hair

Owners of this type of curls should be used for
wraps jojoba oil, almond or coconut. These
components make hair shine
and relieve dandruff, excessive fat. Do not be afraid from
oils curls will not be greasy.

For dry

To return the softness of dry curls, it is worth giving
preference sesame oil or avocado oil. They
get rid of brittleness. These oils are often added to cosmetics.
for hair.

For normal

To saturate the curls with vitamins, hot oil
wrap based on olive or flaxseed oils. They
strengthen the roots, help to grow curls faster.

Hair oil

For split and damaged hair

Split tips work best with oils.
from pits of almonds or peach. Pronounced therapeutic
effect has castor oil.

Beautiful curls can be every girl. Even lifeless
strands can be made shiny and silky. For this just
It is worth regularly wrapping curls. And what would you not
chose: keratin hair wrap, collagen, chocolate
or any other, you can be sure of a great

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