Haircut “ladder” – a great choice for long hair

a haircut Before you consider
how is the haircut “ladder” for long hair, we will answer very
common question that women of fashion ask themselves – what ladder
different from cascade? Both of these hairstyles have great
popular, suitable for almost any type of person, can be
performed on straight or curly hair, giving the head of hair
wonderful volume.

What is the difference between the “ladder” and the “cascade”?

“Cascade” for long hair is more difficult in technical performance.
Here the locks at the temples are shorter, the lower ones are long, the face
framed by strands of different sizes, with the transitions between
Curls are not hidden, but specifically emphasized. Sticking out
strands with shearing “cascade” – this is its special zest, which can
be used differently when laying.

Hairstyle ladder for long curls is often called gradient,
in this case, each strand is made slightly longer than
previous (relative to the top), and the transitions are leveled by
graduations. The simplest “ladder” for long hair can be
performed at home and suitable for children or for slightly
curly hair. To do it, just pull the hair
with a rubber band high on the crown, and then cut off the desired length of the strands.
After removing the gum hair break up into a kind of “steps”,
which can be processed with thinning scissors.

The order of work

In salons, the technique of haircuts for long hair is different from
homely. Here, first of all, they are defined with a finite length.
hair to which the master will strive. Then the client indicates
the required length of the bangs, if such is assumed. If in a hairstyle
there will be a bang, a ladder is formed from its level, in the absence of this
element strands are better to start from the level of the earlobe.

The haircut for this hairstyle involves the separation of hair on
five zones: two occipital, two temporal and bangs. If bangs aren’t
it will be necessary to add the front strand to the temporal zones, dividing it
in half. Each strand is fastened with clips. Haircut begins with
the occipital zone, where one strand is selected, is pulled upward and
trimmed to the required length. The remaining strands of the occipital zones
haircut on partings (radial). They need to pull up to the first
curl, create lengthening on the face.

From the temporal zone, long hair is pulled to the central
the parting and cut at an angle of 90 ° with a tie to the top of the head. With
this length of the curl must be correlated with the length specified in the occipital
zone. In the future, strands of the temporal zone should be shaved along
originally selected curl.

We form a bang based on the type of person

To form a bang, you need to pull the hair at a right angle.
to the surface of the head. The form of this element must be chosen.
depending on the shape of the face. If she is close to Sarah Jessica’s uniform
Parker, then the girl has a long face, and she can wear straight or
graduated bangs. If a woman has long hair and looks
similar to Scarlett Johanson, she has a triangular face. For him
Classic bangs in the form of an arc or a complete lack
bangs that blend well with the look,
created by a haircut ladder.

Photo of Gwyneth Paltrow shows us how to cut a ladder with
A curl in the form of horizontal curls frames a square face.
form, hiding its angularity. For this look fits again
the same or the absence of bangs, or its oblique version, which will distract
attention from a heavy chin. Long hair framing
round face, will help hide the excess fullness or “cheeks.”
The ideal form of bangs in this case is short
graded however it is rarely used in conjunction with

The most favorable shape of the face is oval, because it
almost all types of bangs and hairstyles, including long

Hairstyle “ladder”

Haircut ladder is quite simple in styling. After washing
the whole head needs to distribute a light mousse and treat the hairstyle with
using a hair dryer with a nozzle to give volume. This haircut is good
can be treated with “ironing” when spray hair is applied to
giving shine and then separately “otglazhivayu” each

Long hair with such a haircut can curl like
horizontally and vertically, creating exquisite or playful
appearance. This hairstyle will be great
volume. But it should be noted that with sparse and thin hair
will have to work much longer than with thick ones to get
the same result.

For high society parties or hot summer hairstyle is popular
ladder, in which the back of the hair is collected in a bun or
braid and fastened at the back of the head. Thus the line is underlined.
neck volume is added to the back of the head, and the front styling looks like
fashionable at all times “bob”. This hairstyle is often used
additional elements in the form of hoops, hairpins, and jewelry
for bangs.

A ladder can fit almost any woman, but there are
some restrictions on its implementation. First, it will not work.
for curly stiff hair, because the entire effect disappears
gradations, and constant straightening can be bad for
as curls. Secondly, the ladder is not shown to those from
nature of weak hair with split ends, because hairstyle
suggests exactly the neat ends of the hair.

In this case, lamination or cutting hot can help.
scissors, during which the tips of the hair “soldered” that
prevents their tendency to disheveled state. Thirdly,
With such a haircut, uneven hair color is very visible,
therefore, it may need additional staining to
The image was flawless.

Haircut “ladder” is well suited for both dark and for
light shades of hair. If you have long hair, wonderful
the effect can be obtained by highlighting the entire length or lightening
bangs or crown parts, which will give extra volume

Like Britney and Jennifer

a haircut Of
celebrities who almost always use this or that
modification of the hairstyle, noticed by Jennifer Aniston. She is
She wore it in a nutty tone, and in gold with lightening.
Some stacking was done with “sharp” tips of the steps,
others – with soft styling, both on the face and on the face, that
allowed to soften the appearance of a strong and angular chin
actresses. Also a big fan of this style is Britney
Spears We could see it in many clips with chocolate “ladder”,
laid on horizontal curlers “from the face”, as well as blonde
a flawless, elegant-looking haircut that Britney wore without

Some images from this star with a “carelessly” laid
hairstyle and long bangs wore a clear imprint of rebellion and
combined with accessories in the style of “rock”. Based on
the above, we believe that the haircut “ladder” gives a truly
unlimited possibilities to create a wide variety of species
image of any girl.

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