Haircut Gavrosh on medium hair: return to fashion scene

Fashion hairstyle often returns.

Once-actual styles are reinterpreted and re-acquired

This is exactly what happened to the highly sought-after 70s.
last century haircut “gavrosh.”

Spirited styling from tattered strands is again enjoyed.
in demand, she is happy to try on yesterday’s daughters and granddaughters

  • 1 Haircut “Gavrosh”: what is it
  • 2 Who will fit
  • 3 Types of haircuts
    • 3.1 Classic
    • 3.2 Asymmetric
  • 4 Gavrosh haircut for medium hair, photo
  • 5 Technique
  • 6 Styling Options

Gavrosh haircut: what is it

The hairstyle received its unusual name by the name of the character.
one of the novels of Victor Hugo. Stylists offered to women
cheeky, slightly defiant image, exactly the same
the character of the Parisian Gamin.

Clients salons unusual haircut liking, the number of her
female fans increased every day. No wonder –
hairstyle is absolutely universal.

It is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair of any length,
looks spectacular on blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes. If desired
basic haircut can be transformed beyond recognition by smoothing
strands or adding them additional volume.

The essence of the haircut – a combination of short strands at the top and temples with
longer hair at the back of the head. In the process of processing the hair
divided into several parts, in the area of ​​the crown of the strand alternately
trim so that the upper ones are shorter than the lower ones
by 1 cm. Thick curls milled. Characteristic “ragged” effect
is achieved with a razor, the strands are processed by it after

Important. Unusual hairstyle design is especially beautiful
Looks on thick, perfectly straight hair of medium length.

To suit

“Gavrosh” – ideal for women who do not want
spend too much time laying Hairstyle not
requires impeccable accuracy, it can be issued with
fixing spray and fingers. Haircut will suit girls:

  • loving experiments with looks;
  • wishing to visually increase the volume of hair;
  • often washing the head;
  • having tough, naughty hair
  • prefer a sporty or casual style in
  • lead an active lifestyle.

Hairstyle requires great skill from the stylist.

If done correctly, it is enough to wash your hair and process
its air conditioning.

After drying, the strands themselves will lie in the right direction.

In the process of processing the master takes into account the direction of hair growth,
their texture and other important points.

With the help of a haircut, you can visually adjust the features

For example, elongated strands, slightly calling on the temples, narrowed
oval and lengthen the neck. A stronger filirovanie will expand the cheekbones and
will draw attention to the eyes.

Council Gavrosh haircut for medium hair does not require
frequent updates. Growing, strands retain the overall shape,
visit the salon will have 1 time in 1-1,5 months.

Types of haircuts

The peculiarity of “Gavrosh” is absolute universality. Hairstyle
suitable for men and women, children, teenagers and fully grown up
to people.

Much depends on the length, texture and density of the hair, their color,
craftsmanship stylist. Haircut has no hard canons, enough
adhere to the general principle, experimenting with images.


Classic Gavrosh is performed on short or medium straight lines.
hair. The shortest strands are left on top, after the haircut
The ends are handled with a razor. In the process, the curls are stacked by
towards the face, partially closing each other.

At the very least, the occipital zone is drawn up, strands here.
carefully milled to remove excess volume. As a result
hairstyle may resemble a neat hat, but if you want curls
can be whipped, making them look like feathers of different lengths.

Bangs are made depending on the overall design hairstyle. She is
may be long or short, bulk or strong
filleted. The tougher and more naughty the hair, the shorter should
be strands.


The essence of such a hairstyle in sharp contrast between very
short and underlined with long strands.

The variant is possible with an extended oblique bang, laid on its side, as
on the picture.

Another popular idea is very short strands on the crown.
parts contrasting with smooth temples, short, smooth
trimmed bangs, and long ragged curls, falling on
the neck.

Asymmetrical haircut needs a good master, more frequent
correction and styling, emphasizing the original intent

Gavrosh haircut for medium hair, photo

Performance technique

Haircut is performed in several stages.

Much depends on the texture of the curls, their length, features

  1. First, the strands are carefully washed and processed.
    air conditioning. If this is not possible, hair should be sprayed liberally.
  2. The occipital part is separated by a flat horizontal parting.
    The rest of the hair rises and stabs up. Strand on
    the nape is cut straight, if necessary, milled.
  3. Pick up strands are divided into several parts oblique
    parting Starting from the top they are cut in layers, the lower ones are longer.
    upper approximately 1 cm.
  4. In the temporal region, the curls are drawn to the face, trimmed and
    milled. With an average hair length, the lower level reaches the cheekbones.
    The master moves from head to face, pulling the locks forward. it
    allows you to create the main contours of the haircut.
  5. In conclusion, bangs are processed. She is cutting to the right
    length and milled. In the process, ordinary scissors are used.
    only at the initial stage. All the main work is carried out thinning
    tool and razor.

Important. The thicker and thicker the hair, the more time
takes filirovka. She will make her hair voluminous and airy.

After the haircut, you can think about coloring. Gavrosh style is excellent
combined with bright and rich tones. There are various
Ombre options with vertical or horizontal borders.

The classic highlighting with
light strands on a dark background.

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Styling options

The big advantage of Gavrosh is the so-called “salon”
memory “. After sleeping, washing or combing your hair yourself
take the form given by the master.

The owner of a haircut can only emphasize the unusual
drawing on your fingers with a little mousse or moisturizing spray, and
then beating them at the roots.

This express styling is suitable for everyday wear.

You can fix the result with a weak lacquer.

Curls should remain lively and mobile, not turning into
hairdresser’s monument.

If desired, on the basis of a haircut, you can create a completely different
hairstyle Washed hair combed into a side parting, bangs
It is laid on its side and slightly lifted in the shape of a wave. To make
strands more obedient will help soft mousse with volatile silicones.
The strands on the crown are whipped with the hands, and the occipital and temporal curls
smoothed with a smoothing cream.

Council So that the hairstyle always looks beautiful,
head should be washed as often as possible. Fatty strands hanging
icicles, spoil the impression of the most creative haircut.

Straight locks can be twisted by a thin curling iron, turning them into
light waves or perky curls. To get your hair done
maximally relaxed, curls are laid in different

After the curls have cooled slightly, they are whipped with their fingers and
fix varnish. Bangs can be left free or combed back.
and fasten the rim.

Fashionable youth “Gavrosh” – a great alternative
complex hairstyles. Reckless strands laid in thoughtful
Disorder, make the image of a young, dynamic, a little shocking. it
great option for experiments. If desired, a daring image can
soften with styling products and accessories, turning
boyish haircut in a real lady’s hair.

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