Hairstyle french waterfall: simple and original at the same time!

hairstyle french waterfall photoHairstyles with weaving are
at the height of fashion. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are equally
well suited for holiday events and for weekdays, to that
it is easy to do them independently. Weaving can be decorated
and haircut, and long hair. Ideal in this regard is
hairstyle french waterfall. It is beautifully done with curls and
with straight hair.

There is an opinion that this hairstyle got its name
due to the use of her common weaving
french spit. However, there is a more romantic version, which
says that the hairstyle owes its name to Gavarni – waterfall
1400 meters above sea level in French
the territory of the Iberian Peninsula.

Want to be irresistible? You do not need a haircut, even
fashionable. And stop flipping through magazines looking for the best.
solutions. Hairstyle French waterfall is suitable for dating, and
for a big celebration, and for a business meeting.

Thanks to a lot of variations, this hairstyle is excellent.
Looks and with evening dresses, and with business suits, and with
ordinary jeans. It is worth making a flowing cascade on your own
head and you will be irresistible! Moreover, to make it easy.
If any haircut requires the intervention of a hairdresser, then with such
Hairstyle can perfectly cope on their own.

Hairstyle creation French waterfall

Learning to do this styling is not difficult even for a beginner. Everything
It starts with the use of the standard French weaving technique.

  1. All hair is divided into a straight parting. On the one hand is taken
    strand of hair and divided into three equal parts. Start making a pigtail
    need with bangs. You can do it in two ways: either use it,
    or leave it for further installation. After that you need to start
    weaving “reverse” French braid. To do this, the top
    strand should be put under the middle one, and then the bottom one also – under
  2. After three bindings, the bottom strand should be released. Weaving
    continues, and in return for the released strand you need to take another one of
    common hair.
  3. To make a more open hairstyle, it is worth pulling the strands
    spit out.

Variations on the theme of hairstyle French waterfall

The classical scheme is not the only option, there is
ways to diversify it.

French Waterfall Hairstyle OptionsYou can weave symmetrically
two braids around the circumference of the head, and in the middle connect them, fastening
with a beautiful hairpin. Thus, it turns out “Malvinka” with
elements of the French waterfall.

For solemn occasions, bulk styling is more suitable.
Hair can become beautiful curls by means of the curling iron or hair curlers.
So it will create additional volume. As an option, do
only the “waterfall streams” can be curled,
strands. Elegant curls perfectly can diversify this
hairstyle Allowed to complement it with a bright ribbon, elegant barrette,
colorful bow.

The original version is also a scheme with two braids,
braided parallel to each other. Two can also be used.
braids that cross at the back of the head.

Looks beautiful when the pigtail is woven diagonally. AT
depending on personal preference it can go like on the right
left and left to right. Again this option is perfectly possible
diluted with curls to your liking.

ways to style hair french waterfallIn weaving can
be added and the fourth strand. Such a scheme can successfully
combine the hairstyle of a french waterfall with a bandage in the Greek style.
It is not difficult to do, but it looks amazing.

A very unusual look might be a French waterfall,
terminated by a bundle. From the usual waterfall it is no different,
except for the final part, which is also easy to do.
Forget about such an option as a haircut, save the entire length of their
hair. Although if the haircut is not too short, then it can
perfectly complement weaving.

As you can see, a little patience and skill will help you look
elegant day and night, even without a personal hairdresser.

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