Haircut cap for owners of short hair. Types and ways of laying

Haircut cap gained enormous popularity back in the 60s
last century. Now she is back in fashion and
has become quite relevant. It got its name from
appearance – smooth or voluminous hairstyle, framing
face, recreates this headdress.

  • 1 Who is suitable for?
  • 2 Possible options for hats
  • 3 Performing the styling
  • 4 Coloring

To suit

The convenience of such a haircut is that it
suitable for all women except the owners of the sloping and
narrowed chin. Due to the volume at the top, haircut
allows you to visually lengthen the oval of the face, which most want

Also this kind of hairstyle goes to those who like to shade
strands. This is because the cap is uneven.
haircut, and it contains both short and long

Photo 254 Directly elongated hair at the top and
painted in a richer color scheme to give the image
brightness. In addition, it will be a win-win option for
fashionistas who like to experiment with images.

Possible options for hats

  1. Classic. A similar option is considered
    most popular. He creates a boyish image. Hair ends
    gently bend inward, resulting in a ball,
    resembling a hat.
  2. With bangs and without. Common variation
    caps is considered a haircut with bangs – the ends of the hair curled along
    whole head, forming the shape of a ball. But not all girls like bangs, so you can do
    otherwise, put the hair in the middle or side parting, and the ends
    bend inward.

    Photo 255

  3. Asymmetric. This version of the haircut gains
    increasingly popular due to its functionality. Everytime
    it can be done in a new way, creating different images. Photo 256 There are the following types of asymmetric cap:

    1. single-layer with different lengths of strands;
    2. single-layer, having a complex geometric shape;
    3. multi-layered, having a voluminous double top and smooth
      lower part.
  4. Layers. This is a haircut, which is removed
    top or bottom strands. In this case, it turns out very
    unusual image, giving the opportunity to keep the length of hair and
    supplement it with some originality. Photo 257 Due to the layers, there is an effect of weightlessness with
    the presence of heavy hair. In addition, in various ways
    To put a hairdress, hiding the split ends.
  5. On the leg. It is an ultrathin
    haircut with an open back of the head. Hair is removed by layers.
    The lower strands are trimmed to almost zero, and the upper – as with
    classic hat The upper part, which has a larger volume,
    keeps as if on a leg. Photo 258 As for the front view, it may slightly
    vary. In most cases, the locks are closed by locks until
    level of the chin. You can also perform a thick straight or
    asymmetrical bang from crown to eyebrows.
  6. Bean. In addition to the characteristic for this hairstyle
    clear structure, smooth lines and spherical shape, its
    complement the elongated and slightly pointed strands in front. Their length can be up to the middle of the cheekbones, and up to
    chin up

TIP! Haircut hat is considered to be one of
the most stylish hairstyles, as she perfectly emphasizes
certain facial features. The main thing – to choose the best option. Here is
More examples of a haircut cap for short hair photo:

Photo 267 Photo 268 Photo 269 Photo 270 Photo 271

In the video – a master class and another version of the haircut cap:

Perform stacking

Despite the fact that women’s haircut cap for short hair
looks very elegant, most of the representatives
the fair sex do not dare to choose this option. They fear
Difficulties with styling characteristic of most
short haircuts. Photo 259 However, not everything is so tragic. Everything you need for
styling this hairstyle is a hairdryer, equipped with a round head and
ironing The installation process itself consists of the following

  • hair drying. At the same time they should be raised
    at the roots with the help of a comb, a stream of air is directed towards
  • smoothing hair. Separately knocked out
    strands that refuse to stack in the right direction, and
    a slight waviness of the hair is smoothed by the iron;
  • fixation. To hairstyle has not lost her
    form throughout the day, you should use a varnish medium
    fixing. It should be applied as close to the ends as possible.
    bottom-up direction from the inside. So strand a little
    rise, and the volume will hold for a long time. On top of the same styling
    will look as natural as possible and smooth hair
    will remain unchanged.

Other options for short female haircuts:

  • Women’s short haircuts for curly hair: Bob, Pixie, Four of a Kind,
    Cascade and Shaggy Shaggy;
  • Fashionable bob for short hair: haircut, styling,
  • Ragged haircut for short hair: how to know that you she
  • Volumetric haircuts for short hair, 40 photos;
  • Trendy garrison for short hair: options for bold and
    stylish, 19 photos.


Such a haircut can make the image original and
attractive, if properly hold hair dye. Can
give preference to classic staining in one
tone – the selected color will create a mood for the whole image.
Photo 260 No matter what color was chosen, his
You can add some zest and create specific visual

  • highlighting and coloring will create
    extra volume for thin hair;
  • multi-colored coloring strands of different levels
    will emphasize the uniqueness of the asymmetric cap. With this selected
    colors should differ by 2-3 tones.

In addition, on all types of hats look great
brondirovanie and other types of staining with effect
color transition. Haircuts under the cap look very
beautiful, while they give women a chance to stand out from others. With
looking at them gives the impression that they are very elegant,
endowed with sophistication, and also can easily change images,
while remaining unmatched in any situation.

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