Hairstyle makes a woman a woman! Even if it is the woman is still very young …

hairstyle for girls to schoolMother and daughter relationship is
special mystery, special bond. Girl can share with mom
the most intimate.

Mom knows that her daughter is the most beautiful. They walk along
shopping, preparing dinner together for dad and brother, sharing small
women’s secrets, care about each other. Together choose outfits
and discuss hairstyles for girls. It is about hairstyles will be discussed
Now, so that you and your daughter have the opportunity
to experiment.

Moreover, a school couple is a very difficult time in life.
every little lady. Here and the struggle for credibility in the class, and the first
true love, and the first betrayals, and the first attempts to find
yourself In all this, the appearance of the girl plays a significant role.
That is why it is very important to choose the right hairstyle in
the school.

School years are a long time. During this time
little girl has time to turn into a girl. But begins
all with braids, bows and hairpins.

Hairstyle for young beauty

The basic requirement for hairstyle for a child aged 6 to 12
– this is practicality. During this period, children are especially mobile. They
they go to school, they are all interested, they move a lot, they run,
jump and even hang upside down.

Therefore, combing my beloved daughter in the morning, mother
suggests that the hairstyle will survive as many as possible
lessons. In this sense, the most practical are short haircuts.
You can diversify this hairstyle with different ribbons, headbands and

On the hair of medium length can already be a fantasy. To begin,
definitely need with braids. They can be attributed to fast hairstyles
for girls. Here you can come up with a huge number of options.
The most popular ones are “spikelet”, “French braid”, “dragon” and
a lot others. The principle of all is almost the same. To start
need to carefully comb your hair. Next for the traditional
pigtails need to split hair into three approximately equal parts. Then,
taking the right strand, move it through the middle one. Now take
far left strand and move it through the former right. AND
continue to alternate between the right and left strands until
until the tips are about 10 in length

All hairstyles based on a braid are woven in a similar way. And if
a little practice, the daughter can braid such a hairstyle for
girls do it yourself. Such hairstyles are very comfortable. With their hair
they do not long for a while and do not get dirty, do not climb in the face and do not stick to
the neck.

For long hair there are also many different
options. The easiest is to braid your hair in a ponytail or
collect crab. For a solemn occasion, the tail of
pre-curled hair, twisted ribbon.

Hairstyles for high school students

During high school, girls are much more attentive
relate to their appearance. They want to do justice
impression on others. That is why the usual hairstyles for
girls, such as a pigtail or a tail, are no longer suitable. Here
need something more interesting!

You can try different versions of hairstyles based on braids,
which will look interesting and unusual.

Weaving them is not so difficult, but at first, most likely
need help mom or girlfriend.

Another option is a haircut based on complex geometric
forms. In this case, you can choose any color and make
coloring of hair. But it is worth remembering that too bright image
will attract the attention of not only peers, but also teachers. AND,
Most likely, this attention will not be so pleasant. Therefore it is better
pre-consult with mom about staining

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