Haircut ladder – your ladder to success!

The classic version of the haircut ladderEvery woman is familiar
Thought “start a new life!” And why do we always start it?
True with the new hairstyle! Choosing a new haircut, pay attention
on the good old ladder. It is good because you can
Get the most varied hairstyle options.

It is important to choose the right haircut, which by its shape
emphasize the merits and mask the flaws of your face. Already
for a long time, both among young and experienced hairdressers,
One of the most popular and favorite haircuts is a ladder. She is
allows you to experiment in a way, gives you the opportunity on one
base get a lot of different styling options every day
change the image from careless art to
subtly romantic.

Ladder: how to do it

Ladder is a multi-layered option.
haircuts, in which strands of different lengths smoothly pass into one
a friend. This is achieved as follows: hair on top
each other layer is cut a bit shorter
longer than the previous one. Thanks to this haircut
acquire additional volume, and women of fashion have room for
packing experiments.

Note that with the seeming simplicity, the ladder requires
extra care when performing. Any carelessness will be right there.
catch the eye and spoil the final look of hair.

Who is this haircut

It is difficult to find a woman who would not be suitable step
a haircut. It is especially recommended for girls who have
nature thin and sparse hair. Well made ladder with
a smooth transition from layer to layer will create the illusion of a thick volumetric

The ladder will be a real find for women of fashion with round and
rhomboid type of face: side strands mask the excess
roundness and visually lengthen the oval face.

Ladder – one of the most versatile haircuts, but for much
curly hair it will not be the best solution, because curls like
generally do not need additional volume.

Haircut options for hair of different lengths

A ladder has several options:
be made all over the head, and only on the strands around

Another name for the first option is cascade. In this case, strands of different
lengths frame not only the face, but also are located throughout
surface of the head. The advantages of the cascade is that it can
make on the hair of varying degrees of thickness, as well as practically
with any hair length.

Especially good option haircut cascade for short hair. She is
suitable for women with different types of hair. Owners of thin
hair, it will allow to get additional volume. Thick hair
skillfully made and complemented by a thin line will help
some reduction in volume, which will greatly facilitate the installation
hair, make them more docile, and hairstyle neater.

Owners of long and medium hair can choose
haircuts like over the whole head (if additional volume is needed),
and only on the strands around the face (if the hair is sufficiently lush
from nature). Both options are equally good, they make hair more
lively and well maintained and easy to install. The only thing worth
pay attention to the condition of the hair ends. They should be
ideal, as the split ends instantly make such a hairstyle

Choosing the right bang

Ladder does not imply strict rules in the formation of bangs. Have
This universal hairstyle bangs can be very diverse:
classic, asymmetric, “torn”, oblique, shortened. So
a large selection will allow you to choose exactly with the master
the option of cutting the ladder with a bang, which will be harmonious
combined with the external image of the hostess, visually adjust
flaws of the face, emphasize its merits.

We list several options for the hairstyle ladder with bangs, for
order to make it easier for you to:

  • exactly cut bangs hide wide and high forehead. She can
    cut to the middle of the forehead or below the eyebrow line;
  • smoothly turning into a haircut elongated at the sides and
    rounded bangs can highlight the elegant features of the face and give
    softness. This option looks especially good on long and
    medium hair;
  • oblique bangs, especially square and
    round type;
  • torn bangs fit hairstyle with short hair, will
    look extremely unusual with careless styling.

Pay special attention to oblique bangs. Already long
while she is at the peak of fashion. If some time ago
the owners of oblique bangs riveted their eyes and reputedly
outrageous persons, today such hairstyles no longer seem
Extreme and quite appropriate in the office and in training

Styling options

The classic version of the haircut ladderThere are many
laying options for the ladder. Diversity and complexity
everyday styling depends only on the fantasy of the woman and
limited to the amount of her free time.

For a classic volumetric styling hairstyle ladder
You will need a round comb to dry your hair at the same time
winding them up. In this case, the thinner the strands, dried for
once, the more elegant and voluminous the result will be.

During the styling, you can pull the hair “ironing”, you can
make curls, you can comb the strands in the face back, use
hoops, headbands, various hair bands, hairpins, etc. –
the scope for fantasy is practically unlimited.

If the time for laying is sorely lacking, you can simply
dry your head with a hair dryer, then whip the strands with your hands on the top of your head and
sides and fix all varnish. The result will be voluminous.
natural hair.

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