Haircut in the bikini area is another way. feel and express yourself

Intimate haircutsNot every
the girl today boasts what she did to herself
intimate haircut. But we have to admit that over time this trendy
trend is becoming increasingly popular. Especially it concerns
when a girl has to go through some special
an event in her life, for example, the first wedding night.

It should be noted that intimate haircuts made with
participation of additional decorations and accessories, such as feathers,
rhinestones, sequins and beads, keep on the body is very short
time interval. In addition, you should be very careful to
all the details of your haircut in the bikini zone have survived to the
solemn moment.

Creation technology

There is approximately the same pattern for creating a design.
Intimate haircuts in the bikini area. First of all, you choose
picture. It is possible to do this at home by yourself or
take advantage of ready-made layouts of the catalog in the cabin. Then
you will be offered to sit comfortably on a special cosmetology


The wizard begins by processing a special tonic.
skin area intended for depilation. This is done in order
to clean, degrease and disinfect the skin. Keep in mind,
that before beginning a haircut bikini specialist should examine you.
There are a number of restrictions under which you will not be able to do
intimate haircut. For example, in the case of fungal diseases,
skin irritations, swollen lymph nodes and skin burns
the master does not have to start work. It is also worth noting that
take heat treatments (sauna, shower, bath) directly
before going to the salon to design intimate haircuts in the bikini area,
as it can increase the level of sensitivity of the skin.
The optimal hair length is about 5-7 mm, but not less.
It is also worth taking care of the timing of the next
menses. Doctors say that three days before and after three days
after menstruation, the skin of the girl is different


In the event that the inspection went well, and the salon specialist did not
found no contraindications to the procedure, he will be able to
proceed to her. Having processed the area with tonic, the master puts
picture. A stencil can be used for this, or a designer
just do it based on his inspiration. After
drawing the skin area is treated with talc with
menthol. This is done in order to create a protective layer between
skin and wax. And menthol also has a slight effect.
anesthesia. Then the specialist starts the depilation process.


It should immediately warn that this procedure – the most unpleasant in
the process of creating intimate haircuts. To begin with on a certain site
skin impose heated wax. After on his
A thin film forms on the surface; wax must be removed.
As a rule, the master does it with his hand, as if he is turning over
finger page, while fixing the skin around with your other hand.
The next stage is the “deep bikini”. This term means
removal of all excess hair in the perineum. This is followed by a haircut
most hairstyles and, if necessary, hair coloring.


At the last stage, the designer decorates your bikini haircut.
necessary decorative elements. Another trick
Intimate haircut professionals are temporary tattoos.
It is made with henna. It can mark the outline of your drawing, and
also complement it with small details.

There are several options that enjoy special

  • month;
  • New York;
  • sonata;
  • lotus;
  • a drop;
  • tulip.

But this is not all options. You can dream a lot on this
topic, there would be a desire. Then you will certainly get very
interesting sketches.

If the haircut was done in the easiest way – shaving, then
for its correction you will have to contact the salon in a week.
If during the work of depilation was used, this haircut is enough
for about a month. And if the designer also used color
tattooing, you only have to follow the condition of the hair

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