Haircuts with pictures on the head for boys and the guys

Drawings on the head for boys – a fashionable trend of the latter
time, they look bright, creative and stylish.
Such a haircut will always emphasize individuality.
its owner and will be one of the ways to express themselves. how
to cut the boy by choosing a beautiful picture and what moments you need
at the same time take into account, analyze in more detail.

Drawings on the head

What should I look for when choosing a haircut with a pattern?

  • 1 basic haircut
    • 1.1 How to choose a basic haircut
    • 1.2 Younger age
    • 1.3 Preschool age
    • 1.4 School and adolescence
    • 1.5 Type of face
  • 2 Clippers or scissors. What’s better?
  • 3 What you need to know about hairstyles with a pattern
  • 4 Basic rules for shaving pattern
  • 5 Ideas for boys and boys
  • 6 Techniques for making patterns using a typewriter
  • 7 Is it possible to complete the pattern at home?
  • 8 mowing the boy with a typewriter at home
    • 8.1 Haircut with a pattern when using one nozzle

Basic haircut

First you need to decide on the base
a hairstyle that can later be applied
pattern. There are several types of such haircuts, fashionable in this
year From them you can choose the one you like.

  • Boxing.
  • Halfbox Haircuts for boys
  • Hedgehog.
  • Anderkat. Fashionable hairstyles
  • Pompadour. Pompadour style
  • Iroquois. Haircut Iroquois
  • Canadian. Canadian hairstyle

How to choose a basic haircut

When choosing a haircut with pictures should be considered
simultaneously a number of moments. Only then will it be possible
pick up the perfect hairstyle with a pattern.

  1. Face shape.
  2. Hair structure
  3. Barber Tips.
  4. Personal preferences.

What are the basic children’s haircuts to choose based on age
and hair type?

Younger age

Younger age

At the smallest age (2 years) hair is soft
its structure. On such hairs complicated haircut,
requiring styling and a certain form is not done. Better to choose
simple haircut
apply the pattern.

  • Little cap The essence of the hairstyle is simple – the top is long and the bottom
  • Hairstyle in which the top is cut short and the bottom remains
    slightly elongated.
  • A short “bob” (“pot”) will also suit soft

Simple haircuts

Preschool age

At the age of 6 years, the hair structure becomes
finally clear. For children with stiff hair
it is better to choose the hair “hedgehog” or a variation of this haircut –

A child with thick hair can be picked up
hairdo with the name “Caesar”. This option looks like a haircut
stylish on the head and suggests various options for styling.

But the owner of curls better to stay on a haircut in
Gradient style. It involves a gradual transition.

Haircuts for babies

School and adolescence

Pupils of junior and middle classes can pick up
different types of haircuts that can be applied
picture. Also, these hairstyles can be chosen for boys.

This video shows how to make a fashionable haircut for a boy.

Face type

Another important parameter that you need to pay attention to when
Choosing a haircut is a type of person.

Important! At an early age it is better not to choose
a hairstyle using a typewriter (under zero). Hairdressers talk about
that after such a haircut, hair can become tough in

All base haircuts listed above, to which
subsequently it will be possible to apply a pattern in principle universal
and will suit any type of person. It all depends on personal
preferences and desires.

Clippers or scissors. What’s better?

Patterns can be made both with scissors and
typewriter. Masterfully drawing can be done both
tools, it all depends on the experience of the hairdresser.

Hairstyles typewriter and scissors

The main thing when choosing a machine or scissors should pay attention to
following points:

  1. The age of the child.
  2. For very early age the use of scissors
    can be dangerous. Small children are all restless. Their hard
    keep in one place. Constant movements of the baby can lead
    to injury. But if you do decide to cut the baby with scissors,
    will need to distract the child.
  3. Not all actions can be performed only with one machine or
    scissors and vice versa. In some pictures you need
    use two tools at once.

Tip! Use a red herring. it
maybe watching a cartoon or dad’s enticing conversations. there is
special children’s hair salons that use
various means to ensure that the baby can sit quietly
until the end of the procedure.

What you need to know about hairstyles with a pattern

hairdresser and boy

Creating a drawing of multi-level work and requires hands
professional For drawing by the machine you will need
such tools:

  • straight razor;
  • clipper;
  • scissors.

Basic rules for shaving a picture

Types of drawings

  1. The back of the head is usually selected for the application of the pattern.
    heads. Also performed and drawings on the temples.
  2. At the place of drawing the hair should
    be a minimum length – 6-9 mm.
  3. Drawing drawing for the term of no more than 10 days.
    Further, as hair regrowth requires adjustment.

Ideas for boys and boys

Patterns can choose the most different. Here are some ideas for
head patterns that are presented in order
increasing the complexity of execution.

  • Parallel lines at the temples.
  • Web. Drawings on the temples
  • Diamond pattern.
  • Starry sky (image of stars).
  • The image of the favorite cartoon hero (movie).


Haircuts with picturesYou can use the catalog by coming to
hair salon. You should also consider the advice of a professional
masters Do not forget about the possibilities
the internet.

Techniques for making patterns using a typewriter

  1. Preparation of a site for drawing a pattern. Deletion
    the main hairline using
  2. Before working with the main tools drawing pre
    drawn on the head with a marker
  3. For drawing drawing it is possible to use scissors,
    typewriter trimer, straight razor. Or you can use all
    tools at the same time. It all depends on professionalism.
    and the complexity of the picture.

This video shows in detail how the pattern on the head
a teenager is a professional.

Is it possible to complete the pattern at home?

At home, you can perform a simple pattern. Figure difficult in the technique
performance is better to entrust the hands of the master. Special
This concerns young guys. When a hairstyle is one of
key points of the expression of his “I”. Therefore, it should be

We cut the boy with a machine at home step by step instructions

The question of how to cut a car at home is asked by many parents. On
In fact, this is nothing complicated.

Patterned haircut using a single nozzle

  1. To seat the child on a comfortable chair.
  2. Wear a cape.
  3. Choose a nozzle corresponding to the desired hair length. DIY haircut
  4. You can start with any area of ​​the head. Main stream:
    from the occipital and temporal part to the top of the head
    (parietal zone); from bangs back to the middle; on the top of the machine
    must be carried out from different sides.

Attention! The machine should be pressed tightly to
head and set against hair growth. All cars can skip
hair, so you can go over the head twice.

  1. In the process of cutting use a comb as
    auxiliary tool, gradually moving it away
  2. After the main haircut should be removed nozzle, turn
    typewriter back side and gently hold two
    parallel lines at the temples.
  3. If necessary, modify certain places.

This video shows how to perform a haircut and pattern on the head.
have a boy at home.

There are lots of patterns that can be
reproduce on the head. It all depends on the imagination and personal

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