Hairstyle, for centuries conquering the world!

highlightingMany girls before
go to the hairdresser, study the fashion trends on the beautiful
haircuts, leafing through directories, consulting with friends, actively looking for
The web. Each of them wants to look attractive. Each
trying to find his own personal style. A good option in this
searching can become quads.

Girls with a square can look very natural, elegant,
sexually and feminine. This hairstyle will help create your own special
unique image due to the variety of options. For today
Day This hairstyle is recognized as one of the most popular. And for good reason
after all, a caret is convenient and practical, and most importantly – by putting a little
fantasy and devoting 15 minutes of your time, you can get and
evening version of their hair.


Options for cutting a bob can be very diverse in

  • from the absence, presence or length of a bang;
  • from the length of the square itself (the classic version reaches the length
  • on the presence or absence of volume, etc.

At the same time you do not have to wonder who goes haircut
Kare, because one of the modifications of this hairstyle
will suit you. You can choose the caret elongated in front
asymmetrical or with an oval contour. It can be beautiful
ragged square, in which there is no traditional smooth cut, but there is
individual strands that give the image of the girl notes of negligence and
seductiveness. This option is suitable for those who seek to give
your appearance dynamism. Native ragged car is perfect
suitable for an adventurous person who is not afraid to bet
experiments on your image.

Career manipulation

In order to make their image more saturated, women
often resort to staining. For example, to make hair
voluminous, you should dye your hair dark. It will also help.
emphasize the contour of the haircut itself.

To add expressive hairstyle, you can resort to
coloring that will help to advantageously present natural color
your hair. At the same time your hair will shimmer beautifully.
different shades.

Highlighting will help radically change the image and feel
themselves liberated. There are several ways to do
highlighting at home. The most common – when
foil and through the cap.

Putting a car, you need to remember a number of simple rules.
First, make a parting. Then you should put and fix
bangs, and after applying the foam on wet hair and dry them.
The second rule concerns how to curl hair. For this on
wet hair twirl curlers. After removing the hair curlers, apply a little gel.
or wax, and then make a side parting, which will be required
fix varnish.

Summing up, it should be said that the caret is universal.
hairstyle that for years does not go out of fashion. And so any
the hairdresser knows how to cut under a square. Your task –
decide exactly what kind of car you want to feel
naturally and harmoniously. After all, your inner confidence
certainly imprint on your appearance.

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