Haircuts and hairstyles for square type faces

haircuts for a square face typeA woman with any type of face may well
look great. All that is needed to achieve this
goals is just to adhere to and take into account some

Owners of a square face in most cases
apply a variety of ways to hide from strangers
eye angularity, and also tend to successfully disguise such
tough features.

Hairstyle and haircut – one of the options for achieving the goal.

Signs and features of square face type

For a square face type, the following is characteristic: wide cheekbones,
somewhat heavy chin and low forehead. It is noteworthy that
that the jaw in this case is quite pronounced. Facial features
distinguished by exceptional sharpness and to some extent
angularity. However, what is interesting and can not attract attention
– these are big eyes, having enviable expressiveness.

There is information about the fact that people with such
An interesting type of person dominated by the quality of the absolute leader in
every relationship. In most cases, this form of face belongs
determined individuals who, in spite of everything, achieve
set goals

Haircuts and hairstyles for a square face

If desired, you can mitigate to some extent the unattractive.
angularity. Nothing else will help in resolving this issue.
well-chosen makeup, haircuts for a square face type,
hairstyles and even decorations. We will try to understand this.
More details. Choosing the right hairstyle can be visually rounded.
jaw line. The facial features will be relaxed, and the whole person will receive
more feminine look. Ladies with a square face type categorically
Any symmetry is prohibited. Note that the parting should be
do a little shifting it to the side. Also can not stop
choice on a flat bangs, and bypass the favorite hairstyle of many

If you prefer short haircuts,
pick up such hairstyles so that they are to some extent
asymmetrical (as an example – bob haircut). note that
Your hair will be accentuated by gently framing cheekbones and
slightly covering the cheeks. Ideal for women with
face type is oblique bangs. We draw your attention to the fact that
lines of any haircut you choose should be exclusively
rounded and to an acceptable degree smooth.

For lovers of long hair

Currently, most girls have long hair. In such
situations you can safely create air curls. In this way
You can ensure that the sharp lines of the face smoothly smooth out. But
if you still choose long but straight hair, by no means
If you don’t hide them behind your ears, this is how your face will get
undesirable elongation.

If you are not one of the most ardent lovers and fans
experiments, you can perform the following manipulations: make
strands of unequal size, best from the front is longer, but
rear slightly shorter. To give your hair some
tousledness, you can use the most ordinary foam for

Choose a variety of hairstyles for square face type
it is quite possible, you should only consider the above tips and
recommendations. In addition, it should be said that you no longer
You will think about the answer to the question of how the photo will turn out.
with your participation. Now the result will only please you.

The secrets of a good makeup for a square face type

It’s not for nothing that girls make up makeup. Since with his
using, you can hide unpleasant flaws and at the same time attract
attention to the merits of the face. The right makeup is capable of
transform a square face in such a way that it will acquire more
elongated look, will become somewhat softer. Note
Some tricks:

  • in order to visually reduce the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and
    Chin invented a tool such as blush. All that is needed
    to do is just to hold a special brush very carefully
    from the center of the cheeks to the end point, which are the temples. Please note that
    lines should be only diagonal;
  • Having a goal to highlight the eyes, use dark shadows and a pencil.
    Arrows should be drawn ascending. Strictly discard
    horizontal option. If you want to make your eyes big,
    You can use the shadows of light tones that you need
    put on the inner corners of the century.

Small tricks and secrets

makeup for a square face typeSpecial attention should be paid to the lips. Their
It is necessary to visually narrow so that the width of the cheekbones does not
attracted special attention. To achieve the necessary
result is recommended to apply a small amount of light
gloss in the center of the upper and lower lips.

Eyebrows deserve special attention. The important thing is that they need
somewhat raise. How to do it? Very simple: take
pencil and gently draw soft lines in the direction from
nose bridge up on the diagonal. Do not do yours
eyebrows horizontal lines. Remember that every woman
beautiful Only you need to learn how to do it.

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