Hairstyle with rope for elegant and refined

Fashionable hairstyles with a ropeRecently stylish hairstyles
have become an integral part of the image not only models with fashionable
hits, but also ordinary girls. And the thing is that fashionable
a hairstyle with a ribbon on the forehead or with a gathered beam on the side to do
pretty easy. Hairstyle with a rope has become generally the most
popular because it looks very elegant, but to make it
pretty easy, besides the accessories in any store are very
big choice.

In order to create a hairstyle with a braid or ribbon on the forehead,
You can simply dissolve the hair and decorate your head with a bandage. Ribbon
can be folded several times, twist the harness. This is the most
A simple option that will add some kind of normal hair
zest. If you have more time, you can think of an option.
more complicated. The hair is then screwed onto the tape itself, which
looks even more impressive.

Complicated hairstyle with a rope

In order to make a difficult option hairstyles with a bandage on
forehead, hair should be screwed on heated hair rollers or using a curling iron.
After the hair is twisted, you need to spray it with varnish,
so as not to break up. Next strand by strand you need to twist the harnesses,
wrap around the ribbon. In order to hairstyle looked
harmoniously, twist the strands alternately on both sides,
heading towards the middle. The last strand should be twisted on
nape in the center.

Volumetric hairstyle with a flagellum for long hair

Stylish volumetric hairstyle with a ribbon on the forehead on long hair
also possible. To do this, you need to divide the hair into four
bundle, fix each varnish. The bandage is tightly worn on
head, each strand braids into a loose double harness and
wraps around the tape. In this case, the ends are sent to
back of the head.

The end result is a long tail in the middle. He also
made in a double harness and fastened directly under the tape. In yet
one variant strands are made in the form of braids.

Choosing an accessory for hair

fashionable dressing with animal printGirls with short hair
hair can also be screwed with a curling iron or simply combed
back, fixing varnish. It does not matter how long the hair, hairstyle with
the bandage does not cause trouble, only you need to choose the right one

Bandages with guipure ruffles or in animals
colors. Also dressings can be with various additional
items such as rhinestones, rivets, coins and even

However, eco-style is still in trend, so pastel
tones of bandages and ribbons will also be relevant. The main thing is not worth
forget: hairstyles with ribbons are more suited to dresses and sundresses,
but not to jeans or shorts.

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