Haircut Cesson 2017: retro motifs for short hair

Fashion hairstyles are changing rapidly, with all stylists
more often inspired by images of the past. And this is quite understandable. Young
girls and older women want to try on images
who once so admired their moms.

Today they have the opportunity to recall one of the most
original and unusual haircuts that caused a real revolution in
hairdressing art – feminine, stylish and effective

Photo 186

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  • 2 Who suits sesson
  • 3 Styling Options
  • 4 Trends 2017: retro in fashion

Cesson: a hairstyle story

Cesson, sessun or sesson – all the names of one
haircut style. It was offered by famous English.
a hairstylist and named after him.

Originally, the haircut was made on medium-length hair,
reaching the shoulders, but later the number of options widened and in
Favorite style began to make out short strands and even long
curls reaching to the shoulder blades.

You can understand the revolutionary nature of the proposal, remembering the fashion of the 50s
yo In the hairdressing salons the ball was ruled by steep locks,
created with the help of chemical compounds, papillotok and curlers of all

Carefully curled strands fit into a complex hairstyle and
secured with a huge amount of varnish. In the end, the woman resembled
dummy or expensive doll, and the whole weekly styling

In the 60s, Vidal Cessun offered something absolutely
new – a haircut that does not need to be styled. The essence of the new
hairstyles – in the careful processing of strands that require considerable
craftsmanship from a stylist. The haircut turned out volumetric, it is soft
framed the face, thick bangs emphasized the eyes and cheekbones, as on
a photo:

A woman could shake her head sexually, flirtatiously
hold your fingers through your hair, try on any hats –
properly trimmed strands obediently lay down in place, not
breaking the intended image. In any situation, the owner of a new
hairstyles felt well-groomed, beautiful and modern.

The idea was accepted with delight, and soon the haircut took pride of place.
in the price lists of fashion stores. The founder of the style opened up a multitude
schools, teaching the subtleties of creating a fashionable image. Hairstyle
held at the peak of relevance for a long time and became a real
symbol of the 60s and early 70s.

You can admire it by looking at photos of Mireille Mathieu,
Mireille Dark, soloists of the group “Abba”.

Today, the haircut is experiencing a rebirth, it is with pleasure
try on both ladies of elegant age and very young

Who is suitable sesson

Unusual pattern haircut like many women. is he
emphasizes regular features and gently hides not too
good parts, see photo:

Photo 187You don’t have to copy the classic sesson,
Modern options include highlights, and some
details can be altered. Hairstyle is perfect:

  • women with an oval or elongated face;
  • low frail girls;
  • owners of straight or slightly wavy hair.

Hair cesson for short hair will be a real find for
everyone who wants to hide minor defects in appearance.
It will disguise too large ears, tall or overly convex.
forehead, will balance the heavy lower jaw. Hair will emphasize the length
and the elegance of the neck, will draw attention to the beautiful eyes and lips.

Despite its versatility, sesson is not for everyone.
Laying is contraindicated:

  • girls with curly and curly hair;
  • owners of too full and round faces;
  • women with a large and massive figure.

Most contraindications for extreme options with
short bangs, marked with rounded edges, greatly expanding
face. Softer elongated options look neutral and
considered more versatile.

The benefits of sesson include:

  • variety of options for haircuts and styling;
  • minimum styling products;
  • ease of care at home;
  • hairstyle creates a visual volume, even when not too thick
  • the ability to hide minor flaws of the face and profitably emphasize
    his dignity.

Among the main disadvantages include:

  • the complexity of the technique, requiring skill from the stylist;
  • the need for frequent correction.

To hairstyle has kept the perfect shape, you have to
often visit the salon. Sprouting disruptions break the pattern
haircuts However, women who have opted for sesson will be able to
Significantly save on foams, varnishes, gels and other styling

Council Hair dye girls must
timely carry out color correction. Smooth haircuts not
hide regrown roots, uneven shade and other small

All doubters should try one of the details.
favorite haircuts, for example, a rounded cut on
neck and temples or soft thick bangs. Such an expressive touch
can be supplemented with simpler or contrasting details.

Here is a video of the transformation from a girl with long hair into a girl
with fashionable haircut sesun:

Styling options

The classic short hair sesson looks like a graceful
hat or helmet. Smooth shiny strands exactly bent inward,
at the temples the hair is shorter, the maximum length is left on
back of the head.

Photo 188Hairstyle complements a thick smooth bangs, reaching to
mid forehead or dropping to eyebrows.

On the basis of the main haircut has been developed options that are suitable for
different types of individuals. For example, women with a heavy low forehead who
bangs do not fit, it is worth trying asymmetric variation,
trimmed by a scythe.

Changing the length of the temples, you can visually pull too round
face. For triangular whether heart-shaped more suitable bangs,
shortened in the center and elongated at the temples.

On the appearance of hair affects and length. She is
may be minimal, barely closing the back of the head. More feminine
look strands, reaching to the middle of the neck. To modernize
classic haircut will help thinning on the back of your head and
temples. Young girls will love the original torn bangs or
released locks of contrast length.

Modify the retro styling will help the game with color.
Coloring, balayazh, shatush or classic
highlighting will give a feminine haircut brightness,
originality and even some aggressiveness.

Similar haircuts for short hair can be found here:

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    styling methods
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Trends 2017: retro in fashion

The main idea of ​​2017 is asymmetry. She can
be smoothed or underlined. The first option will suit more
adult women. It implies graduated hymen laid
on the side, thin locks on the temples or a milled nape.

Photo 189

Council Filirovka help visually increase the volume

Youth fit sharp asymmetry with the longest bangs
and shortened strands in one temple. Strands on the central part
heads can be longer than the back of the head.

Stylists recommend giving a classic haircut easy
carelessness, make it more casual. It is important
avoid inaccurate, contrary to the very idea of ​​style sesson.
Wavy strands can be pulled with forceps, and then curled into large
curlers, it will give them the necessary volume.

Unusual and very fashionable option – cut sessun on
short hair with bangs reaching to the middle of the forehead and side
strands, half covering the ears. Such a drawing
suitable for miniature girls with regular features and perfect
straight hair, pictured below:

Photo 190 An interesting nuance – the selection of color
pryadok They can be tinted or painted, but the most fashionable
idea – colored chalk for hair. With their help you can add to
classic hairstyle funny golden, purple, scarlet strokes,
which are easily washed off with regular shampoo.

Council Having decided on a haircut with retro motifs, not
worth doing old-fashioned makeup. Good accompaniment for sesson
will be the actual strobe, ombre for the lips, colored mascara
and other current accents.

Haircuts sesson – the perfect solution for short hair. She is
rejuvenates, visually increases the volume, can be used to
correction of facial imperfections. To hairstyle is important
refer to a good master, guaranteeing the quality of work.

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